Where Can I get Custom Length Firewood?

We work with many customers who are looking for custom length firewood. They may have a uniquely shaped fireplace or want to stack wood in a specific bookshelf. Maybe they need it for their grill or they have specific decorating goals.

Whatever the case, if you need custom length firewood then you have come to the right place. Cutting Edge Firewood offers the widest variety of standard lengths of firewood, plus we can cut firewood to specific dimensions to meet your needs.

In this article, we'll discuss the dimensions of standard firewood plus considerations for you if you want a more unique length of firewood.

What are the standard lengths of firewood?

Most firewood that is for sale, including the kind you find at a grocery store or local supplier, is typically about 16" in length. Depending on the supplier, however, those dimensions could be off by 1-2 inches. Here at Cutting Edge, we offer this 16" length of firewood and call it our standard cut. This fits most fireplaces just fine, but it's not for everyone.

What if you have an extremely large fireplace? What if you have an extremely small fireplace? What if you want to stack the firewood into a bookshelf that is only 14" deep?

If you have a very small fireplace, wood stove, or chiminea then we recommend our chiminea cut firewood. This is a special product where all the pieces are shorter, between 4" and 12" in length. We use the same amazing quality firewood that you would expect from Cutting Edge, but cut it into smaller pieces. It's still easy to light, burns hot and bright, and creates less smoke. It just does it with a cut that is small enough.

If you have a larger fireplace or fire pit, then we also have you covered. We offer both 24" length firewood and 30" length firewood. This firewood looks amazing in oversized fireplaces and gives an impressive look to your room decor. You can order firewood from us today - we ship nationwide and have an incredible local delivery service.

How can I get custom length Firewood?

If you need firewood cut to a specific length that is not listed above, then you can contact us here at Cutting Edge Firewood. We offer custom length firewood and have served customers who wanted 12" firewood, 14" firewood, 28" firewood, and everything in between!

This is the kind of customer service you can only find at Cutting Edge Firewood. We love great fires and that starts with unmatched firewood and unparalleled customer service.

The longest piece of custom length firewood we can offer is 30". If you need firewood longer than that, then we are very impressed with the size of your fireplace and would love to hear about it!

If you need firewood cut to a specific length, then please contact us and let us know the dimensions you're looking for.

How to determine the right dimensions

If you want to order custom length firewood, there are a few things to consider.

First, you need to know the length of the firewood you want to order. If you're looking to stack the firewood in a specific place, then how long does the firewood need to be? Do you want the firewood to stick out? Do you want it set back some? Or would you like it flush with the edge of the bookshelf or rack or whatever it is you're filling?

Dimensions for custom length firewood

We also need to know how much firewood you need. It's not enough to know the length of the firewood, we need to know how high and how wide the space you want to fill is. For instance, if you have a cut out inside a brick wall, then we need to know how wide and tall it is so we can calculate how many pieces of firewood you will need.

Lastly, you need to consider how thick you want each piece of wood. Do you want the large uncut round pieces? Or would you prefer some thin, pizza cut pieces of firewood? Or do you simply want to stick with the standard size? Depending on the thickness of your wood, you can create a unique look and feel. Each unique cut of firewood also provides a different burning experience, with larger pieces lasting longer but needing more heat to light.

Other Considerations for Decorating with Firewood

If you want a custom length firewood for decorative purposes, then it is also important to consider the method used to dry your firewood.

Seasoned firewood, for instance, is not safe to store inside. It likely has bugs, mold, and fungus and is not ideal for decorations. It usually has a nasty odor as well, which you don't want in your home!

This is one of the many reasons we only provide ultra kiln dried firewood. We place every piece of firewood through a kiln that is 250 degrees for 48 hours. This drastically reduces the moisture content, providing a better fireside experience in every way. It also means there are no bugs, mold, or fungus inside our wood. It's clean!

Make sure you choose a wood that is safe to store inside, you don't want to regret decorating your home with the wrong type of firewood. Choose Cutting Edge Firewood!

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Leroy Hite is the founder and CEO of Cutting Edge Firewood, an ultra-premium firewood and cooking wood company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Leroy's mission is to give people the experience of the perfect fire because some of life’s best memories are made in the warmth of a fire’s glow. He founded Cutting Edge Firewood in 2013 with a goal to provide unmatched quality wood and unparalleled customer service nationwide. The company offers premium kiln-dried firewood, cooking wood, and pizza wood in a wide variety of species and cuts to customers around the country.