Firewood Racks

Our sleek firewood racks provide convenient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing storage, while also keeping your wood off the ground and dry for optimal longevity. Combining practicality with style, our racks offer both functionality and elegance, complementing any space while maintaining the quality of your firewood.

Storing Firewood

Why Do You Need a Firewood Rack?

When buying high-quality firewood, you need a way to store it. And for most people, a firewood rack is the perfect option because it’s both stylish and practical for storing and quickly accessing wood.

But is there a more important reason that you need a firewood holder? Can’t you just store your firewood on the floor? While you could go that route, we strongly advise against it. Let’s go over a few of the main reasons why we always recommend using proper firewood storage.


At Cutting Edge Firewood, we take pride in providing our customers with clean, kiln-dried, and dry firewood that creates an unmatched experience. But even so, storing firewood on the floor can quickly get messy, especially when ordering in larger quantities. Debris can start accumulating around the firewood, and the stacks of wood will be much more likely to slide and move to the sides if they’re not supported by a firewood rack.

Protects from Moisture

One of the worst things that could happen to high-quality firewood is moisture. You should avoid your firewood getting wet at all costs. Drying wood isn’t easy, and even then, you might face additional issues that will make it hard to return the wood to its original condition. Not to mention that burning wet wood releases pollutants into the air, which can be harmful to your health. When you store your firewood in a wood rack, it minimizes the risk of it getting wet because it’s protected from the elements from above and below.

Avoid Mold & Bug Infestations

Nobody wants to see their firewood infested by bugs, especially if you’re storing your wood indoors. Even worse is when you find mold, which is not only detrimental to the wood but dangerous to your health as well. By purchasing a firewood rack with a cover, you’re adding much-needed protection and elevation from the ground, ensuring that the wood is covered while also giving it enough room to breathe.


Finally, while there are many practical reasons why log racks make sense for storing firewood, there are aesthetic ones as well. Our sturdy and stylish firewood racks are designed to perfectly fit our firewood, ensuring that it will be easy to stack and look presentable in any setting.

How to Choose a Firewood Storage Rack

It’s clear that a firewood rack with a cover is essential for safekeeping your firewood, especially if you’re storing it outdoors. But since not all fire wood holder options are created equal, it’s crucial to understand the main things you should look for when shopping for the right option for your needs. The good news is that there are only a few key factors you need to consider when selecting a quality firewood rack that will be practical and effective at protecting your firewood.


The first thing to consider when buying your firewood rack is placement. You need to decide where you want the firewood storage to live, analyze the space, and carefully evaluate what size would be best.

If it’s an outdoor fire pit area that has a lot of space, you can go for the bigger option and not give it a second thought. However, if you want to have it on the front porch or somewhere inside (like a garage or basement), you will need to do some planning to ensure that it fits comfortably and doesn’t take up too much space. If you’re opting for an indoor firewood holder to keep near the fireplace, you need to take exact measurements and find the ideal place before placing the order.


An outdoor firewood rack needs to be durable enough to handle large woodpiles, changing weather conditions, and also be resistant to mold, pests, rot, and other hazards. That’s why when choosing the perfect firewood holder, you need to be very mindful of the materials that you decide to go with.

Our firewood racks are made with a solid steel metal frame treated to withstand weather, ensuring that your firewood will be protected no matter what. What’s more, you can also get a convenient firewood rack cover that offers additional protection from the elements.


As mentioned before, airflow is a crucial part of an effective firewood rack. Without airflow, moisture will inevitably start to build up, which will result in wet, smoky, and hard-to-light firewood that will not serve its purpose. Our firewood racks are built with airflow in mind, maintaining open access from all angles and allowing the firewood to air out properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

A firewood rack, particularly a heavy-duty firewood rack, is an essential tool for any fireplace or fire pit enthusiast. The capacity of these racks varies, but typically, a standard-sized rack can accommodate a substantial amount of split wood, ensuring a steady supply for your indoor fireplace or outdoor fireplace or fire pit. 

The size of your rack should correspond with your usage — larger outdoor log racks like our 4’ x 8’ rack can hold enough wood for frequent bonfires. Smaller indoor firewood racks, such as our stunning 30” Moon Firewood Rack, are perfect for keeping just enough kindling and logs at hand for cozy evenings by the hearth or wood stove. 

A well-designed log holder not only serves as a practical storage solution but also adds an element of sophistication to your firewood log rack setup. Whether you opt for a minimalistic log hoop, a kindling holder, or a more elaborate log storage system, the key is to choose a rack that complements your space while meeting your firewood storage needs.

The art of stacking firewood in a rack is both a practical necessity and a testament to the meticulous care given to preserving the quality of each log. To achieve this, it is essential to stack wood evenly and loosely, ensuring each piece is placed with precision. 

Begin by aligning similarly sized logs together, creating uniform rows within the confines of the rack. This methodical arrangement enhances the visual appeal and plays a critical role in maintaining the wood's integrity.

Our high-quality, patented, black steel racks are specifically designed to encourage optimal airflow around each log. Storing firewood in loose rows allows for adequate ventilation between each piece, a crucial factor in preventing moisture buildup and ensuring longevity. 

The spaces between the logs act as channels, facilitating the circulation of air and keeping the wood in a state of perfect readiness for ignition. This careful approach to stacking guarantees that your wood remains dry, pristine, and ready to transform into the ethereal glow of a fire. 

Whether it's for an indoor fireplace or an outdoor bonfire, the way you store your firewood in our racks will not only preserve its quality but also enhance the overall experience of your fireside gatherings, ensuring each flame burns bright, pure, and captivating.

Forgoing a firewood rack and opting for floor storage poses several risks, especially for high-quality firewood.  Moisture, a persistent adversary, can seep into wood left on the ground, breeding pests, fungus, or mildew. 

These unwanted intruders not only hinder the wood's ability to burn efficiently but also emit excessive smoke, marring the purity of the flames and diminishing the enchanting experience of gathering around a warm, crackling fire.

A good firerack will also help protect your firewood when stored outside. When firewood is exposed to the elements without protection, its essence and character deteriorate. 

This is particularly crucial for wood kept outdoors, where it faces the relentless cycle of sun, rain, and wind. Cutting Edge Firewood racks are meticulously designed with these challenges in mind. 

Each rack is accompanied by a weather-resistant canvas cover, a shield against nature's whims. This cover serves as a guardian, preserving the wood's dryness and readiness, ensuring that when you reach for a log, it is primed to transform into a mesmerizing fire that radiates warmth and invites moments of tranquil reflection. 

Such foresight in storing firewood elevates the experience, turning each lighting into a moment of pure, unadulterated connection with the elemental power of fire.

Tips for Firewood Storage

To get the most of the Cutting Edge Firewood racks, you need to understand the main principles of what makes them effective. These are general tips that should be applied to firewood storage if you want to enjoy the exclusive benefits that our product offers.

  • For starters, while most people understand that cover is vital to protect from the elements, many forget that it’s crucial to keeping the moisture away. You need to have a vapor barrier, such as patio stones or a concrete slab that will prevent moisture from accumulating below and help your firewood stay dry and in peak condition.
  • Another essential tip for storing firewood is stacking the wood in the proper order. You want to use up older wood first, so you should stack newer firewood at the bottom and the one that needs to be used on top. Of course, if you order your firewood from Cutting Edge, you can rest assured that every log and split will be in top condition and last you a long time.
  • Finally, when storing firewood in the summer, it’s important to ensure that it receives plenty of light and heat. However, you also want to keep the rain away with a cover or a roof while also creating the aforementioned vapor barrier from the ground. The best practice, in this case, is to ensure cross-ventilation of the firewood holder from all sides so that it gets plenty of wind and heat, which will help it stay dry and ready to use for longer.