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Kiln Dried Firewood in Lake Burton, GA

Do you live on or near Lake Burton, Georgia? Located in Rabun County, it's one of the half-dozen lakes of the Tallulah River Watershed. Everything about Lake Burton is gorgeous, so make sure if you decide to build a fire, you get to experience a gorgeous one!

As a Lake Burton resident, you should take advantage of Cutting Edge Firewood's Artisanal Delivery Service to stock up on premium kiln dried firewood. We deliver the best firewood available, and offer unparalleled customer service.

Premier Firewood Delivery Service

Available to all residents in the Greater Metro Atlanta -- as well as other select cities in the Southeast -- our delivery service takes the burden of sourcing high-quality firewood off your shoulders. Not only do we deliver the firewood, we also stack it wherever you wish. Upstairs, downstairs, inside or outside - we will take the mess and stress out of obtaining quality firewood.

And yes, our delivery service is complimentary to all Lake Burton homes!

The story of Lake Burton, GA

Lake Burton is a reservoir lake owned and used by the Georgia Power Company to produce electricity, which it supplies to customers throughout the Greater Metro Atlanta area. The lake itself has origins dating back to 1919. During this year, the concrete dam was finished and the lake was filled was water. In the years to follow, homes and businesses were constructed around the newly formed lake. Using hydroelectric generators, the dam now produces about 6,120 kilowatts of energy.

Lake Burton receives its namesake from the town of Burton. The town of Burton resided at the base of the lake prior to the lake's construction. It wasn't a particularly large town - census reports show that just 200 people lived in the town of Burton.

Now, however, Lake Burton is a premier getaway for people looking to enjoy the natural beauty of the lake and mountains. Lovely homes and docks surround the lake, with people enjoying the peace and fun available to them.

Whether you spend the day fishing, skiing, wakeboarding, or swimming, one great way to end the day and disconnect from the busyness of life is to gather around the fire. It helps us relax and enjoy the people we're spending time with. Great fires are perfect to enjoy with the lake as a scenic backdrop.

Speaking of scenic views, the lake's elevation is approximately 1,866 feet. With such a high elevation, Lake Burton has a uniquely beautiful landscape that's characterized by mountainous and densely forested terrain.

Kiln-Dried Firewood
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Can I Use Locally Gathered Firewood to Heat My Lake Burton, GA Home?

Considering that Lake Burton's 62 miles of shoreline are blanketed with trees, you may feel compelled to gather and use local firewood. While locally gathered firewood may light, as well as burn, you may encounter several problems when using it to heat your Lake Burton home. Locally gathered firewood almost always has a high moisture content. It's not uncommon for locally gathered wood to contain up to half its weight in water. All this water inhibits the wood's combustion process, meaning it produces more emissions and less heat.

Burning locally gathered firewood in your Lake Burton home's fireplace can lead to creosote buildup. The presence of excess moisture trapped inside the wood results in the production of more soot-filled smoke. Building a single fire with locally sourced firewood probably won't cause any noticeable amount of creosote to accumulate inside your chimney. If you continue using it in your fireplace, though, locally sourced firewood may lead to a dangerous buildup of creosote.

Firewood Experience

While you may think seasoned firewood is a better solution, the quality is inconsistent at best. It will still contain moisture, plus it will have bugs, mold and fungus on it.

Why Kiln Dried Firewood from Cutting Edge Offers the Best Performance

You can avoid the aforementioned problems by using kiln dried firewood with which to heat your Lake Burton home. Kiln dried firewood often comes from the same species of tree that are found around Lake Burton, such as oak, cherry and hickory. The difference is that kiln dried firewood undergoes a processing technique in which moisture is extracted from its pores. When firewood is kiln dried, it's placed inside an oven-like drying kiln.

Here at Cutting Edge Firewood, our kiln dried firewood is conditioned for 48 hours, which is 12 times longer than the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) standard. Not only does this provide a superior level of heat; it also eliminates the possibility for mold and pests. If you're going to build fires in your Lake Burton home, there's no substitution for Cutting Edge Firewood's kiln dried firewood. It produces more heat and fewer emissions. Furthermore, you can rest assured knowing that kiln dried firewood doesn't contain mold or pests.

Don't just take our word for it, check out some of our reviews below:

But don't take our word for it, check out some of our reviews:

Do I Need Kiln Dried Firewood in a Fire Pit?

Enjoying a great fire at the lake isn't just about building a fire when you're inside. As we said before, the scenic beauty of Lake Burton makes it the perfect place to enjoy a gorgeous fire.

No one does gorgeous fires quite like Cutting Edge Firewood!

Many people think that, because they don't have to worry about creosote build-up, they can burn anything in their fire pit. This is kind of like saying Lake Burton is the same as a polluted pond near Atlanta. Yes, they're both bodies of water and they may be called lakes, but they do not provide the same experience.

When you build a fire in the outdoors, there are several important benefits to using Cutting Edge Firewood in your fire pit:

  • The fire is much easier to light - you'll only need one match to get the fire started.
  • The firewood produces less smoke - no one wants to have their relaxing evening at the lake interrupted by billows of dark smoke coming from their fire pit.
  • You'll smell better - did you know that the moisture in wood is what causes that smokey smell to stick to you around the fire pit? Because our wood has such a low moisture content, the smokey smell doesn't stick.
  • Brighter, hotter flames - Lake Burton deserves a beautiful fire, and Cutting Edge Firewood can make it happen.
  • It's better for making s'mores!

We also Deliver Top Quality Cooking Wood or Smoking Chunks

If you enjoy grilling or hosting barbecues on Lake Burton, you should consider using high-quality cooking wood logs, wood chunks for smoking, or cooking splits. The best flavors come from the best ingredients, and your fuel source is one of the most important ingredients!

backyard bbq

When used for barbecuing, premium cooking wood will inject your food with flavorful compounds that will get people talking. Our cooking wood is used by chefs and celebrities, they love it because they know it is the best!

If you're looking to cook pizzas inside a wood fired oven, you should know that we even offer special pizza cut firewood. We partnered with professional pizza chefs to create the perfect cut for cooking pizzas at the right temperature.

And of course, all our cooking wood is just as clean as our firewood. You can feel good about cooking over a clean fire with no mold, fungus, or bug flavor being cooked into your food!

Beyond Firewood

Here at Cutting Edge Firewood, we're all about the total experience around the fire. Not only do we deliver the best firewood available to Lake Burton, but we can also deliver tools and accessories to make your time truly memorable.

Our fire starters enable you to light every fire with a single match. Our Fire Pits come in a complete set that makes them easy and convenient to use, plus they're built to last a lifetime! We also can provide handcrafted designer tools like shovels, irons, or skewers for roasting marshmallows and hotdogs.

And if you're just after advice or want help with your fireside experience, our customer service team would love to talk with you!

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