Pizza Cut Cooking Wood

We partnered with professional chefs to design the perfect cut for use in wood-fired pizza ovens. After all, at-home wood-fired pizza is a simple luxury that calls for top-of-the-line cooking wood, so you get a perfectly crisp and delicious pie every single time. Our ultra-premium-dense oak lights easily and burns longer and hotter than the rest. The quality of our pizza wood is unmatched – you and your guests will enjoy a superior pizza when you cook with Cutting Edge.

Available in three variations:

  • Pizza Cut Cooking Wood Box – includes kindling, excelsior fire starters, premium wood matches, and enough wood for up to 30 pizzas
  • Pizza Cut Cooking Wood Rack – includes enough wood for up to 200 pizzas
  • Ultimate Package – Add one or more racks of pizza cut wood to your Ultimate Package.


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