Life slows down when you are sitting around the fire pit. It’s like watching a sunset. You can’t help but stop and be more present. 

That is the experience we create with Cutting Edge kiln dried firewood and the purpose behind our commitment to excellence. 

It’s why our firewood is dried longer than anyone else. It’s why it lights easier and burns longer than anyone else. And it’s why it is pest and mold-free and creates less smoke. So you can stop and enjoy the experience of a warm fire with those you love.

How Much Firewood Do You Need?

Another thing that makes Cutting Edge Firewood unique is how we deliver our kiln dried firewood to your front door. We take as much care in the delivery as we do in our premium firewood itself, whether you need enough for a romantic weekend by the fireplace or an entire season. To order firewood online, choose the amount you would like below.

Boxes of Firewood

Cutting Edge Firewood boxes are the quickest and easiest way to enjoy a night by the fire. Each firewood box contains everything you need for an unforgettable fireside experience.

Racks of Firewood

Cutting Edge Firewood racks are perfect for those who spend more time by the fire. Our patent-protected rack comes in metal and wood, depending on your delivery location.

The Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package is for those who want enough firewood for the entire season. You can mix and match different species and different sizes to create your own custom experience.

Why Type of Firewood Do You Need?

Each piece of Cutting Edge kiln dried firewood is inspected and hand-selected by our team to ensure that you are getting premium cuts of the species of wood that you choose. Whether you are looking for something that burns longer or something with a more mild aroma, we create a level of consistency that is not found anywhere else in the industry. To order firewood online, choose the species you would like below.


Our Hickory Firewood emits a rich aroma as well as that classic crackling sound.


Our Oak Firewood gives off a subtle aroma for a more understated experience.


Our Cherry Firewood emits a subtle and sweet aroma for a cozy, upscale retreat.

Order Firewood by Specialty Sizes

Whether you would like to create a longer burn with our uncut rounds or you have a smaller chiminea that uses smaller-sized firewood, we also carry Extended Use firewood and Specialty Size firewood.
Specialty Size
Extended Use

What Makes Cutting Firewood Different?

Indoor and outdoor fires are amazing experiences that provide endless relaxation and enjoyment. Whether you rely on firewood to warm your home or want the best fuel for your next backyard gathering, choosing high-quality kiln dried firewood can make all the difference.

High-quality wood will produce a long-lasting, clean burn that will shine brightly and provide plenty of warmth for the whole family. 

But what separates ordinary firewood from the premium firewood for sale through Cutting Edge Firewood?

Cutting Edge Firewood offers premium firewood that is perfect for your indoor or outdoor fireplace or firepit. Our wood ignites incredibly easily and provides a clean burn that the whole family can enjoy.

At Cutting Edge Firewood we create an extraordinary experience from the very first time you order firewood online until your fire is extinguished for the evening. 

No mess. No need to carry heavy wood. No need to stack it. 

If you are within our artisan delivery network, we offer a complimentary white glove delivery service that will stack your firewood to your specifications, allowing you more time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of your new premium kiln dried firewood.

For those who are outside of our network, we offer complimentary shipping on most of our products to make sure you have access to the very best fireside experience any time of the year.


We are passionate about great fires, but we aren’t the only ones! Here is what other people have to say about our Cutting Edge Kiln Dried Firewood:

How is Cutting Edge Kiln Dried Firewood Better?

While the firewood you find at the grocery store might appear harmless, however, you can determine the burn quality of a piece of firewood by looking for the following properties and characteristics:

  • The Wood Burns Clean
    High-quality firewood burns cleanly, producing minimal smoke and ash. Low-quality wood can produce an excess of these things, which are dangerous to breathe in and known to cause upper respiratory irritation. Too much smoke and ash can also stain your walls and curtains or clog your chimney, resulting in costly repairs.
  • The Wood Burns Longer
    You’ve started the perfect fire and settled in with your friends for a fun evening, roasting marshmallows and exchanging stories — only for the fire to extinguish minutes later. Instead of relaxing with the others, you’re now stuck around the fire ring, stoking and stirring, trying to revive your hard work. Unfortunately, this is a common scenario with low-quality firewood. Premier firewood from Cutting Edge Firewood, on the other hand, provides a long-lasting burn that requires minimal maintenance, giving you more value for your investment.
  • The Wood Has No Signs of Pests or Fungus
    If you don’t know where your firewood comes from, you can’t be sure of its quality. Dirt-covered wood or firewood with fungus and mold do not burn cleanly. Low-quality firewood can also harbor pests, like borers, ants, beetles, and termites, which can infiltrate your home. Our firewood is clean and always free of mold and insects, and it looks stylish when stacked and displayed.
  • The Wood is in Good Condition
    Never burn green, rotten, wet, chemically treated, or painted firewood, as this can release toxic fumes and damage your fire accessories. Seasoning firewood allows the wood to dry for an extended period to eliminate excessive moisture and promote a cleaner burn. Kiln drying is a superior drying method due to the high-temperature oven. Kiln dried wood is cleaner, safer, and more long-lasting than any other type. We kiln dry all of our firewood 12 times longer than the USDA standard, so you know you’re always getting the best.
  • The Wood is Cut Correctly
    When a piece of wood is cut evenly, it burns evenly. When choosing firewood, always opt for uniformly cut whole or split logs. Split logs are typically easier to light, but do not burn as long as whole logs. Whole logs — including uncut rounds — have a lasting burn, but require a very hot fire to ignite.
  • The Wood Comes from a Quality Source
    You already know you shouldn’t burn wet, green, or moldy softwood in your fireplace, especially when the fire is indoors. Instead, choose dry, top-quality wood from healthy oak, cherry, and hickory trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the best way to use or store your firewood? Our firewood experts are here to help, offering details and resources on firewood best practices. Below you’ll find the answers to some of the questions we hear most frequently about firewood. To learn more — or ask a question you don’t see listed here — feel free to reach out to us by phone or email for more assistance.

Yes. Several factors can cause firewood to go bad or lose its effectiveness, including:

  • Using firewood that comes from a diseased tree.
  • Choosing firewood that has not been treated, seasoned, or kiln dried.
  • Using firewood that is not pest-free, which can lead to decay and further infestation of your other wood.
  • Employing improper storage methods, which includes leaving firewood exposed to the elements and fluctuating temperatures.
  • Neglecting to remove any rotting or diseased firewood from your storage area, which can cause otherwise healthy firewood to deteriorate more quickly.

The best way to avoid bad firewood is to purchase a high-quality product from Cutting Edge Firewood and follow all recommended storage practices.

All Cutting Edge Firewood is free of disease, mold, fungus, and bugs, and has been thoroughly kiln dried for maximum effectiveness. However, using improper storage methods or storing our firewood with wood from other distributors may lead to wood damage. A good piece of firewood is sturdy and clean without visible damage or missing bark. The wood should be firm to the touch and free of discoloration.

A few indicators that your firewood has gone bad include:

  • Visible signs of fungus or mildew growth.
  • Wood that is soft to the touch, indicating excess moisture or rotting.
  • Insects in or on your wood supply, or leftover pest residue or markings that could indicate an infestation.
  • Peeling or falling bark.

The answer to this question varies, depending on your specific woodburning goals. For example, our cherry firewood produces the least amount of heat and burn time, but the unique aroma makes it the perfect choice for a special event or gathering.

Hickory firewood burns longer than oak and is a popular choice for indoor fireplaces, while many prefer oak when burning outdoors. You can also choose extended burn firewood for an even longer burn, which is perfect for large fire pits and fireplaces or events requiring a strong flame throughout the night.

Many kinds of wood are suitable for general burning and home heating, as well as cooking and smoking foods, including oak, hickory, and cherry. Other woods — like maple and apple — are great for culinary purposes, but less effective for general use. The wood’s cut and size are also important to note.

Wood burning applications call for logs, split wood, and uncut rounds, while firewood for cooking is most beneficial when cut down to small splits or wood chunks. Always choose the correct size firewood, splits, or wood chunks to fit your fireplace, wood stove, fire pit, or grill. For the best results, do not burn firewood outside of its recommended use.

Building a fire is easy if you have the right supplies. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Prepare the area: If you’re building an indoor fire, prepare your wood stove or fireplace by removing any ash or soot leftover from the previous burn and ensuring the area is clear of debris. Open up the fireplace damper and set up the protective grate. If you have a chimney, make sure a professional has cleaned and serviced it, especially if this is your first fire of the season. Doing so will ensure a clean and safe woodburning experience that everyone can enjoy without putting their health at risk..
  2. Clean your outdoor pit: If you’re burning outdoors, prepare your fire pit by clearing away any grass or debris inside the pit and creating a comfortable seating area around it. You’ll also want to allow the area ample time to dry after rain, so you don’t waste matches or fire starters by trying to light them in wet conditions.
  3. Gather supplies: The most essential part of your fire is the fuel. Kiln dried firewood from Cutting Edge Firewood is the best way to ensure a bright, long-lasting fire. You also need a match and some fire starters. For best results, avoid using leaves or household paper products, which could create excess smoke. Never burn garbage or anything that could explode or release toxic chemicals, like batteries and plastics. Excellent-quality wood will help you achieve a warm glow without the need for lighter fluids or accelerants.
  4. Assemble the fire: Build your fire by placing your wood in a criss-cross pattern known as the “log cabin” method. In this technique, you lay two pieces of wood parallel and place kindling between them. Stack two parallel logs on top of them, facing the opposite direction. Add another layer if you want, then use the fire starter to ignite. For outdoor fires, ignite a small pile of starter and, as the flame grows, add kindling and firewood piece by piece in a tent shape until you have a roaring fire.

All Cutting Edge Firewood is easy to light, thanks to our special kiln drying process. You can usually light your fire with a single match! To begin, choose a long match — like our official cigar matches — and strike it to light your excelsior fire starter. Add pieces of kindling to feed the flame. To make things even easier, add a fire starter package to your next Cutting Edge Firewood shipment. Each kit includes everything you need to start a fire in minutes, including the fire starter, kindling, and matches.

To manage your fire, you’ll need to stoke it regularly as needed. Add more firewood as it burns. One your fire is lit — especially if outdoors — do not leave it unattended. Remember to extinguish it thoroughly before leaving.

Our Delivery Artisans will gladly unload and stack your firewood in any place of your choosing. For the longevity of your firewood, make sure you store it somewhere that is:

  • Covered: Keep your firewood protected from rain, snow, and wind by covering it with a tarp, angled roof, or rack cover. You could also store it inside a small woodshed near your home. Doing this prevents it from being exposed to the elements and sustaining damage or absorbing moisture.
  • Off the ground: Always stack firewood off the ground. Otherwise, you risk pest infestation or moisture transferring from the dirt to your wood. That issue can cause wood rot or render your firewood difficult to light. Instead, stack your wood on a raised platform or a sturdy slab made of wood or concrete.
  • Near adequate airflow: Adequate airflow is the best way to preserve your wood’s integrity and maintain its effectiveness and aroma. Airflow will also combat any moisture that has made its way into your storage area. Make sure wherever you choose to store your lumber is well ventilated, and be sure to avoid stacking the firewood too compactly for the bottom layers to access fresh air.
  • Away from the foundation: Always keep firewood several feet away from the foundation of your home, preferably in a raised rack, to keep insects at bay and protect your foundation from accidental damage.

When you choose high-quality indoor fireplace wood from Cutting Edge Firewood, your shipment will be more than functional — our wood also looks great when displayed in your home. If you’re stacking your wood indoors, similar storage rules apply as when you store firewood outdoors. Opt for a ventilated storage area near your fireplace or wood stove for optimal comfort and convenience. Do not store wood in any areas of the home that are exceptionally moist or humid, such as directly under an air conditioner.

Most firewood suppliers follow the cord measurement standard, which refers to a stacked pile of wood that equals about 4-by-8 feet, with each individual piece being about 4 feet long. We wanted to do more than that by creating a uniform product that burns evenly and eliminates any confusion among retailers.

That’s why we sell all of our firewood via box and rack shipments, with specific dimensions listed online, depending on the type and size of wood you choose. By operating this way, we make it easier for you to know exactly what to expect when your firewood shipment arrives — high-quality, durable wood that burns cleanly and evenly every time.

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