The Ultimate Summer Fireside Playlist: 10 Songs You Should Add to Your Queue

When you’re sitting around your fire pit, enjoying another warm summer evening with family and friends, one of the best ways to set the mood is with music.

Maybe you play the guitar yourself, and you’re looking for a batch of new songs to cover. Or maybe you have no business playing a guitar, and you're just trying to put together a playlist on your phone.

Here are a few summer time songs that can truly complement the crackling of the firewood for sale as it burns in your fire pit:

“Take Me Home, Country Roads,” by John Denver

This wistful country song will always get you in the mood for a relaxing night around the fire pit with your friends and family. Plus, if you want to play it on your own guitar, it’s easy to find the chords online.

“Carolina In My Mind,” by James Taylor

This is another song that will inevitably evoke nostalgic memories of the South--perfect for watching the sun go down on an August evening as you savor the last few weeks of August.

“Sweet Home Alabama,” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

With this upbeat family favorite, you’re sure to have everyone singing along. Even though you live in Georgia, not Alabama, this tune will get everyone in the spirit for a great night around the fire pit.

“American Pie,” by Don McLean

A favorite among adults and kids alike, this is another song that will have your friends and family singing along with the chorus. Plus, the song’s all-American themes are ideal for fireside parties around the 4th of July or Labor Day, especially if you’re using your fire pit to cook up traditional American comfort foods like hot dogs and s’mores.

“Cheeseburger in Paradise,” by Jimmy Buffett

This fun song will definitely set the tone if you’re grilling burgers over your fire pit. Regardless of whether or not you share Jimmy Buffett’s particular condiment and side dish preferences (“I like mine with lettuce and tomatoes, Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes!”), you’ll always be end up with a great patty when you use firewood for cooking. The smoke from this wood will impart a unique flavor to the meat--for instance, you’ll get a sweeter flavor with cherry wood and a more savory taste with pecan wood--and the delicious results will surely put your friends and family in the mood to clap along to”Cheeseburger in Paradise.”

“Tim McGraw,” by Taylor Swift

A slightly more contemporary option, this song comes from Taylor Swift’s mostly-country first album, and it tells the story of a romantic night between young lovers by a lake. The song’s nostalgic themes will evoke the sentimental feelings that you already get when you spend a night around the fire pit, enjoying the unmistakable aroma of kiln-dried firewood and the good company of the people you love.

“Rocky Mountain High,” by John Denver

Even though this song is technically about Colorado--far away from the Atlanta area, where you’ll be burning your firewood for sale--the imagery in the lyrics about “friends around the campfire” makes the song an essential addition to any fireside playlist. Plus, it’s another song with a relatively simple chord progression, which means that you may be able to play it yourself if you want!

“Bad Moon Rising,” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

This song can directly illustrate the progression of your night as you watch the sun go down and the moon come up as you sit around the fire pit. Because it is slightly uptempo, it can also lighten the mood around the fire pit so your guests won’t get sleepy from all the nostalgic country songs, and you’ll get to make the most of the long burn time of your kiln-dried firewood. With regular-sized firewood, you can expect the longest burn time from hickory wood. Oversized firewood will burn for even longer, with uncut rounds offering the maximum possible burn time for your longest get-togethers--when you’ll definitely need more than these 10 songs for your playlist!

“On Top of Old Smokey”

You can find lots of versions and renditions of this old American folk song--although the most popular one you can find online may be the 1951 version by The Weavers. This song will definitely bring you back to your youth, and it’s a fun one to sing if you’re trying to entertain kids around your fire pit.

“Long Nights,” by Eddie Vedder

This song, which is from the Into the Wild soundtrack, might well be described as traditional fireside strumming. It can be a good one to play as the night starts to wind down and your fire starts to burn lower. When it’s finally time to turn off the playlist, put away your guitar, and call it a night, don’t forget to place your steel cover over your fire pit. That way, you’ll be sure that none of the embers reignite while you’re dreaming of your next fireside get-together, the sounds of great fireside music still streaming through your mind.

Regardless of you musical preferences, Cutting Edge Firewood wants you to have a great time around the fire pit this summer. Visit our order page now to get everything you need!

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