Kiln Dried Firewood in Washington, DC

Cutting Edge Firewood has been faithfully delivering ultra-premium, firewood for sale since 2013. Today, we’re known around the country as the best firewood source because of our unparalleled service and unmatched product quality.

We sell luxury firewood to the Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland and D.C. Metro areas. Interested in firewood in Washington D.C.? Read on to discover more...

Firewood For Sale in Washington, DC Area

The Best Firewood Available in Washington, D.C.

There’s nowhere like Washington, D.C. It’s full of rich history that gives its residents a sense of pride. The pace of life is fast and the people are ambitious and competitive. Professionals in D.C. work hard and play hard, and we want to be there for you on every weeknight and weekend.

Speaking of rich history, people have gathered around fires for thousands of years. From the halls of kings to the small cabins on the American frontier, the fire has been a gathering place for people. Watching a great fire is like watching a great sunset - it's a beautiful thing of nature that helps us remember the important things in life.

What is the Best-Smelling firewood?

During the fall and winter months, we want to be your go-to service that makes sure your fireplace has a roaring flame to keep your home warm and inviting. When the weather heats up, we’re here to fuel your outdoor fire pits, barbecues, and cookouts with the best firewood and cooking wood available in Washington, D.C. But you might be wondering what exactly sets luxury firewood apart from any other firewood. The secret is in the kiln.

Kiln Dried Firewood in Washington, D.C. & Northern Virginia

Here at Cutting Edge Firewood, we believe that great fires lead to great memories. Our story started out of frustration - it seemed like nobody had great firewood. You could go to the grocery store or hardware store and come home with a small bag of inconsistent quality wood. You could call the guy down the street who would dump a load of dirty, moldy wood from his backyard into your driveway and then stack it yourself. You could wander around your backyard looking for sticks that had fallen and dried up some.

But none of those options produced great fires or fireside experiences. They were smoky, smelly, and frankly, a lot of work to get going.

We developed a rigorous kiln dry process - our firewood goes into the kiln for 12 times longer than the USDA standard. That means, when the wood arrives at your home , it’s easy to light and free of bugs, fungus and other contaminants. It also means less smoke will fill your home and you will enjoy a better fire burning experience.

Finally, we hand select each piece of firewood that comes out of the kiln, ensuring you only receive the best looking firewood. We place the firewood into our boxes or racks, and then deliver it to your home! We take the mess and stress out of sourcing firewood, allowing you to focus on the important things in life and enjoy a great fire whenever you wish.

How Kiln Dried Firewood Arrives to your Washington, D.C. Home

For most Washington D.C. customers, our firewood box will be the best choice. We can deliver them straight to your door - they're easy to manage and have everything you need for 2-4 amazing fires.

Boxes can safely be stored inside - they have no bugs or mold in them! You can learn more about what's in each box, or place an order by choosing any of our options below.

Shop Washington, DC Firewood

If you really love fires, however, then go all out and choose one of our Ultimate Delivery Packages. Each of them offer great value and complimentary shipping. For most households, this package contains more than enough wood for an entire season. If you have questions about how much firewood you need, then feel free to contact us.

Firewood Accessories and More for Washington D.C.

We're not just passionate about great firewood - we want every aspect of your fireside experience to be memorable. That's why we offer an extensive collection of premium firewood accessories.

We also offer beautiful display racks. Each rack is built to be sturdy and last a lifetime. They look great and provide your firewood a safe place to live. Customers use these racks inside and outside. If you order a rack with one of our ultimate shipping packages, then we'll provide complimentary shipping on the rack as well!

Start Your Best Fire

Are you ready to enjoy the best fire of your life? Then order today! We'd love to deliver our firewood to your home or place of work. Our firewood boxes also make great gifts! You can view all of our products on our Shop page, or add any of the products above to your cart to get started.

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