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The most demanding chefs and grill masters choose Cutting Edge Firewood to fuel their grills, smokers and wood fired ovens.  Cutting Edge offers unmatched quality and unparalleled convenience. Visit the showroom for more cooking wood options available for immediate take home use.

The best BBQ and Executive chefs cook with Cutting Edge Firewood products!

“These chunks are everything I am looking for in a wood. Consistent in their burn & smoke, subtle flavor. Been raving about them. Going to want to repeat my order!”

– John Markus
Producer of BBQ Pitmasters and “one of the most influential people in barbecue


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The cherry smoking chunks are hands down the best I’ve ever used. After smoking meat on a Weber Grill and a Kamado Joe for 12 years, I’ve now found the only smoking chunks I’ll ever use.
Aaron Toly
Aaron Toly
23:12 03 Jul 18
Practically the Indiana Jones warehouse of firewood! Can’t wait to start our first fire of the season (oak)... and make some ribs w/the pecan chunks. Thanks KB!
Jeremy Rogers
Jeremy Rogers
18:17 19 Oct 19
Best quality wood on the market. Can't beat the white glove service. The wood chunks are the best for summer bbqs.
Will Allred
Will Allred
17:41 01 Jun 18
All firewood burns the same right?.. wrong! A day before I found CE on google I found a guy on FB market place selling firewood for a very low price and delivered to my house with a promise of a great hardwood and a good quality, the wood came in wet from the rain and I could not light it up, I was so disappointed and frustrated and started looking for a more reliable place to get firewood, came across CE on a google search and headed their way to pick up a load, I was expecting a backyard or fenced in parking lot with couple of hill Billy’s chopping wood but instead, I met this real nice guy and his wife and their kid in a very clean organized large warehouse running a business that it’s sole Proprietorship is selling firewood They specialize in all kind of woods from cooking in a pizza stove to green egg smoking and off course fireplace, the wood looks clean and sterile and has been kiln dried to extract all humidity. Needless to say, that night me and my family enjoyed and amazing fire both in our new pizza stove and fireplace and the wood was so easy to light, I would definitely come back for more loads and I recommend to any one who is in a search for good product and fair value.
David Jacov
David Jacov
02:57 13 Nov 17
We ordered the woods chunks to use with our smoker. We decided to try them this Thanksgiving to add some flavor to our smokedturkey! Wow! The taste was amazing and the comments from family were awesome! We will use it ever time we smoke meat!
Barbara Colcord
Barbara Colcord
01:20 18 Dec 19
Cutting Edge Firewood go beyond dropping off wood. I highly recommend them to anyone getting either fireplace or chunks of wood for a smoker. They stack my wood and covered it up also. Their fire starting wood is perfect. I'll be a customer for ever. The dispatch person keeps in touch and works with you to make your delivery when you want it.
Cathi Britt
Cathi Britt
14:53 11 Oct 18
Cutting Edge might be known for their firewood but their wood chunks for cooking might be even better! The chunks are much cleaner and more solid than anything I've used before, and produce a great smoke flavor on my Big Green Egg cooks. This is an easy way to take my smoked meat to a whole new level.
Tony King
Tony King
19:29 17 Jul 19
Such a professional and personal needed company! I own restaurants that have a need for solid fuel sources, and Cutting Edge has been wonderful in working with us to get the correct size, and type of wood for our needed burn time. I was informed about their home packages of fire wood and wood chunks for smoking and tried that out as well. I was blown away with the time I received the product within 24hours after ordering (sometimes the same day) and the selection was fantastic! In the home smoking realm, the sample smoke box is the way to go! Love this company, the owner, and how they handle business. Will never change!MG Farris
MG Farris
MG Farris
19:06 30 Oct 19
Superb experience with every aspect of the company. I ordered the smoking chunks variety pack for my husband's birthday. We have had some delicious food prepped with it on other occasions and we look forward to using our own now. The delivery was expedient (same day as ordered - in December no less) and customer service follow up the same day to boot. We earlier purchased their specially treated firewood and have enjoyed immensely the warmth provided by CE fires with family and friends. FYI, I never realized how nasty the firewood from the grocery store is until I used CE. It is so refreshing to deal with a company that specializes not only in providing superior products, but also in providing superior service. It really is a novelty to have something done correctly the first time, and to have it done with such quality.
Jenny Forester
Jenny Forester
17:10 25 Dec 19
Awesome! Didn't have to lift a finger! More choices than I imagined, even got our gourmet wood chunks for the pizza oven!
Wendy Helms
Wendy Helms
19:22 20 Oct 18
Wonderful place, awesome staff! We’ll be getting our cooking wood from here for sure!
Richard Washington
Richard Washington
18:30 20 Aug 19

Designed for both Backyard Chefs and Professionals 

Cooking with firewood is a time-tested tradition that enables you to make the most tender and flavorful dishes possible, and the most passionate cooking experts know that the best cooking fires come from the best fire products. Our kiln dried firewood produces a cleaner-burning fire for any backyard pizza oven, barbecue smoker or other personal cooking application.

Choose from one of our gourmet firewoods for the ultimate cooking experience. We offer a wide selection of the choicest cooking woods tailored to meet your unique cooking needs and provide complimentary artisan delivery and stacking to homes in the Atlanta, GA, region. We also ship our cooking wood across the United States and offer complimentary shipping on all cooking chunks and many of our cooking wood products!

Pizza Cut Cooking Wood

As a pizza maker, you deserve wood customized for your craft. Pizza cut cooking wood, designed for easy burning in your wood fire oven, allows you to properly manage your burn temperatures for the perfect crisp pizza crust.

Eliminate variables such as drying that make traditional wood unpredictable in quality — choose our unmatched pizza cut cooking wood. Our pre-split wood allows you to create your pizza masterpieces with confidence as you enjoy the heat and longevity that only premier firewood can offer.

Pecan Cooking Wood

When it comes to barbecue cooking, no wood has been more trusted throughout the years as pecan. With a similar taste to hickory without hickory’s overpowering bold flavor, this wood offers a smoky taste perfectly suited for meats such as ribs and poultry.

Whether you’re a chef at a high-end grill house or a backyard barbecue enthusiast, pecan smoking chunks are perfect for your smoking and barbecue cooking needs. The size of them is ideal for use in nearly any smoker.

Cherry Cooking Wood

An excellent apple wood substitute, cherry cooking wood is a favorite for use with nearly any grilled or smoked produce. Use cherry smoking chunks for a sweet, fruity flavor in vegetables, chicken, turkey, seafood and more.

Our cherry cooking wood lasts longer than chips and produces a crisper flavor, making it perfect for premium grills and smokers. Combine cherry wood chunks with other woods for a unique taste that will make your meal truly memorable.

Oak Cooking Wood

Oak cooking wood is one of the most widely used hardwoods available and is a go-to choice for any chef looking for a kiln-dried wood experience. Oak adds a subtle smoky flavor perfect for any dish without becoming too bold or overpowering, making it ideal for all types of red meat, pork, poultry or vegetables.

Perhaps the most versatile smoking wood available, oak provides an optimal choice when paired with smoking techniques on a grill or in a smoker or fire pit. Our blend of red and white oak complements any seasoning and produces a clean, consistent burn.

Hickory Cooking Wood

Cooking experts love our hickory smoking chunks for their distinct crackle and robust taste. Because hickory cooking wood gives an overpowering smoky flavor very quickly, chefs often pair hickory with lighter cooking woods for a more even, balanced taste.

Hickory’s recognizable taste pairs exceptionally well with pork products but also complements beef and wild game.

Trusted by Winning Pitmasters

Competitive barbecue teams are always seeking a competitive edge, and often it’s the smoke that makes the difference. The most experienced pitmasters know that Cutting Edge Firewood products deliver great flavor, consistent heat, low ash, and clean smoke. Cutting Edge Firewood products also have fewer impurities, are free of disease, pests and rot,  and allow for quicker lighting.

Cutting Edge Firewood delivers the best wood for smoking pork, beef, chicken, turkey, fish, venison, lamb, and more. We offer a variety of woods to fit your ‘cue cooking style, including pecan, cherry, white oak, hickory, and chunks made from oak whiskey barrels.

Whether you’re a competitive barbecue chef or creating your own backyard masterpieces, our Gourmet Smoking Wood Chunks deliver the winning flavor you’ve been craving.


Cherry Cooking Wood Rack


The Cutting Edge Firewood Rack includes a high-quality canvas cover to keep your wood dry.  The rack is 4’ tall x 2’ wide and includes logs that are approximately 16” in length.

Firewood Delivery - everything you need is in the box


Cutting Edge Firewood Boxes of Wood are the perfect companion for a night by the fire pit or fireplace. Each firewood box features a top layer of Kindling, a selection of Excelsior Fire Starters and your choice of firewood so your experience is perfect every time.

We proudly deliver to the following regions and cities:

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Passionate About Great Fires

At Cutting Edge, we love a great fire. Wood burning fires are not only our passion, but also essential when it comes to gathering with friends, fighting off the winter chill and cooking the perfect pizza. Our unmatched kiln dried firewood, unparalleled delivery service, and local firewood showroom provide you with an unequaled fire experience.