Unlike green or “seasoned” firewood, kiln dried firewood has been dried in a high temperature oven. This not only removes moisture that normally makes firewood hard to light, but also kills fungus and pests in the wood – making it cleaner and last longer than any other firewood available. Cutting Edge conditions its wood for 48 hours, 12 times longer than the USDA standard. All firewood comes with our Complimentary Artisan Delivery. Visit the showroom for firewood available for immediate take home use.


Cherry Cooking Wood Rack


The Cutting Edge Firewood Rack is a service we offer just like stacking the firewood. Each stack of firewood arrives housed in the 2’ wide x 4’ tall black metal rack with canvas cover to ensure the wood stays dry and ready to burn. Ready for a re-order? A delivery artisan comes and switches out the rack for a fresh, new one every delivery, every time.

Firewood Delivery - everything you need is in the box


Same day delivery available! Cutting Edge Firewood Boxes of Wood are the perfect companion for a night by the fire pit or fireplace. Each firewood box features a top layer of Kindling, a selection of Excelsior Fire Starters, Heart Pine Fire Starters, Matches and your choice of firewood so your experience is perfect every time.




Awesome firewood! Smells great!
Mallory Cegala
Mallory Cegala
17:18 25 Sep 17
I met the owner of Cutting Edge Firewood at a party at a friend’s house. Not only were they there until very late (early?) helping keep the fires burning, they were taking potential customer names. They followed up with me immediately and I wound up taking delivery not only of a rack of cherry but also a fire pit. The wood is of such high quality that it is without compare...and the service is top notch. I’ve discovered that firewood is like about anything get what you pay for. If you are looking for cheap wood, this is not for you (and I’m talking to you, miss 1-star review lady), but if you are looking for bespoke firewood and great service, then give them a call!
West Johnson
West Johnson
00:57 09 Apr 19
This is a great service! First, the quality of the products is untouchable. The firewood is clean, dry, very evenly cut, and burns better than anything you’ve ever tried before. The service is provided professionally, by friendly staff that you will feel comfortable having in your backyard. I’ve enjoyed Hickory as well as Cherry so far, and am signed up for monthly automatic delivery. My family and visitors too have really enjoyed our new fire pit, many s’mores, and fun times.
David Hughes
David Hughes
13:18 31 Dec 18
Cutting Edge might be known for their firewood but their wood chunks for cooking might be even better! The chunks are much cleaner and more solid than anything I've used before, and produce a great smoke flavor on my Big Green Egg cooks. This is an easy way to take my smoked meat to a whole new level.
Tony King
Tony King
19:29 17 Jul 19
We've ordered kiln-dried firewood for years from companies around Atlanta. No one compares to Cutting Edge. First, the wood is perfectly cured & burns without popping. You can select the exact variety of wood you want, and the hickory smells incredible! They offer a monthly re-stock rack that simplifies having to haul wood yourself. But what sets CEF apart is their customer service. It's like you're dealing with family - REAL people who are thoughtful, caring & professional. I wish more vendors took notes on how Cutting Edge operates. They even send thank-you notes! Southern manners, top-notch product - no one compares!
Samantha Davenport
Samantha Davenport
14:15 19 Nov 18
Awesome experience! Very friendly and professional folks! We bought a fire pit, firewood and accessories and looking forward to many great fires!
Liza O'Hare
Liza O'Hare
15:14 20 Oct 18
First class service and the firewood is excellent. We love the Hickory wood!
Vernon Hill Jr
Vernon Hill Jr
16:08 25 Mar 19
Best firewood ever! Got the 24 inch hickory and pizza cut wood, along with 4x4 and 2x4 racks. Got home from work and everything had been delivered and set up perfectly! Fantastic product and service!
Kelly Miles
Kelly Miles
18:46 25 Aug 18
Our family loves Cutting Edge! Every cold day all winter our family lights a fire for warmth and coziness. This is so easily done with the kiln dried firewood. We really can't brag about our skills lighting a fire because the wood lights so easily. We so highly recommend it that we say it'll light if you just look at it the right way. We seriously love this stuff and the atmosphere it helps our home provide.
Nathan and Katie Henderson
Nathan and Katie Henderson
01:32 19 Aug 17
Such a great company! Great firewood - responsive and friendly delivery team. Stacked very neatly. Will definitely order from again!
Melissa Abraham
Melissa Abraham
21:50 30 Jun 19
Very quality firewood - love the oak! It smells great and lights easily. I didn't even need gas to help start the fire. The delivery men were friendly and on time! I highly recommend Cutting Edge Firewood!
Mallory Click
Mallory Click
14:12 29 Jun 18
We used Cutting Edge firewood for an outside wedding. Firepit in the background was a romantic ambiance. We also used the stumps for accent pieces to place flower arrangements on top. Simply gorgeous! Excellent service! Excellent product! I definitely recommend this company!
Caroline Hendry
Caroline Hendry
16:52 26 Jun 18
Lee and Katie-Beth really know the value customer service better than anybody else. The firewood is second to none. Seriously amazing staff and product.
Josh Deyton
Josh Deyton
19:23 28 Jun 18
Phenomenal firewood and impeccable service.
Michelle Gerry
Michelle Gerry
20:33 27 Jun 19
This company is legit. They create a ritz Carlton experience about... firewood. Ya... I thought it was crazy- until I tried it. Now there’s no going back because we’re spoiled now. Excellent firewood and even better service. Great for grilling too. The racks looks great, keep things neat and compact. No bugs or things to worry about w this stuff. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did!
Philip K. Robb Jr.
Philip K. Robb Jr.
01:23 01 Jul 19
I just got a brand new smoker and needed a place to get firewood I'm the summer. Boy do they have it. Saturday is by appointment only which I didn't know. They came and met me immediately since I was already here. Great service.
N'neka Scruggs
N'neka Scruggs
19:27 29 Jun 19
Outstanding customer service and so easy to place an order on the website. Cutting Edge firewood is superior to other wood we have tried. We are customers for life!
Lila Cooperider
Lila Cooperider
14:26 23 Jan 19
Absolutely the best place to buy firewood. We use it for our fire pit and love the heat it puts out.
Steven Carrington
Steven Carrington
18:31 15 Jun 19
The best firewood company in the country! Great service.
Timmy Boss
Timmy Boss
13:18 21 Aug 17
Who knew?! I stopped by for some wood for grilling beef as I find most commercially available lump has too much hickory and couldn't be more impressed, both with the operation and the product. These guys are redefining the quality of firewood. Fast lighting and very clean burning, with consistency you don't get from random craigslist deliveries. They also had some great starters, fire pits, and kamado style grills, but the focus and energy is definitely on the quality of their product.
David Stephens
David Stephens
13:09 19 Jul 18
Great service and great firewood.
19:34 29 Jun 19
My 'artisan' delivery experience was really top-notch. I was curious how the company was going to set themselves apart given the delivery is something they seem to hang their hat on. There are LOTS of options for firewood, so why pay more through a service like this? Well, I have no regrets whatsoever. When I called with questions, the person who answered was very pleasant. When I purchased online, it was straightforward. When the delivery guy called with an arrival window he was extremely courteous and accommodating. He showed up on time and greeting me with enthusiasm. He made sure he understood where to stack the wood, and when I told him I needed some kindling he offered me some that was on the truck. They stacked the wood with utmost care, and made sure the room was clean of any debris before leaving. Now, I haven't put a match to this wood yet.. but the service is absolutely exceptional! I'll report back soon once the temps drop a little lower. 🙂
Amir Ansari
Amir Ansari
21:18 07 Nov 18
All firewood burns the same right?.. wrong! A day before I found CE on google I found a guy on FB market place selling firewood for a very low price and delivered to my house with a promise of a great hardwood and a good quality, the wood came in wet from the rain and I could not light it up, I was so disappointed and frustrated and started looking for a more reliable place to get firewood, came across CE on a google search and headed their way to pick up a load, I was expecting a backyard or fenced in parking lot with couple of hill Billy’s chopping wood but instead, I met this real nice guy and his wife and their kid in a very clean organized large warehouse running a business that it’s sole Proprietorship is selling firewood They specialize in all kind of woods from cooking in a pizza stove to green egg smoking and off course fireplace, the wood looks clean and sterile and has been kiln dried to extract all humidity. Needless to say, that night me and my family enjoyed and amazing fire both in our new pizza stove and fireplace and the wood was so easy to light, I would definitely come back for more loads and I recommend to any one who is in a search for good product and fair value.
David Jacov
David Jacov
02:57 13 Nov 17
I am passionate about good fires when relaxing around our fire pit with friends. I recently had a bad batch of hardwood and wanted to was smoking, wouldn't burn and made for a terrible evening. It was the first fire pit of the season and I feared we were doomed with terrible wood. I mentioned to my fiance that there had to be a solution for top quality firewood and he mentioned he had met the owner of Cutting Edge Firewood and that we should check it out. I drove as fast as I could the next day to their showroom in Norcross to see their wood and pick up a sample box of hickory. Wow! The wood burned fast, hot, bright with zero smoke. They provided fire starter, kindling etc. and we had the best fire pit night with 10 friends. I only wish I had bought more as it burned much faster than I expected. I highly recommend anyone who wants drama free firewood that burns consistently and evenly to give Cutting Edge a try. You WON'T be disappointed!
Lori Huster
Lori Huster
23:00 26 Oct 18
Great firewood!!
Ally Baxley
Ally Baxley
02:28 20 Aug 17
Excellent service and excellent firewood that burns so well! So happy to give you guys a try! No doubt, we will be back soon!
Arthur Prescott
Arthur Prescott
22:47 03 Nov 18
I have used Cutting Edge Firewood many times over the past 4-5 years and have always been amazed at the service! Exceptional firewood delivered by exceptionally polite, knowledgeable people who take the time to do things right, clean up after themselves and make sure you are happy before they leave!! Best Firewood in Georgia!
Dan Miller
Dan Miller
19:07 24 Jun 19
I am glad I finally found a firewood company I can add to my contacts and use every year. Cutting Edge is consistently great. The firewood is top-notch, lights easily and burns cleanly. Delivery is fast. They stack the wood so it looks great, give you advice on where to put it and whether to use racks, and clean-up after they leave. Cutting Edge is just an all-around pleasant experience.
Clay Cheshire
Clay Cheshire
13:16 11 Sep 17
Great experience if you want good quality firewood delivered to your door in Atlanta!
Jay Clark
Jay Clark
16:05 06 Sep 17
I bought firewood for my husband for Father’s Day and it was a big hit! He was super impressed with the delivery Artisan and kept telling me how much he likes how it looks. The sales guy on the phone was great too explaining all the options and uses for different types of wood. I called and was able to get a timely delivery and they arrived right on time!
Tricia Davis
Tricia Davis
00:38 18 Jun 19
We have a pizza oven and this is the best firewood for a fast start, hot burning fire. It makes Friday nite pizza nite easy and fun! Delivery and service are outstanding, and the team at Cutting Edge is super professional and knowledgeable about just what type of wood works best!
RSVP Atlanta
RSVP Atlanta
01:13 01 Aug 18
There is no better firewood than Cutting Edge. When you combine the absolute best product with amazing people that make sure your entire experience is perfect you have the recipe for an incredible company. Once you start using Cutting Edge it’s hard to go back to anything else. I highly recommend the Hickory because of low smoke and high heat. Get the subscription plan especially during Fall and Winter to save yourself from running out of firewood when you need it most. Cannot recommend the people and product at Cutting Edge high enough!
Jason Brubaker
Jason Brubaker
03:26 18 Nov 18
Just came over to buy some firewood for my pizza oven and I want to let you know these guys are awesome. They sure know what they’re doing and you can go around behind your product. For sure the best in Atlanta.
Al Fernandez
Al Fernandez
17:28 27 Jul 19
Hands down the highest quality firewood I've experienced. Perfect for the smoker. And to top it all off, they have incredible customer service.
Joe S. Habachy, PC, Attorney at Law
Joe S. Habachy, PC, Attorney at Law
12:48 23 Aug 18

Our Most Popular Kiln Dried Firewood

For the best fires, you need the best firewood. At Cutting Edge Firewood, we strive to provide residents throughout Atlanta with a premier firewood experience unlike any they’ve had. We do this by kiln drying our wood and providing you with premier-quality firewood. But not all wood is the same. We offer our customers a variety of species to choose from and each has distinctive characteristics.

No two kinds of wood are exactly the same, so here are some of the qualities you’ll discover about our three most popular kiln dried firewood types.

Hickory Firewood

Hickory is a dense and heavy hardwood that most agree is the best for burning. Since the wood doesn’t hold much moisture, once kiln dried, hickory is extremely easy to ignite. Of all our wood selections, many find that hickory provides the best overall experience. There is absolutely no possibility of insects or mold and it gives off the lowest emissions, making it safe whether you want to enjoy it indoors or outdoors.

Hickory provides you with the distinctive qualities everyone loves about a great fire. It burns longer than all our other split wood options and provides the hottest and brightest flames. For an even longer burning fire, choose from our selection of Uncut Rounds. Hickory’s classic crackle sound and burning properties make it perfect for cold nights with your friends and family gathered around the fire pit. And if it’s a great aroma you’re looking for, the smell of burning hickory is one of the best. Plus, hickory can be used for smoking and cooking food, giving it a distinct smoky flavor.

Looking for firewood that you can burn for an extended period of time? Oversized Hickory can be the perfect option for you since it will burn for hours with little maintenance.

Oak Firewood

Another popular choice of wood that provides excellent heat for your home is oak. There are more than 600 different varieties of oak. This dense wood can burn for a long time, but not quite as long as hickory. Once kiln dried, our oak firewood has no possibilities of insects or mold. It also produces very low emissions, making it safe to burn in your home and outdoors. The aroma of oak is a pleasant smell that many would describe as sweet.

But possibly the best characteristics of oak firewood is that it’s easy to light, burns bright and provides an ample amount of heat. Oak is considered one of the best woods to burn in your fireplace. For those who don’t have a lot of experience with firewood — or, as we call them, “casual burners” — oak is a great starter wood to begin your adventure in premium firewoods.

Cherry Firewood

If you’re looking for a unique wood burning experience that stands apart from the rest, then give cherry wood a try. This firewood does not burn as hot or as long as some of our denser selections like hickory and oak, but there’s a reason why many firewood enthusiasts enjoy it. The smell of cherry wood burning is out of this world, providing an amazing slightly sweet aroma that will fill your home.

Like all of our kiln dried firewood, there is no possibility of cherry wood logs having insects or mold and it produces very few emissions. However, it may not be the best choice if you want a roaring blaze. Cherry wood only burns for a short or moderate amount of time and doesn’t produce a ton of heat. The reduced level of heat makes it a great option for spring, summer and early fall. Cherry does provide ample light, though, so if you would like a warm and aromatic glow, order our cherry firewood.

Artisanal Delivery Service

Cutting Edge Firewood’s Artisanal Delivery Service is classified as a luxury white glove service. This service takes the work out of buying and receiving firewood. Delivery Artisans deliver firewood in patent pending, exclusive, airbrushed firewood racks with a high-quality canvas cover perfectly stacked every time in the location of your choice. Providing ready to use firewood every time with expert firewood knowledge, the Delivery Artisans can even start the first fire and demonstrate how to have the best experience. This service is currently only available for Greater Metro Atlanta, GA and surrounding residents. Please contact us about delivery and shipping options to states outside of Georgia.

We proudly deliver to the following regions and cities:

Greater Atlanta


Chastain Park


College Park




Druid Hills



East Cobb



Fair Oaks


Flowery Branch



Holly Springs

Johns Creek




Lithia Springs






Morning Side


Mountain Park




Peachtree City

Peachtree Corners

Powder Springs



Sandy Plains

Sandy Springs

Smoke Rise



Sugar Hill



Union City


Mountain and Lake Region

Highlands, NC

Cashiers, NC

Lake Burton

Lake Rabun

Lake Keowee

Lake Oconee

We Proudly Ship all across the United States, including:


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Passionate About Great Fires

At Cutting Edge, we love a great fire. Wood burning fires are not only our passion, but also essential when it comes to gathering with friends, fighting off the winter chill and cooking the perfect pizza. Our unmatched kiln dried firewood, unparalleled delivery service, and local firewood showroom provide you with an unequaled fire experience.