Uncut Rounds


Uncut Rounds are unsplit Oak rounds that are 4-8″ in diameter and approximately 24″ long, perfect for that rustic fire feel. These large pieces of wood provide warmth for a small crowd and for an exceptionally long time (2-5 hours per log).

We recommend starting your fire with Hickory before adding a few Uncut Rounds to ensure a seamless burn and an optimal experience.

A single log is perfect for trials or for a special occasion. Quarter Order will fill 2’ x 2’ rack. Half Order will fill 4’ x 2’ rack. Full Order will fill 4’ x 4’ rack. Racks sold separately.

Uncut Rounds (Ultimate Extended Burn) - Quarter Order $20.00
Uncut Rounds (Ultimate Extended Burn) - Quarter Order $235.00
Uncut Rounds (Ultimate Extended Burn) - Half Order $349.00
Uncut Rounds (Ultimate Extended Burn) - Full Order $599.00

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Go big with uncut rounds – this is our longest burning piece of firewood available. Unlike our other firewood products, uncut rounds have never been split (and they don’t need to be). They are 24” long and a single uncut round typically lasts for 3-5 hours, but we’ve even seen them last for 7 hours. Like with extended burn pieces, you’ll want to get a fire going with standard cut or longer length pieces before adding an uncut round. These burn best when the fire is really hot, so don’t be shy getting the fire going. Uncut Rounds also offer a unique look if you’re decorating with firewood that is sure to give your home a timeless feel.

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