The story behind Cutting Edge Firewood

Born and raised in a small rural suburb of Chattanooga, TN, Leroy Hite knew firewood and hard work from an early age. When he wasn’t tending to the family garden he was helping maintain the acre of land that they lived on and managing the woodpile.

Firewood is deeply ingrained in him; Leroy recalls splitting his first tree by hand with just a wedge and hammer after a massive Hickory Tree fell in his family’s yard when he was just eleven years old. Growing up he had a love for building the perfect fire and firewood throughout his adolescent years.

But as an adult, Leroy grew frustrated. As much as he loved great fires, he couldn’t seem to find great firewood anywhere.

Believe us, he had looked. Leroy even started his first firewood business as part of a project in college. He did a lot of research, but no one offered top quality firewood.

You could go to the grocery store or hardware store and come home with a small bag of inconsistent quality wood. You could call the guy down the street who would dump a load of dirty, moldy wood from his backyard into your driveway and then stack it yourself. You could wander around your backyard looking for sticks that had fallen and dried up some.

But none of those options produced great fires or fireside experiences. They were smoky, smelly, and frankly, a lot of work to get going.

Leroy knew there had to be a better way. And thus, Cutting Edge Firewood was born.

Our business started with two goals:

  1. Provide unparalleled customer service and deliveries.
  2. Provide the best firewood available. Period.

Leroy spent months searching for and finding the right suppliers. Our team has worked with them to ensure they consistently meet our high standards. In order to maintain unmatched quality, all of our firewood undergoes the most rigorous drying process in the industry: each piece is conditioned for 48 hours inside 250 degree heat. Finally, we hand select each piece of firewood to ensure you only receive the best.

With a Cutting Edge Fire, you’ll notice the difference before you even strike your first match. We offer a wide variety of wood species and specialty sizes, and all of our wood is…

  • Beautiful and clean to display
  • Easier to Light (just a single match)
  • Burns hotter and longer
  • Creates less smoke
  • Smells great
  • Is pest, mold, and fungus free
We then deliver your premium firewood in racks or boxes, making the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

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So, if you’re tired of using lots of matches and newspaper, only to inhale lots of smoke and watch damp wood smolder in your fire pit, then try the Cutting Edge Firewood experience today. It is not one that you will likely forget.

And of course, if you spend enough time around the fire you will eventually get hungry. We’ve got you covered there, we also specialize in the best firewood for cooking available. Great flavor comes from great ingredients, and it starts with your fuel source!

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Cutting Edge Firewood provides the best firewood available. Period. Ultra premium Cutting Edge Kiln Dried Firewood. Lights easily, burns brighter and longer, with less smoke. Our delivery artisans deliver perfectly stacked firewood to the location of your choice. With our products and expertise, you’ll have the best fire experience. Period.
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