9 Tips to Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space for the Spring Season

With spring right around the corner, you should use this opportunity to prepare your outdoor living space for the new season. As the weather becomes warmer and the days longer, you'll probably want to spend more time outdoors. To take full advantage of your outdoor living space during the spring season, though, you'll need to prepare it ahead of time.

#1) Clean the Leaves

Use a broom, rake or leaf blower to clean the leaves from your outdoor living space. Trees typically shed their leaves -- or needles, depending on the type of tree -- during fall and early winter. As a result, your outdoor living space will probably have a fair amount of dead and loose foliage. By cleaning the leaves, you'll create a cleaner outdoor living space that's ready for the upcoming spring season. Just remember to properly dispose of the leaves rather than leaving them piled up in your yard.

#2) Inspect for Loose Nails

Assuming your outdoor living space has wood flooring, such as a deck, you should inspect it for loose nails. It's not uncommon for nails to work their way out of wood planks. As wood planks contracts and expands due to thermal changes, nails will gradually work their way out. They may not come all the way out. Rather, most nails will only protrude partially out of the wood plank in which they are used. Even if a nail is only partially sticking out of a wood plank, though, it can still create a tripping hazard for you and your family members. If you discover any loose nails such as this, use a hammer to drive them back into the wood planks.

#3) Clean Your Grill or Smoker

If you own a grill or smoker, you should clean it in preparation of spring. Grills and smokers will accumulate dirt when not used for an extended period. And if your grill or smoker is dirty, you won't be able to use it. Regardless of which type of outdoor cooking device you own, you should clean it. Start by scooping out any remaining ash, after which you can use warm water and dish soap to scrub the exterior. When finished, dry your grill or smoker with a washcloth or some paper towels.

#4) Plant Trees

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to plant a few trees around your outdoor living space. Trees will improve the aesthetics of your outdoor living space while also offering cost-savings benefits in the form of lower cooling costs. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, few a few strategically planted trees can lower a home's cooling costs by as much as 25%. Once fully grown, trees will create shade that covers your home and protects it from the sun's otherwise hot solar rays. Whether they are coniferous and deciduous, trees are an invaluable element to an outdoor living space that shouldn't be ignored.

#5) Adjust Seating

You'll probably want to sit and relax outdoors this spring season. Of course, this means you'll need to include seating in your outdoor living space's design. So, where should you place the seating? A good rule of thumb is to position seating around your outdoor living space's focal point. A fire pit or outdoor fireplace, for example, will act as a natural focal point. Therefore, you can position seating around the fire pit or outdoor fireplace. With the seating positioned around the focal point, your outdoor living space will have a more cohesive and enjoyable design.

Here are some different seating ideas to consider for outdoor living space:

  • Plastic chairs
  • Cast iron chairs
  • Benches
  • Stools
  • Hammocks
  • Wicker chairs
  • Chaise lounge chairs
  • Adirondack chairs

#6) Install Lighting

If your outdoor living space is poorly lit, you may struggle to use it during the nighttime hours. A fire pit or outdoor fireplace can certainly help to illuminate your outdoor living space, but it's still a good idea to have some form of artificial lighting. You don't have to necessarily install a traditional overhead fixture, but you should add some form of supplemental and artificial lighting to your outdoor living space. As shown below, string lights offer a stylish alternative to overhead fixtures. You can run them across the roof or canopy of your outdoor living space for added illumination as well as aesthetics.

Along with string lights, wall sconces offer a stylish alternative to overhead fixtures. Wall sconces are characterized by their wall-mounted method of installation. They are mounted to the wall during installation where they project light upwards. Other types of lighting to consider using in your outdoor living space include track lighting, lamps, floor lights and bollard lights. With the extra illumination, you can enjoy your outdoor living space long after the sun goes down.

#7) Upgrade the Furniture

You should consider upgrading your outdoor living space's furniture in preparation of the spring season. No piece of outdoor furniture lasts forever. Whether it's a chair, bench, table or any other piece of outdoor furniture, it will degrade over time. If a piece of outdoor furniture has become physically worn to the point where it's no longer functional or attractive, you should replace it. Upgrading worn furniture with new pieces will improve the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor living space, allowing you to take full advantage of this space during the spring season and beyond.

#8) Purchase Firewood

There's no better time than the beginning of spring to stock up on firewood. Without an adequate supply of firewood, you won't be able to build fires this spring season. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces require the use of high-quality firewood. You shouldn't burn just any piece of wood you find lying around your property. Unless it's dry, it will produce lots of thick and unpleasant smoke when burned.

So, what's the best type of firewood to use in your outdoor living space? You can't go wrong with a hardwood variety of kiln dried firewood. Hardwood is denser than softwood, making it ideal for firewood. It contains more organic matter, which means more "stuff" for the fire burn. Kiln dried hardwood is the all-around best type of firewood for an outdoor living space. During the kiln drying process, wood is baked in a commercial oven to lower its moisture content. The end result is exceptionally high-quality firewood that's easy to light, burns clean and produces lots of heat.

#9) Add an Area Rug

Finally, consider adding an area rug to your outdoor living space. An area rug helps to define your outdoor living space by introducing new colors and patterns into its design. At the same time, it will protect the underlying flooring from premature wear and tear. With that said, you need to choose an area rug that's designed specifically for outdoor usage. An indoor area rug won't work because, unlike outdoor area rugs, they aren't water-resistant. Outdoor area rugs are made of water-resistant materials, such as polypropylene, that can withstand rain and humidity.

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