Cooking Wood Splits (8")

Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Meals with Our

Transform your cooking experience with our 8" Cooking Wood Splits. Measuring 1-2" in diameter, they are the ideal size for a variety of grills and smokers, including vertical smokers, kamado grills (like Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe), offset smokers, and compact camping grills. These versatile splits provide a canvas for experimenting with an array of tantalizing flavors. Mix and match to discover your perfect flavor combination, and elevate your culinary creations to new heights.

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Shop By Species

Each species of wood provides a different temperature and flavor to your food. Whether you are seeking out a specific flavor or want to experiment with different types of wood, our cooking wood splits will add something special to everything you cook.
hickory cooking wood splits


Hickory is a legendary cooking wood and is known for burning longer and packing a powerful flavor.

pecan cooking wood splits


With just the right amount of classic flavor, Pecan offers a smoky taste perfectly suited for meats.

Oak Cooking Wood Splits


Oak is an excellent heat source that provides a subtle, wood fire taste that is loved by chefs around the world.

cherry cooking wood splits


Cherry wood is a favorite for cooking because it provides a sweet flavor and rosy color to food.

Cooking Wood Splits


Our maple wood burns bright and clean, providing great flavor throughout the cooking process.

Cooking Wood Splits


Cooking with apple wood provides a sweet, apple-smoked flavor to your food and is a crowd favorite.

Variety Pack

Not sure which to choose or maybe you want to mix and match? Try our 4 species variety pack.

cooking wood splits large box

Who is cooking with Cutting Edge Firewood?

The most demanding chefs and grill masters choose Cutting Edge Firewood to fuel their grills, smokers, and wood-fired ovens. Cutting Edge offers unmatched quality and unparalleled convenience. Great food comes from great ingredients, and the wood you cook with is no exception.

richard blais

Richard Blais

terry bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw

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Kevin Gillespie

john marcus

John Marcus

Cooking Wood Splits

Why Choose Cutting Edge Firewood?

What makes our cooking wood the best in the world?  We put the wood through a special drying process that prevents any mold, while offering far superior flavor. You can feel great about cooking with Cutting Edge Firewood cooking wood splits. And of course, you can trust the wood to light quickly and have a consistent burn throughout the entire cook!

All of our cooking wood splits receive complimentary shipping and delivery throughout the United States! Order yours today and taste the difference.

Why Cooking with Wood Splits is Better Than Logs

Ever wondered why we prefer to use wood splits for smoking over cooking over whole logs and even charcoal here at Cutting Edge?

Round logs have their advantages, but cooking wood splits will better serve the purposes of 90% of pitmasters for several reasons. Smoking wood splits are easier to work with, more flexible, and deliver a better quality burn on most fires.

There’s nothing like experimenting with different chunks and splits with so many woods and flavor pairings to choose from. Take your game to the next level and become the grillmaster you were born to be with the help of Cutting Edge.

Want proof that wood splits for smoking are the best choice? Here’s what you need to know.

Cooking Wood

They Light Up Fast

Don’t spend the day struggling to light your fire. Buy wood splits for smoking, and you’ll have a roaring fire in minutes. While whole logs do burn for longer, they also take a lot longer to get burning. Save time and use wood splits for your smoker so you’re not frantically trying to get a fire going.

Backyard BBQ

They Put Your Meat to the Sizzle

Even the amateur pitmaster knows that cooking up chicken, beef, brisket, ribs, or big game requires a lot of heat and smoke. Wood splits for smoking burn hotter because there’s more organic matter and a higher density. BBQ wood splits are the only solution for maximum heat and faster cooks. Get to searing and charring and add your unique griller’s touch to every fatty, juicy part of your meats without burning using premium Cutting Edge wood splits for smoking.

Cooking Wood

They Provide Consistent Cooks Every Time

Don’t know whether to add a whole log or a few cooking wood splits to your next barbecue? Whole logs can do incredible things. The slow-burn effect works perfectly for pork shoulders and lamb shanks. But for most meats, a kiln-dried, wood split will get the results you want faster. Smoking wood splits burn from the heart of the log rather than from the bark. By consuming organic matter quickly and evenly without further assistance, you guarantee a clean flame and an even, consistent burn.

Which Cooking Wood Is Best For You?

Our cooking wood splits are the perfect size for people looking to cook with miniature logs – each one is about 8 inches long and cut to fit into larger Kamado smokers (Think Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe and kettle grills), other smaller smokers, vertical smokers, and offset smokers. This means you can get the best cooking wood available, now in a smaller package.

Try Our Cooking Wood Splits Today!

Any good pitmaster knows if you get the flame right, you get the meat right. Buy wood splits for smoking from Cutting Edge today and get to cookin’.


We are passionate about great fires, but we aren’t the only ones! Here is what other people have to say about our Cutting Edge Kiln Dried Firewood:
The wood burns clean and hot, and lights easily. It's the right size for small pizza ovens like the Ooni. The customer service and communication is terrific and the wood arrives in a heavyweight box that's easy to move.
Morgan J.
From the time I place the order to the time of delivery was less than three hours! The wood is the perfect size for our new dome pizza oven. It made the best birthday gift for my husband.
Brianna D.
Love the pizza wood for small ovens. Lights easily burns hot and even. It is the perfect fuel for the Gozney Dome.
Shawn W.