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Kiln Dried Firewood in Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina is a beautiful city filled with natural beauty and friendly people. If you're looking for the best firewood or cooking wood available in Greenville, then look no further than Cutting Edge Firewood.

There is a reason Greenville is the 4th fastest growing city in America, it's the perfect mix of friendly faces, delicious food, and hospitality. Greenville is also a popular place to travel. People love the waterfalls, hiking, and fun town center that gives Greenville a touch of nostalgia and class.

In the same way, there is a reason Cutting Edge Firewood is the fastest growing firewood company in America. We provide the best firewood available and offer an incredible delivery service. Our wood is easier to light, burns brighter, hotter, and longer, and smokes less! Few things are more nostalgic than spending time around a beautiful fire, and we help make this happen every day!

In this article we'll talk more about our firewood options and share about our exclusive delivery artisan service, which is now available and complimentary in Greenville!


What makes Cutting Edge Firewood the Best?

Have you ever been excited to gather around a fire, but then get frustrated because your wet wood won't light? Or maybe you get the wood lit, but it just puts off tons of smoke and smells terrible. We've all been there, and here at Cutting Edge Firewood we think it's the worst.

Which is why we take extra care to ensure every piece of firewood that leaves our facility is always dry, clean, and ready to be the centerpiece of an incredible fire experience. You can learn more of the science behind how we make the best firewood available, but in short we use a rigorous kiln drying process.

You may have heard of kiln dried firewood before, but not like Cutting Edge Firewood. A kiln is like an oven that cooks the moisture out of the wood. While many providers offer "kiln dried firewood", the reality is their wood spends the bare minimum time in the kiln: 75 minutes at 160 degrees. This might kill bugs, but it doesn't really make the firewood any better.

We go way beyond the minimum standard: our firewood spends 48 hours in a kiln at 250 degrees. This means our wood is consistently dry, clean, and ready to provide an amazing fireside experience.

How we deliver firewood in Greenville, South Carolina

We are pleased to offer our world class complimentary delivery artisan service in Greenville. Here is how it works:

We do everything.

That's right - no mess and no stress for you! Our artisans deliver firewood stacked neatly inside our patent-pending metal racks. We'll loan you our rack as part of our complimentary service, or we'll stack the wood into your existing rack. If you keep our rack, next time you order we will replace the empty rack with a new full rack.

Firewood Delivery Service

Our delivery artisans will even teach you how to light your first fire with a single match - we really want to make sure you have a memorable experience!

Each rack we deliver is 2' wide and 4' tall and filled with our 16" standard cut firewood. We also offer longer lengths of firewood that we can deliver and stack if you have a large fire pit or fireplace.

Rack deliveries to Greenville must be scheduled and are typically delivered within 2 weeks, but may take longer depending on the season. If you want firewood fast, or if you only need enough wood for 2-4 fires, then we recommend trying out some of our boxes of firewood:


Each box contains everything you need for 2-4 fires. We include matches, fire starters, kindling, and logs of firewood. Boxes get delivered to your front door and arrive in 1-2 business days. These are a really convenient way to receive firewood, and they also make awesome gifts!

The Best Cooking Wood in Greenville

Not only do we provide incredible firewood, but our cooking wood is amazing as well!

Richard Blais, winner of Bravo's Top Chef All-Stars, explains the importance of quality cooking wood when he said, "Firewood is an ingredient. Once you wrap your head around that, and understand that great cooking uses great ingredients, you’ll want to use Cutting Edge Firewood every time.”

We send all of our cooking wood through the same rigorous drying process that we send our firewood. This means that all of our cooking wood is completely free from any mold, fungus, or bugs (because no one wants to eat something cooked over mold). It also means our wood will ignite quickly and provide quality heat and flavor throughout the duration of your cook.

backyard bbq

In fact, one of our local restaurant customers found that Cutting Edge Firewood lasted 40-50% longer than his previous firewood supplier!

We offer a variety of cuts and species of cooking wood and offer complimentary delivery to Greenville. Learn more about our cooking wood splits, wood chunks for smoking, pizza cut wood, or firewood for cooking today. It doesn't matter if you're cooking in a Big Green Egg, Wood Fired Pizza Oven, full sized smoker, or even a hole in the ground. If you want to cook over wood, than we have the best wood you could want!

We offer several species, each with it's own unique flavor and burn qualities. Choose from Oak, Apple, Pecan, Maple, Cherry, or Hickory!

And if you want to learn more about cooking, make sure you check out our Cooking Wood University and the growing list of professional chefs and celebrities using Cutting Edge Firewood.

What Customers say about Cutting Edge Firewood

We love our amazing customers! We can talk all we want about our product, but ultimately our customer's opinion is the one that matters most. Here is what people are saying about Cutting Edge Firewood:


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