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If you appreciate a more subtle aroma, our ultra-premium oak firewood is a great pick. It burns less intensely than hickory making it a more calming fire to gather around. Simply put, our oak firewood is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

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Benefits of Choosing Oak Firewood

Fires don’t just warm the body on cold winter nights — they also warm the soul and create lasting memories. To build a memorable fire, however, you need to have the right materials and tools, which include chairs, kindling, matches, fire-irons, and, of course, high-quality firewood.

Oak, although one of the most popular options for fires and cooking, can be tiring and time-consuming to acquire — you have to find oak firewood for sale, make sure it isn’t green, rotten or moldy, haul it to your home and then stack it yourself.

At Cutting Edge Firewood, we strive to eliminate all of these hassles by selling you high-quality firewood and delivering it right to your doorstep.

This dense, long-burning firewood is the go-to choice for many fire burners. It’s loved for its low emissions, and its ability to be easily ignited then burn throughout the night. It’s also popular for cooking because it produces ideal results when using smoking techniques. It produces a distinctive smell, which some describe as sweet.

At Cutting Edge, our oak wood is kiln dried, so there are no insects or mold present.

Properties of Oak Wood

Oak is a hardwood that comes from the oak tree, which is native to the Northern Hemisphere. Nearly 450 species of oak exist, and around 90 of them are found in North America. This exceptionally strong wood is known for its appealing light color, prominent grain and impressive lifespan of 200 years. Because of its long life and dense constitution, it is quite resistant to fungal attacks.

Oak is a popular choice for firewood, and its density and weight provide excellent heat for your home. Two common species of oak are:

  • Red Oak: This species is common in the Eastern United States and Canada and can be recognized by its unique coarse grain pattern. Red oak firewood is similar to that of cherry and is not as hard as white oak. It’s commonly used to make cabinets, flooring, furniture and lumber. Red oak produces 24.6 million BTUs per cord.
  • White Oak: This type of oak is also found through the Eastern United States and Canada. White oak is not as tall as the red oak, reaching only 65 to 85 feet in height. The wood is strong, fine-grained and similar to beech or maple. A cord of white oak produces 26.4 million BTUs.

Below is a summary of oak’s fire-burning properties:

  • Ignition: Starting a fire with oak logs is relatively easy.
  • Burn time: Oak firewood burns for a moderate amount of time.
  • Heat: The flames oak firewood produces are hot.
  • Aroma: Oak is known to produce a pleasant scent to most people.
  • Brightness: Oak gives off a bright flame, although not as bright as hickory.
  • Emissions: Oak has fewer emissions than cherry and is considered a cleaner burning wood.
  • Insects: Due to our kiln drying process, our oak firewood is free of pests.
  • Mold: Our kiln drying process also removes all mold from our logs.

Choosing Our Kiln Dried Oak Firewood

When a tree is felled for firewood, it has to be dried before it can be burned. Otherwise, the moisture present will make it difficult for the wood to burn and cause it to produce excessive amounts of smoke.

There are two methods available to dry logs — one way is to leave it to air dry, which takes six months to a year. This method is commonly referred to as seasoning firewood. Another much faster and more efficient method is drying with a kiln. A kiln is a high-temperature oven that removes moisture, fungus and insects by heating the wood to over 200 degrees for a significant amount of time. This process reduces the moisture content significantly.

Because of our kiln drying process, our firewood lasts longer than that of our competitors. We condition our firewood for a full 48 hours, which is 12 times longer than the USDA requires.

Cutting Edge Kiln Dried Firewood is also cleaner than firewood that is traditionally dried. Some other benefits that Cutting Edge Kiln Dried Firewood offers are:

  • It’s ready immediately: You can use it the day you receive it.
  • It doesn’t require outdoor storage: Keeping your wood inside means it won’t be as exposed to bugs, fungus or mold.
  • It has less bark and debris: This makes it more suitable for indoor storage.
  • It causes fewer chimney problems: It burns more cleanly because it produces less creosote, which is better for your chimney.
  • It produces less smoke: Because kiln drying removes most of the moisture, it produces less smoke when it burns.
  • It weighs less than traditionally dried firewood: Lighter firewood means less strain on your back — or you can carry more at once.
  • It’s easy to light and burns efficiently: You’ll never have any trouble starting a fire, and you can do it with a single one of our CEF Cigar Matches.

Our Product Offerings

You can order our oak firewood in many types, sizes and amounts. Here are some of the oak products we offer:

  • Rack of oak firewood: This delivery of 16-inch oak firewood pieces will last for 20 to 25 fires and features a blend of red and white oak from Southern forests. This delivery includes a high-quality, elegant 2-foot by 4-foot rack if requested.
  • Order of 24-inch oak firewood: If you have a fireplace or pit that can accommodate larger logs, take advantage of our 24-inch firewood. This order offers the same quality as our 16-inch pieces, but its longer length allows you to enjoy this high-quality wood for a longer time.
  • Box of oak firewood: Our box of oak firewood is good for two to four fires and measures 16 inches by 16 inches by 16 inches. It also comes with a layer of Kindling and a selection of Excelsior Fire Starters.
  • Extended burning oak firewood: This rack of oversized oak firewood is great for those who prefer larger pieces of firewood. These pieces are the normal 16-inch length but are three to four times thicker than our regular sized firewood. It is recommended that you match this order with another order of oak or hickory firewood. This order lasts for around 30 to 35 fires.
  • Rack of oak cooking wood: This order of oak wood for cooking fills a 2-foot by 4-foot rack, which can be included upon request.
  • Box of oak cooking wood: This oak cooking wood comes in a 16-inch by 16-inch by 16-inch box and lasts for two to four fires.
  • Box of white oak smoking chunks: Oak smoking chunks are a go-to option for many chefs when smoking or grilling. These chunks are designed for grills and smokers and are often mixed together with other types of cooking wood. This box measures 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches, and the batch is good for eight to 12 meals.
  • Large box of white oak smoking chunks: This 16-inch by 16-inch by 16-inch box contains a much larger order of white oak smoking chunks that will last for 40 to 55 meals.

Oak firewood itself is a great product for beginners or for chefs looking to experiment with other types of wood.

Complimentary Services

Cutting Edge Firewood isn’t known just for its high-quality products — it also provides a concierge level of service that’s completely free. Our complimentary services include:

  • Delivery: Our Delivery Artisans will deliver your product right to your doorstep. If you give us detailed instructions, you do not even need to be physically present. Currently, this service is only available for Georgia residents. Please contact us for shipping outside of Georgia.
  • Covering: We provide a high-quality cover for your woodpile and can also provide racks on request.
  • Stacking: We will stack your firewood however and wherever you prefer.
  • Assistance with fire ignition and maintenance: The Delivery Artisans can even teach you how to efficiently start and maintain your fire.

Oak Firewood for Smoking and Cooking Food

Oak cooking wood makes your food so delicious that charcoal fires simply cannot compete. From steaks and hot dogs to seafood and vegetables, you can cook practically any food over an oak wood-burning fire.

Cutting Edge Firewood is the wood of choice for Atlanta’s best chefs and grill masters. Our kiln dried wood, which has a moisture content around 15 to 20 percent, is excellent for many reasons:

  • Hotter burn: Kiln dried wood’s lower moisture content means that it burns hotter than green wood — sometimes over 100 degrees Fahrenheit hotter. Hotter flames are better at charring the outside of meats, which can make the meat more delicious because it helps contain the meat’s moisture and flavor.
  • Easier ignition: Wood that is newly cut can be difficult to start because of its high moisture content, but you’ll never have any trouble with our kiln dried wood. It always lights quickly without the need for any lighter fluid or other accelerants.
  • More safety: This may be surprising to some, but kiln dried wood is actually safer to use than green wood. The high moisture content of green wood produces lots of harmful, thick smoke that you don’t want to breathe. Smoke coming from kiln dried wood is cleaner. What’s more, green wood can cause hot embers to shoot in all directions, but this is not a concern with kiln dried wood.
  • Excellent for smoking meats: When you smoke foods, you naturally want to have a decent amount of smoke. Because kiln dried wood smokes less than green wood, you may think that it’s less suitable for smoking, but it produces all the smoke that you need and a far superior flavor.

Oak Firewood for Smoking and Cooking Food

Oak is a go-to wood for cooking due to its versatility and wide availability. It also burns hot and long, which makes it ideal for barbecuing. While oak gives a strong smoky flavor to your food, its aroma is not as distinct as that of some of the fruit woods. This milder, less distinct flavor is ideal if you prefer to have a less strong aroma in your food.

Products We Recommend to Complement Your Purchase

Below are some of the products that we offer:

  • Oak kindling: Our kiln-dried oak kindling is easy to light and complements any fire.
  • Fireside seat: This rustic oak stool is a perfect addition to any backyard fire pit. It’s a roomy seat that measures 16 inches tall and around 19 to 22 inches in diameter. While these are available for immediate pickup in the showroom, they weigh several hundred pounds, so you may want to take advantage of our free delivery service.
  • Fireside basket: This unique basket is hand-carved from Fir Root and is a great way for storing fire starters and matches on the hearth. The basket contains a strong handle and can also be used to move starting materials out to the backyard fire pit.
  • Roasting fork: These handcrafted forks are a great way to add an element of fun to a night around the fire. They are double-pronged and can roast up to two hot dogs or four marshmallows at a time.
  • Ball designer fire iron: This 45-inch-long fire iron allows you to manage the fire without having to sit too close. It was designed using high-quality repurposed steel.
  • Ash shovel: This shovel was made from recycled steel drums and features an attractive matte black finish and copper rivets. The curve in the handle makes ash removal much easier.
  • Firewood tongs: These steel firewood tongs are an indispensable accessory for building and maintaining a great fire. These handcrafted tongs are a beautiful addition to your fire, and, measuring 33 inches long, are easy to use, as well.
  • Fire pit grill grate: This grill grate is designed specifically for the 30-inch fire pit. Take care of the grill grate just as if it were a cast iron skillet — keep it seasoned and away from the elements, and this cooking grate will last a lifetime.
  • CEF cigar matches: These official Cutting Edge Firewood Cigar Matches come in a high gloss black box with the logo displayed in gold on either side. Just one of these matches can be used to light a fire — there is no need for other accelerants.

Buy Your Oak From Cutting Edge Firewood

At Cutting Edge Firewood, we’re passionate about burning firewood. But we’re even more passionate about helping every customer create memorable experiences. And we achieve this by offering helpful services and the highest-quality, cleanest-burning firewood possible.

We understand the hassles involved with creating a good fire — finding the right firewood can be time-consuming, hauling it to your home can be tiresome and messy, and starting a fire, especially with lower-quality wood, can be challenging. At Cutting Edge, we can guide you through the entire process and make sure that your experience is hassle-free and memorable.

If you live in or around Atlanta, we can deliver your firewood to your doorstep free of charge. Outside of Georgia? No problem, simply click the button below and we can provide you with shipping options. If you would like to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment to see our showroom, you can call us at 678-878-2434 or contact us online.

We look forward to enhancing your fire-burning experience.

Outside of Georgia? Learn more about our Artisanal Delivery service!