The Ultimate Cutting Edge Kiln Dried Firewood Delivery Package

Do you really love fires? Do you refuse to settle for anything but the best? Then consider our ultimate wood delivery package.

This incredible collection of premium firewood logs includes complimentary delivery throughout the United States and offers great value to fire enthusiasts everywhere.

Included in the Ultimate Firewood Delivery Package is:

  • Complimentary Shipping
  • Five racks of Hickory, Oak, Cherry, Pecan, Pizza Cut, or Extended Burn (you get to mix and match)
  • 1 Hand truck to move your racks and store them wherever you think best
  • 2 Fire Starter Packages (includes kindling, heart pine bundle, and excelsior fire starters)
  • Your choice of either a box of firewood or small box of smoking chunks

If you’re interested in learning more or ordering firewood through the Ultimate Firewood Delivery package, then contact us today so we can support you with choosing your wood, organizing delivery, and answering any questions about pricing or our business. Alternatively, you can order firewood online and use our selector tool to get your Ultimate Firewood Delivery Package.

We ship across the United States!

If you’re a customer living outside of our Artisan Delivery Area, we have good news! Cutting Edge Firewood ships our top quality, Cutting Edge Kiln Dried Firewood and Cooking Wood across the United States! We have many firewood delivery options to choose from, and will ship any box or rack.

When we deliver firewood, shipping rates vary depending on the destination and product, with many items eligible for complimentary shipping.

Box of Kiln Dry Wood for Sale with Shipping Service

One of our simplest methods for delivering and receiving firewood is our box shipping service. Each box in this firewood delivery service includes everything you need to have 2-4 amazing fire experiences. You’ll receive kiln dried wood, kindling, easy-to-use fire starters, and a box of cigar matches.

Boxes make great gifts and are perfect for taking on trips or for customers who have limited storage options.

For an introduction to our premium fire experience, consider ordering firewood online from Cutting Edge today.

Shop Smoking Chunks

As part of our services, we also offer our premier cooking chunks of burning wood for sale in both standard and large boxes. These dry chunks are full of flavor and provide the perfect amount of heat to your BBQ and are a perfect match for any BBQ enthusiast, unlike many of the “seasoned” firewood alternatives.

As a premium fire wood supplier, we offer cooking chunks of Oak, Cherry, Pecan, and Hickory. Impress your friends and family with savory BBQ today! Every cooking chunk box includes complimentary shipping across the United States. Buy now to experience the difference our flavor makes.