Ultimate 16″ Bulk Firewood Package

Stock up on our ultra-premium firewood package that will last the entire season. Our Ultimate 16” Firewood Package includes 5 racks of 16” logs, two fire starting kits, and we throw in a bonus cherry firewood box just for fun. You choose which wood use (firewood and/or cooking wood) and wood species you want to be delivered. Mixing and matching is encouraged! With one easy purchase, you’ll be ready to enjoy Cutting Edge’s unmatched fireside and wood fire cooking experience whenever the mood strikes.

Each piece of firewood in the Ultimate 16” Bulk Firewood Package is inspected and hand-selected by our expert team to ensure it meets our rigorous quality standards, so you know you’re getting an unmatched fireside experience.

Here’s what you get with the Ultimate 16” Bulk Firewood Package:

  • Five 2’ x 4’ proprietary storage racks of 16” hickory, oak, cherry, pecan, maple, or Pizza Cut firewood logs
  • 2 fire starter kits
  • A bonus box of 16” cherry firewood logs
  • One hand truck for easy portability
  • An entire burning season of unmatched fireside experiences
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Hickory Firewood Rack
Extended Burn Hickory Firewood Rack
Oak Firewood Rack
Extended Burn Oak Firewood Rack
Cherry Firewood Rack
Pizza Cut Cooking Wood Rack
Pecan Cooking Wood Rack
Mini Fire Pit Wood Rack
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Weight1850 lbs
Dimensions52 × 42 × 74 in