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Firewood Delivery: Fort Worth, Texas

As the 13th largest city in the country, Fort Worth has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike. Known for that good ‘ole Texas hospitality and more than 12 districts of fun and culture, there’s always something to do and enjoy in this city.

Even better, the area experiences around 234 sunny days per year, which is much higher than the country’s average of 205. While summers are warm, the winters can be brisk, which is why so many homes have installed firepits or fireplaces to enjoy a warm glow on a cold winter night.

However, to fully enjoy your fire, you need quality wood. This is where firewood delivery in Fort Worth comes in. Cutting Edge Firewood is dedicated to delivering the highest quality wood to ensure every fire you build meets your high expectations.

Are you still unsure if using Fort Worth firewood delivery companies is right for you? If so, take some time to find out about the benefits this service offers.

Low Moisture Content

If you tried to cut and gather your own firewood, you would have something called green wood. This means the moisture content is still extremely high and that it won’t burn well. When you do attempt to burn the wood, it will likely smoke a lot, which can be frustrating, especially if you are trying to build a fire indoors.

With Cutting Edge Firewood, this is a non-issue. When you order from this company, you get kiln-dried firewood that has been dried in a high-temperature oven. This removes all the moisture in the wood; it also eliminates all the pests and fungus that may be lurking inside. With this firewood, you have the longest-lasting and cleanest burn possible for your fire.

Quality Wood that Meets High Expectations

Believe it or not, not all firewood is created equal. If you order from a different Fort Worth firewood delivery service, there’s no guarantee of what you will get. When you order from us, you can feel confident each piece of firewood being shipped to you is carefully inspected and bundled. By doing this, we can guarantee a high-quality burn with every fire you build.

There’s no other company or service that takes pride in their firewood and services like us. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure each customer is fully satisfied with the results achieved from their firewood delivery.

Making the Most of Your Firewood Delivery

Soft lighting on a cold winter day, campfire stories, s’mores – all these things are possible when you have quality firewood available. Both indoor and outdoor fires are amazing experiences that provide enjoyment and relaxation for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you rely on firewood to heat your home or just as a fun and relaxing evening activity; having quality firewood is a must – and that’s exactly what we deliver.

Our high-quality firewood will provide you with a clean, long-lasting burn that will shine brightly and provide an excellent source of warmth for everyone in your family. We are ready to deliver the firewood you want and need for a price you can afford. You can count on our team to make all your fire dreams come true.

Delivery to the Fort Worth Area

Did you know that you can order our high-quality firewood throughout the year? We will provide fast and convenient delivery to ensure that no matter when you want to enjoy a fire, you have access to high-quality wood that will provide you with a low-smoke, clean, long-lasting burn.

Don’t settle for second-rate delivery services. Our team has proven again and again that we offer the highest quality product and that you can count on us for high-quality wood options, regardless of how you plan to use them. Get in touch today to learn more about our wood options and why we are considered a premier provider of quality firewood in the Fort Worth area.

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Leroy Hite

Leroy Hite is the founder and CEO of Cutting Edge Firewood, an ultra-premium firewood and cooking wood company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Leroy's mission is to give people the experience of the perfect fire because some of life’s best memories are made in the warmth of a fire’s glow. He founded Cutting Edge Firewood in 2013 with a goal to provide unmatched quality wood and unparalleled customer service nationwide. The company offers premium kiln-dried firewood, cooking wood, and pizza wood in a wide variety of species and cuts to customers around the country.