Making Your Fire Pit a Part of Your Sophisticated Soiree

When many people think about a backyard fire pit, they think of a rustic addition to a relaxed, casual evening--not something that can play a fundamental role in a sophisticated, formal or semi-formal party. While it’s true that a backyard fire pit may make you harken back to your Boy Scout days around the campfire, it can actually also be used to heighten the level of sophistication of your next soiree. If you’re looking to host a fancier get together and impress your friends or colleagues, there are a variety of ways in which lighting a fire pit can help create the right atmosphere for the event, including the following:

Setting the Scene for a Sophisticated Evening

When some people think of a backyard fire pit, they think of a circle of rocks in the far corner of the yard, where the kids poke at smoldering logs on warm summer nights. In reality, today’s steel fire pits are a world away from that image. These steel, hand-welded pits provide an elliptical or hemispherical basin for the flame, supported by a three-legged, rounded, or flanged base. One look at a fire pit like this, and your guests will recognize the fire pit as a work of art in itself. The presence of a designer fire iron can also help set the scene for a sophisticated soiree. Like the fire pit, fire irons are made from heavy-duty steel, and they are available in unique designs that can reflect your personal style.

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Adding to the Atmosphere with an Appealing Aroma

Walking out onto your patio, another way guests will know they are attending a sophisticated soiree is the smell of the firewood for sale. Unlike store-bought or seasoned firewood, which are known for having a bad smell that is only acceptable at a campsite in the wilderness (and even then, not the ideal option), kiln-dried firewood creates a sweet, appealing fragrance that is far preferable to any air freshener you might otherwise use to perfume you sophisticated soiree. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the possibility that the firewood smell will negatively impact your guests’ clothes. Unlike store-bought and seasoned firewood, the smell of kiln-dried firewood doesn’t linger on clothing, so your guests won’t have to worry that the fancy outfits they wear to your party will be ruined because of the fire pit.

Allowing You to Cook High-Quality Fireside Food

Choose Kiln-Dried Cooking Wood

At a fancy party, you probably won’t be serving traditional fireside eats like hot dogs and s’mores, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be cooking over the fire pit. When you use cooking firewood to grill high-quality steaks, you will undoubtedly impress your guests with some of the best meats they have ever tasted. The flavor of firewood for cooking types like cherry firewood and hickory firewood infuse your meats with unique flavors, so the depth of their flavor goes far beyond whatever marinade you chose. For a sophisticated vegetarian option, you can also use roasting forks to cook up colorful kabobs with seasonal vegetables and even fruit. No matter what you put on your menu, your guests will surely wind up satisfied--and impressed--by their meal.

Offering the Opportunity to Celebrate with Cigars

Smoking a cigar is a traditional Southern way to celebrate a special occasion. For instance, maybe you are hosting our sophisticated soiree in recognition of a recent engagement, birth announcement, or job promotion. If so, an ideal way to end the night is to light up a cigar and sit back to enjoy it under the stars. When you do so, make sure you have Cutting Edge Firewood Cigar Matches on hand. These matches come in a glossy black box with the CEF logo emblazoned on either side in gold, so they offer a highly sophisticated alternative to your standard box of matches. Plus, they are long enough to light a cigar with a single match, so you won’t end up interfering with the classy atmosphere by spending too much time trying to get each cigar to light. With CEF cigar matches, you can smoothly light your cigars in a single stroke, enabling you to enjoy the moment and focus on whatever special occasion you’re celebrating.

Lighting Up the Night with the Fire

Your back porch light probably doesn’t lend itself to the creation of a sophisticated atmosphere, but more creative options--like stringing bright lights across your patio--can take hours, and you just might not have time to put in the effort. However, kiln-dried firewood (especially hickory) burns especially bright compared to other wood options. As a result, the fire burning in your pit can cast just the right amount of light to allow your guests to see well--without subjecting them to the harsh glow of the porch light. And even if you do have to turn on the porch light when it gets really dark, your guests will be focused on the glow of the embers in the fire pit, not the external lighting, thus preserving the integrity of your sophisticated soiree.

No matter what kind of backyard get-together you’re hosting, Cutting Edge Firewood has what you need to make it successful. Visit our order page now to find all of the necessary supplies! And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram to show us how much fun you’re having by the fire this summer!

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