Pizza Cut Cooking Wood

Our pizza wood is the result of a collaboration with professional chefs, ensuring that it is of the highest quality and perfect for use in wood-fired pizza ovens. Our dense oak wood is ultra-premium, burning longer and hotter than other options on the market. This results in perfectly crisp and delicious pizzas that will impress you and your guests. By using our pizza wood, you can elevate your at-home pizza experience and enjoy the simple luxury of perfectly cooked wood-fired pizzas. Order your supply today and taste the difference for yourself.

Available in three variations:

  • Pizza Cut Cooking Wood Box – includes kindling, excelsior fire starters, premium wood matches, and enough wood for up to 30 pizzas
  • Pizza Cut Cooking Wood Rack – includes enough wood for up to 200 pizzas
  • Ultimate Package – Add one or more racks of pizza cut wood to your Ultimate Package.