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History Lake Burton, GA

Lake Burton is a reservoir lake owned and used by the Georgia Power Company to produce electricity, which it supplies to customers throughout the Greater Metro Atlanta area. The lake itself has origins dating back to 1919. During this year, the concrete dam was finished and the lake was filled was water. In the years to follow, homes and businesses were constructed around the newly formed lake. Using hydroelectric generators, the dam now produces about 6,120 kilowatts of energy.

Lake Burton receives its namesake from the town of Burton. The town of Burton resided at the base of the lake prior to the lake’s construction. It wasn’t a particularly large town. Rather, census reports show that just 200 people lived in the town of Burton. Of course, residents were forced to relocate prior to the lake’s construction. Nonetheless, remnants of the town of Burton can still be found at the bottom of Lake Burton.

Did You Know? Fun Facts About Lake Burton, GA

In addition to being a main source of electricity for residents in the Greater Metro Atlanta area, Lake Burton is the highest lake owned by the Georgia Power Company. According to Wikipedia, the lake’s elevation is approximately 1,866 feet. With such a high elevation, Lake Burton has a uniquely beautiful landscape that’s characterized by mountainous and densely forested terrain.

Unless you live on or near Lake Burton, you might be surprised to learn that residents aren’t allowed to purchase or own land here. The Georgia Power Company sells leases — typically 99-year leases — to residents on the lake. The land itself is owned by the Georgia Power Company. It simply sells leases to residents who want to live on Lake Burton.

On the Fourth of July, Lake Burton hosts an annual fireworks display. It’s a decades-old Independence Day tradition that began back in the mid-1970s. Each year, officials set up fireworks on Bully Coat Island — a small island on the south end of the lake — to produce a dazzling display for residents and spectators.

Fishing is a popular activity among Lake Burton residents. The calm and cool waters offer an ideal environment for a variety of fish. As a result, Lake Burton attracts thousands of anglers each year, some of whom travel long distances just to fish in its waters.

Some of Lake Burton’s native fish species include:

  • Spotted bass
  • Largemouth bass
  • Smallmouth bass
  • Crappie
  • Bluegill
  • Catfish
  • Rainbow trout
  • Yellow perch
  • Redear sunfish

Photo: JJeffTV

Can I Use Locally Gathered Firewood to Heat My Lake Burton, GA Home?

Being that Lake Burton’s 62 miles of shoreline are blanketed with trees, you may feel compelled to gather and use local firewood. While locally gathered firewood may light, as well as burn, you may encounter several problems when using it to heat your Lake Burton home. Locally gathered firewood almost always has a high moisture content. It’s not uncommon for locally gathered wood to contain up to half its weight in water. All this water inhibits the wood’s combustion process, meaning it produces more emissions and less heat.

Burning locally gathered firewood in your Lake Burton home’s fireplace can lead to creosote buildup. The presence of excess moisture trapped inside the wood results in the production of more soot-filled smoke. Building a single fire with locally sourced firewood probably won’t cause any noticeable amount of creosote to accumulate inside your chimney. If you continue using it in your fireplace, though, locally sourced firewood may lead to a dangerous buildup of creosote.

Why Kiln Dried Firewood Offers the Best Performance

You can avoid the aforementioned problems by using kiln dried firewood with which to heat your Lake Burton home. Kiln dried firewood often comes from the same species of tree that are found around Lake Burton, such as oak, cherry and hickory. The difference is that kiln dried firewood undergoes a processing technique in which moisture is extracted from its pores. When firewood is kiln dried, it’s placed inside an oven-like drying kiln.

Here at Cutting Edge Firewood, our kiln dried firewood is conditioned for 48 hours, which is 12 times longer than the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) standard. Not only does this provide a superior level of heat; it also eliminates the possibility for mold and pests. If you’re going to build fires in your Lake Burton home, there’s no substitution for Cutting Edge Firewood’s  kiln dried firewood. It produces more heat and fewer emissions. Furthermore, you can rest assured knowing that kiln dried firewood doesn’t contain mold or pests.

Preparing Your Lake Burton, GA Home for Winter: What You Should Know

With summer coming to an end, there’s no better time than the present to prepare your Lake Burton home for the upcoming winter weather. With an average high temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit and an average low temperature of 34 degrees Fahrenheit in January, Lake Burton can get pretty chilly during winter. And if you don’t plan accordingly, it could be an uncomfortably long and cold winter for you and your family.

Assuming your Lake Burton home has a fireplace, you can prepare for winter by stockpiling premium kiln dried firewood. As previously mentioned, kiln dried firewood has a high combustion efficiency when burned. In other words, more of the wood is converted to heat. By building fires with kiln dried firewood, you won’t have to rely on your home’s central heating. Of course, you can still use your home’s heat pump or furnace, but kiln dried firewood can minimize your dependence on central heating by providing you and your family with clean heat.

You can also prepare your Lake Burton home for winter by plugging thermal energy leaks. Whether you use central heating or a fireplace, a thermal leak will result in a cooler indoor climate. Broken or missing weatherstripping, for example, will allow warm air to escape your home. If you discover any broken or missing weatherstripping, replacing it will help you achieve a warmer and more comfortable home this winter.

Take Your Barbecues to the Next Level With High-Quality Cooking Wood or Smoking Chunks

If you enjoy hosting barbecues on Lake Burton, you should consider using high-quality cooking wood or smoking chunks. Cooking wood refers to well-seasoned wood logs of a flavorful variety, whereas smoking chunks are smaller blocks of wood of a flavorful variety. When used for barbecuing, they’ll inject your food with flavorful compounds. At the same time, the smoke produced by burning cooking wood or smoking chunks breaks down the tissue of meat to increase tenderness.

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