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Where to Find Firewood in the Summer

While most people think of time by the fire as a winter activity, a summer bonfire is also a great way to make memories!

Think about it – remember the bonfires at summer camp? Or how drying off by the fire on a cool summer night felt after a day in the pool?

And what about making s’mores? Those are a year-round treat! Perfect way for children to make memories that will last a lifetime.

The only problem is, it becomes much more difficult to source good firewood during the summer. Grocery stores stop carrying it, local suppliers run out of dry wood, and sometimes you don’t want an entire truckload of wood anyway.

Fortunately, we have the solution!

Here at Cutting Edge Firewood, we carry stocks of firewood year-round and can ship or deliver wood directly to your home. It’s never been easier to source quality firewood, so there’s no excuse for not enjoying an outdoor fire with friends and family this summer!

You can order firewood online, or read on to learn more about what makes Cutting Edge Firewood the best firewood available. Period.

Why you should enjoy a fire during the summer

Firewood Experience

Enjoying a good fire should not be restricted to nights when the temperature drops below freezing. In fact, you might be surprised by how much you enjoy a bonfire at night after a day in the 70s or 80s.

Here are a few benefits to spending time around the fire during the summer:

  • Watching a fire is like watching a sunset. It’s a beautiful thing and it brings people together!
  • Research has proven that watching a fire can lower your blood pressure and reduce anxiety. Perfect for adults to pair with their favorite alcohol beverage.
  • A fire provides a great opportunity to disconnect from technology and, instead, connect with those around you. Bonfires have even been known to cause teenagers to put their phones down and talk to their parents.
  • S’mores taste just as good in the summer, and in fact, National S’mores day is on August 10! You can even go beyond s’mores and cook your entire meal over the fire.
  • If you spend time in the pool at night, having a fire nearby is a great way to get warm and dry off when the swimming is done. This is super popular, try it out!
  • It brings back great memories of camping from your childhood.
  • It creates the perfect space for storytelling, and singing (or listening to) campfire songs

Those are just a few benefits to building a fire during the summer, you’ll discover many more once you actually experience it for yourself!

Where to get the best firewood in the summer


Our mission at Cutting Edge Firewood is to provide the best firewood available. Period.

You can read more about what makes us different, but here are a few quick highlights:

  • Our firewood goes through the most rigorous drying process in the industry
  • There are no bugs, mold, or fungus in our wood
  • We hand select each piece of wood to ensure consistent quality
  • The wood is easier to light, creates less smoke, and smells great
  • Do you know that smoky smell that sticks to you after some fires? That won’t happen with our firewood.
  • We use dense hardwoods that make the wood last longer
  • We have a variety of wood species for a variety of experiences
  • We offer unparalleled customer service
  • We can ship firewood directly to you, anywhere in the continental US
  • We offer an amazing white glove firewood delivery service for customers inside our delivery artisan network
  • We offer complimentary same-day delivery on boxes in Atlanta

People love our firewood because it’s convenient and provides an amazing experience, every time. We’re confident that you’ll love Cutting Edge Firewood too!

Which species of wood is best for a bonfire?

Fire Pit

Lots of people ask us which type of wood is best for an outdoor bonfire.

First, you want to make sure you’re using some quality kiln-dried firewood. This will help ensure everyone has a great experience because it will be easier to light, smokes less, and have a more pleasant aroma.

Seasoned firewood brings a host of problems and we recommend avoiding it.

Second, you want to burn hardwoods instead of softwoods like pine. Softwoods burn very quickly and create more dark smoke that can make you cough or feel like you’re choking.

We offer three primary hardwoods: oak, hickory, and cherry. Each is great for bonfires and each has its own unique properties.

Cherry Firewood, for instance, has a sweet aroma and creates the least heat. If it’s a warm summer night, that cooler fire might be perfect!

Hickory, on the other hand, creates a classic wood fire aroma, lasts the longest, and creates the most heat. If you want to experience the best burning wood available, the hickory is your best choice.

Oak firewood is a great all-arounder. It burns hotter than cherry but cooler than hickory. It has a subtle aroma and can burn for a long time. It’s a popular choice for outdoor fire pits everywhere!

What’s in the Box of Firewood?

Firewood Box

While you may want to enjoy a fire this weekend, you may not need to fill an entire wood rack. If you’re after a smaller amount of firewood, but still want a great experience, then our boxes are a great choice.

The Cutting Edge box of firewood includes everything you need for 2 to 4 amazing fireside experiences.

In every box, you will find:

Our boxes of firewood are 17″ x 14″ x 16″ and contain up to 50 pounds of kiln-dried wood

Boxes are really convenient because we can ship or deliver them very quickly. Boxes arrive at your front door and can easily be moved to your fireplace, fire pit, or grill. The wood is safe to store inside, outdoors, or in your garage.

Need a lot of firewood this summer? Try our racks!

Firewood Rack Cover

If you plan to have lots of bonfires this summer (or cook lots of food over smoking wood) then you need to try our racks.

We neatly stack firewood inside racks that are 2′ wide and 4′ tall, and each rack has enough firewood for 15-25 fireside experiences.

For local delivery customers, we deliver the rack (or racks) of firewood wherever you want. We can place it inside or outside, upstairs or downstairs.

The firewood delivery is truly no mess and no stress for you!

We will stack the wood into your existing rack, or we’re also happy to loan you our patent-pending metal firewood rack that is both stylish and sturdy.

If you’re outside of our local delivery area, then we can still ship the firewood racks to you! Racks ship on a pallet and are delivered to your driveway. We ship inside wooden racks that are 2′ wide and 4′ tall – this is the perfect size for moving the wood around your home with a hand truck. You can also receive the wood inside our metal racks for an additional fee.

When it comes to shipping racks, the more racks you ship, the lower the total cost of shipping. Learn more about our rack shipping service, or check out the 16″ Ultimate Firewood Package which offers the best possible value when shipping firewood.

Go big with our 24″ and 30″ Firewood Cuts

Fire Pit

If you have a large fire pit and want to enjoy a truly spectacular fire, then rake a look at our extended-length firewood. We have a variety of wood species that are 24″ long and 30″ long and they are great for summertime bonfires.

We offer the 24″ in cherry, hickory, oak, and in our unique Uncut Rounds. Uncut rounds are exactly what they sound like – large pieces of wood that have not been split. You need a very hot fire to get them lit, but they can burn for hours at a time. It’s a fun way to enjoy a long summer night and not need to keep adding firewood the whole time.

We also offer 30″ hickory firewood and 30″ oak firewood for the mega-fire enthusiast. These might just be the largest commercial pieces of firewood you can find in the world, and they burn incredibly well.

All of our extended-length firewood is offered as part of our complimentary delivery artisan service, or we can ship the longer length firewood as well.

What about Cooking Wood?

Grilling with Cutting Edge Firewood

If you spend enough time around the fire, then you’re going to get hungry! Humans have cooked over wood fires for thousands of years, and it’s making a comeback.

Microwaves and gas ovens may be convenient, but they cannot replace the incredible flavor that comes from cooking over wood. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for firewood for your pizza ovens, wood chunks for smoking, splits for your offset smoker, or cooking logs for your open-pit fire or oversized grill. We’ve got you covered!

Just like our firewood, we can ship or deliver inside boxes or racks.

All of our cooking wood is extremely clean – this will ensure that you only add quality wood flavor to your food. You wouldn’t want to use wood that is musty or wet – because that will make your food taste musty, too ~ Yuck.

As Craig Tabor, Live Fire Chef, says, “To finish with a high-quality product, you have to start with one. Everything that goes into to dish is an ingredient, firewood included. That’s why I start with Cutting Edge Firewood.”

Summertime is meant to be delicious, so start it right by cooking with Cutting Edge Firewood!

How to Order Firewood in the Summer

If you are ready to enjoy a beautiful fire this summer, then you can place an order right now on our website.

All of our products, including fire pits, fire starters, and our most popular summertime firewood products are available on our shop page.

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