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Kiln Dried Firewood Near Lake Wylie, South Carolina

Lake Wylie residents and tourists, we’ve got some great news for you: Cutting Edge Firewood is now delivering firewood for sale to your neck of the woods!

Located in York County on the border of North and South Carolina, Lake Wylie is a gorgeous, man-made lake with a surface area of over 13,400 acres and 325 miles of shoreline. It’s one of eleven lakes on the Catawba River and the oldest lake in the Catawba River basin.

Just a short drive away from Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill, SC, Lake Wylie is an ideal place to get away for a weekend or even the whole summer. And while you’re enjoying time with friends and family at the lake, why not cozy up around a fire using Cutting Edge’s world-class, kiln dried firewood?We can now offer our Artisanal Delivery Service to all Lake Wylie residents - and this service is complimentary!

But before we get into the particulars of why our firewood is by far the best in the area, first let’s explore the history of Lake Wylie.

Kiln-Dried Firewood

The History of Lake Wylie, South Carolina

The lake was first created in 1904 when the Catawba Power Company built the Catawba Dam and Power Plant in nearby India Hook, South Carolina. The dam impounded the Catawba River, so the lake was originally named Lake Catawba.

At the time of the dam’s construction, W. Gil Wylie was serving as the president of the Catawba Power Company. Originally a doctor and surgeon, later in life Wylie became interested in engineering and the process of converting water into electricity. In 1905 the Catawba Power Company became part of the Southern Power Company.

The Southern Power Company raised the level of the dam in 1924 and built the new Catawba Hydroelectric Station to replace the original. This new facility increased the surface area of Lake Catawba from 668 acres to a whopping 13,400 acres. The Southern Power Company later merged with Duke Power Company in 1927.

In October of 1960, the lake was renamed Lake Wylie in honor of W. Gil Wylie, one of the founders of the original Catawba Power Company that created the lake.

Today, Lake Wylie is a popular destination for the residents of nearby Charlotte, Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Gastonia, and more. Whether it’s fishing, boating, paddleboarding, or kayaking, Lake Wylie is the perfect place to relax and have fun with family and friends.

Speaking of relaxing—is there anything more delightful than spending time with your loved ones around a good fire? And whether it’s an indoor fireplace, outdoor fire pit, or cooking with wood on the grill, you won’t find anything better than firewood for sale

Why is Cutting Edge’s Kiln Dried Firewood the Best in Lake Wylie?

If you live around Lake Wylie or frequently travel there, you may be tempted to use green or seasoned wood in your fireplace or outdoor fire pit. But most people don’t realize that fallen wood is high in moisture, meaning the fire will be super smoky and likely lead to a build up of creosote in your fireplace (which over time can be extremely dangerous). Also, using seasoned wood could mean bringing mold or pests into your home.

Instead, for the best quality wood, fire, and customer service, try firewood for sale. So what exactly makes our wood so good?

For starters, all our firewood has gone through a rigorous kiln drying process. What does that mean, you ask? When firewood is kiln dried, it’s placed inside an oven-like drying kiln in which moisture is extracted from its pores. As a result, the wood is not only easier to light, it also burns cleaner, hotter, brighter, and with less smoke.No risk of mold or pests—just firewood for sale or firewood for cooking

If you have ever struggled to get a fire to start, if you’ve wondered why your fire was so smoky or so smelly, then it’s because you were not using quality wood. Cutting Edge Firewood is consistently the best, you won’t be disappointed.

In addition to our best-in-class firewood, folks love Cutting Edge because of our super-easy delivery process and remarkable customer service.

Kiln-Dried Firewood

How does the Firewood Delivery Process Work?

Cutting Edge Firewood makes regular deliveries to the Lake Wylie area, plus surrounding areas like Charlotte and Greenville!

The quickest way to receive firewood is by purchasing one of our boxes of kiln dried firewood, which gets delivered the very next business day to the Lake Wylie area. We offer hickory, cherry, and oak, in addition to a variety of cooking wood options. Each box comes with 4 Excelsior fire starters, 4 pieces of heart pine, several pieces of kindling, a box of cigar matches (you’ll only need one match for each fire), and enough wood for 2-4 fires. Since our boxes are easy to carry and ship quickly, it’s no wonder they’re one of our most popular delivery options.

Or, if you’re looking for the height of luxury and ease when it comes to firewood, check out our artisanal delivery service, a white-glove service that truly takes the work out of buying and re-stocking firewood. With this option, one of our Delivery Artisans will deliver our signature firewood rack with cover straight to your home. This gorgeous, air-brushed rack with high-quality canvas cover comes pre-stacked with enough wood for 15-25 fires. We can place the rack inside or outside, as long as we have a flat area. Once you’ve used all the firewood in the rack, you can place another order, and we’ll replace it with a new rack.Remember, this service is complimentary to all Lake Wylie residents!

Order Now for Complimentary Firewood Delivery to Lake Wylie

So whether you’re cooking for friends on the grill or making s’mores around the fire pit with the whole family, the next time you head up to Lake Wylie make sure to stock up on Cutting Edge’s legendary, kiln dried firewood.

To order today, visit our online store where you can view and purchase all of our products—or you can select from our customer favorites below. Keep scrolling to check out some of our reviews and see why people love Cutting Edge Firewood so much!

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