Kiln Dried Firewood In Philadelphia

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There’s something about sitting in front of a fire in your Philadelphia home with loved ones and friends that inspires you to share confidences, tell stories, revel in intimacy. That experience can go awry, though, if your friends are coughing and choking because the seasoned wood in your fireplace has filled the room with smoke.

Here at Cutting Edge Firewood, we believe that great fires lead to great memories. Our story started out of frustration - it seemed like nobody had great firewood. You could go to the grocery store or hardware store and come home with a small bag of inconsistent quality wood. You could call the guy down the street who would dump a load of dirty, moldy wood from his backyard into your driveway and then stack it yourself. You could wander around your backyard looking for sticks that had fallen and dried up some.

But none of those options produced great fires or fireside experiences. They were smoky, smelly, and frankly, a lot of work to get going.

Instead, we developed a rigorous kiln drying process for our firewood. Our wood is heated to 250 degrees for 48 hours, killing any bugs, mold, or fungus. It comes out clean and dry - it’s as close to perfect as we can possibly make it. We then hand select each piece of wood, choosing only the best before placing them inside our boxes or racks and delivering them to your door in Philadelphia.

Cutting Edge Firewood takes the mess and stress out of obtaining firewood. We remove every barrier, making great fireside experiences easier than ever before.

Philadelphia, History, and Firewood

When you live in Philadelphia, history is all around you, from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell Center to the row houses of Society Hill and Mutter Museum’s medical curiosities. Philadelphia, though, is a thoroughly modern place. More than 1,500,000 residents call Philly home, and no fewer than five Fortune 1000 companies are headquartered here. The City of Brotherly Love is also one of the largest health education and biotechnology hubs in the country.

In the same way, every time you start a fire, you're connected with the history of our past. For thousands of years, people have gathered around fires to connect, share stories, and grow. Just because it's a historic tradition, however, doesn't mean we shouldn't give it a modern approach.

Cutting Edge Firewood is redefining the way we think about firewood. We've made it easier for you to source, we promise consistently high quality, and we've removed the moisture for a more pleasing experience.

How Kiln Dried Firewood Arrives to your Philadelphia Home

For most Philadelphia customers, our firewood box will be the best choice. We can deliver them straight to your door - they're easy to manage and have everything you need for 2-4 amazing fires.

Boxes can safely be stored inside - they have no bugs or mold in them! You can learn more about what's in each box, or place an order by choosing any of our options below.

If you really love fires, however, then go all out and choose one of our Ultimate Delivery Packages. Each of them offer great value and complimentary shipping. For most households, this package contains more than enough wood for an entire season. If you have questions about how much firewood you need, then feel free to contact us.

The Health Benefits of Fire

The thing about wintertime in Philadelphia is that you never know when it’s going to hit. One moment, the weather can be relatively mild with temperatures in the low 40s; the next, there’s a raging snowstorm. This element of surprise makes it important to have a supply of firewood on hand so that on a chilly night, you and your loved ones can unwind next to the fireplace.

Relaxing around a fire at the end of a stressful day has quantifiable health benefits. Scientists have found that dreaming in front of a fire can reduce your blood pressure by as much as 5 percent. Flames in a fireplace may also help people whose wintertime blues are related to light deprivation. Kiln-dried firewood creates hotter, brighter flames with minimal smoke. Cutting Edge Firewood makes it easy to get premium firewood Philadelphia; all you have to do is put in an order, and we’ll deliver high-quality hickory, oak or cherry wood straight to your home in Philadelphia.

Kiln Dried Firewood Philadelphia

Sure, you can buy firewood from a roadside vendor, or a supermarket or big box store. But the firewood you buy from a vendor is likely to be poorly dried, which means when you burn it, the fire is likely to be very smoky; because the drying process is so cursory, roadside firewood may also be infested with insects or mold. Firewood bought from a supermarket or a big box store can have inconsistent quality, and it’s often too moist to burn optimally.

30" Tripod Steel Firewood Rack

The secret behind Cutting Edge Firewood’s high quality is our kiln-heating process. The United States Department of Agriculture only requires firewood to be conditioned for four hours, but at Cutting Edge Firewood, we dry our firewood at high temperatures for a full 48 hours to make absolutely certain it’s free of pests and fungi. That’s the reason why our firewood burns more cleanly and for a longer time than any other available firewood.

The Right Wood for Your Fireplace or Wood-Burning Stove

Hardwoods such as hickory, oak and cherry burn longer and cleaner than softwoods like cedar, cypress or pine. BTUs (British Thermal Units) are the standard metric used to measure the amount of heat energy that’s present in any given substance.

Hardwoods have a higher BTU than softwoods, so they have a higher energy content, which means each load will produce more heat and longer lasting coal beds. Additionally, when you burn softwoods in your fireplace or wood-burning stove, you create more creosote, and that creosote can become a fire hazard when it builds up inside your chimney. Cutting Edge Firewood sells high-quality oak, cherry wood and hickory.

Firewood in Philadelphia

Firewood length is very important, too. Using a piece of firewood that’s even slightly too long for your stove or fireplace can make stoking your fire extremely difficult. Most fireplaces and stoves work best with firewood that’s cut into pieces between 14 and 16 inches long.

Cutting Edge Firewood sells kiln dried firewood in Philadelphia in an assortment of sizes:

Kindling: Short and thin lengths of wood that are used to start a fire

Chiminea: An assortment of firewood between 4 and 14 inches in length that’s great for small wood-burning stoves and fireplaces

Standard Cut: 16 inches

24-inch Longer Length Cut: Perfect for larger fireplaces and fire pits

30-inch Longer Length Cut: Use this for oversized fireplaces and fire pits

Extended Burn Cut: Three to four times thicker than our standard-sized firewood. Best used in conjunction with standard-sized pieces because can be difficult to light.

To see all the firewood products and accessories we have available for delivery to Philadelphia, you can visit our shop page. We love serving our customers and look forward to giving you a memorable experience!

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