How a Backyard Fire Pit Can Beat a Traditional Summer Campfire

If you spent your youth going on camping trips with your family or Boy Scout troop, summertime can start to make you feel nostalgic about the traditional campfires that characterized these experiences. However, in today’s hectic world, you might not have the time (or resources) to pack up a tent and dedicate a week to a camping trip in the remote wilderness. However, instead of letting yourself get down in the dumps about this reality, you might want to consider a practical alternative: getting a backyard fire pit. Spending a night around a backyard fire pit is a simple way to replicate the traditional summer campfire experiences of your youth, which can help to ease your nostalgia.

Moreover, there are actually a lot of ways in which a fire pit in your backyard beatsa traditional campfire. You might not remember when you’re waxing nostalgic about the campfires of your childhood, but there are a lot of things about a traditional summer campfire that you probably don’t want to relive. Here are five ways that a backyard fire pit can beat a traditional summer campfire, enabling you to relive the glory days without having to deal with all the drawbacks.

  1. Your backyard fire pit doesn’t smell as bad as a traditional summer campfire.

On the camping trips of your youth, the firewood that was used for your campfire was probably either seasoned wood or store-bought wood--both of which are notorious for smelling bad. Even worse, the smoke sticks to your clothes, causing it to linger for long after the campfire was extinguished. Indeed, after you got home from your camping trip, you (or perhaps your parents) probably had to run your clothes through the washing machine multiple times before they were able to get the smell to go away. With firewood for sale, that’s not a concern. The high-quality firewood options you burn in a backyard fire pit, like hickory and oak, have a pleasant aroma, and you don’t have to worry that the smell will linger on your clothes and make them unwearable in other settings.

  1. In a backyard fire pit, you don’t have to contend with the creepy-crawlies.

Back in your younger days, when you went to the wood pile to retrieve a few logs for the fire pit, you probably found that some of the pieces of wood were crawling with bugs or infested with mold--never a pleasant experience. In contrast, when you have a backyard fire pit, the kiln-dried firewood you order will be guaranteed free from mold and insects. As long as you store your firewood properly (for instance, in a firewood rack), you’ll bugs and mold will never be a concern with a backyard fire pit.

  1. With a backyard fire pit, you’ll end up with better food.

When you’re camping in the wilderness, your options for food are inevitably limited. Usually, the best you’ll get is plain hot dogs and s’mores. Around a homemade fire pit, you can dress up these traditional foods with creative condiments and unique ingredients, or you can go gourmet and cook up veggie kebabs, steaks, or even pizza. Especially if you choose firewood for cooking, the wood you burn in your backyard fire pit will impart a distinctive flavor to whatever you are cooking, which will make it taste even better than what you were cooking around the campfire when you were young.

  1. You can get professional help starting your fire pit if you need it.

Your parents and camp counselors may have said they were fire-starting experts, but the reality is that they were probably just as inexperienced as you were--which means that a lot of your time around the fire pit was probably wasted trying to get it started. Now, if you’re a little out of practice, you can get truly professional instruction from the delivery artisans who bring your firewood to your door. Alternatively, if you don’t want to start the fire yourself, you can just schedule your appointment so they can start the fire at the beginning of your night, and you can sit back and watch it burn over the next few hours.

  1. It’s easy to bring your friends and family together in your backyard than on a camping trip.

Even if you could find time in your schedule to fit in a camping trip that would allow you to relive the campfire experiences of your youth, it’s not likely that your friends and family would be able to join you--and spending time in the company of the people you love is probably one of the thing you miss most about campfires during your childhood. Therefore, the chance to spend more time with your loved ones is another way in which a backyard fire pit can truly beat out a campfire in the wilderness.

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