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What Is a Rank of Wood?

If you're planning to buy firewood, you should familiarize yourself with different units of measurement. Firewood isn't sold per log. Rather, it's typically sold in stacks or bundles, such as a rank. But how much wood exactly is a rank? To determine if a single rank of firewood is enough for your heating or cooking needs, you'll need to answer this question.

Definition of a 'Rank' of Wood

A rank, when referring to a quantity of wood, is defined as a well-stowed and arranged stack of wood measuring 4 feet tall, 4 feet deep and 8 feet wide. The wood logs are aligned in a parallel formation that encompasses precisely 128 cubic feet of space. They are also stacked neatly so that no space is wasted. Once the stack of wood logs reaches 4 feet tall, 4 deep and 8 feet wide, it's considered to be a rank.

Is a Rank of Wood a Lot?

For most individuals and even families, a rank is a lot of wood. Depending on the specific type of wood, as well as its moisture content, a single rank of wood may weigh up to 2 tons. It's so much wood, in fact, that you'd have to make at least two separate tricks to haul it in the bed of a standard-sized pickup truck.

Whether you use it to heat your home or cook with, a rank of wood will last a while. When used to heat a small home, you can expect it to last for at least four to six months. For larger homes, a rank will last for about two to three months. Of course, that's assuming a wood-burning fireplace is your home's primary source of heat. If you use other methods to heat your home, such as a furnace or heat exchanger, it will last even longer.

Does Cutting Edge Firewood Sell a Rank of Wood?

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Rank vs Cord of Wood: Is There a Difference?

Some businesses also sell wood by the cord. Hearing different terms like "cord" and "rank" being used to describe wood may lead you to believe that these are different units of measurement. The truth, however, is that they are the same. Both a rank of wood and a cord of wood measures 4 feet tall, 4 feet deep and 8 feet wide. This is the universal specification for ranks and cords of wood.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Rank of Wood

There are a few things to consider when buying a rank of wood. First, you'll need to determine if a single rank is enough for your needs. As previously stated, a single rank can last for months when used exclusively to heat a home during winter. If you're worried that you may run out, perhaps you should buy two ranks instead of just one.

Something else to consider when buying a rank of wood is the type of wood. Not all firewood comes from the same tree, and different types have different characteristics and burning qualities. Maple, for example, is prized for its long-lasting flame and sweet, flavorful smoke. Oak is another prized type of firewood, as it burns longer and hotter than many other types of wood. With that said, you really can't go wrong with a rank of any type of hardwood. Oak, cherry, maple and hickory are all excellent hardwood choices that you can buy in ranks.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when buying a rank of wood is whether it's been seasoned. Seasoned wood is drier and contains less moisture than fresh, green wood. Therefore, it's easier to light and produces a cleaner flame. Some businesses may attempt to cut corners by selling cords of fresh, green wood instead of seasoned wood. Unfortunately, this wood is difficult to light and produces lots of heavy soot-filled smoke. For the best performance, it's recommended that you only buy cords of seasoned wood. Whether it's air-dried or kiln-dried, seasoned wood contains significantly less moisture, making it ideal for burning.

The Bottom Line on Ranks of Wood

To recap, a rank of wood is a unit of measurement referring to a large stack of wood. It's the same unit of measurement as a cord, with both terms referring to a stack of firewood that measures 4 feet tall, 4 feet deep and 8 feet wide. You can find ranks for sale in a variety of different wood types, including hardwoods and softwood. Hardwoods, however, offer a better value because of the ease of which they light as well as their ability to produce a flame that burns hotter and longer than softwoods.

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