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Hickory Firewood Box


Hickory is our best seller, and for good reason. Kiln dried hickory firewood burns hotter and longer than any other firewood we offer. The signature aroma and crackle bring back positive memories from childhood and make it a customer favorite. Enthusiasts and casual burners alike have something to love.

This box of hickory firewood includes everything you need for 2-4 amazing fireside experiences, including fire starters, kindling, matches, and firewood. See full details below.


Love the kiln dried firewood! Got hickory and it burns for hours. I don’t have to constantly maintain the beautiful fire, it does it on it’s own. I definitely recommend this firewood for a beautiful long fire that will make great memories. I live in Missouri and they will ship the wood to you!
16:23 28 Dec 19
Great folks with great firewood and incredible customer service. Firewood is truly dry and clean. Lights easy, burns well. We’ve tried the hickory and the cherry and both are excellent options! Packaging/rack is very sharp and a nice display on your deck/porch. Buy Cutting Edge Firewood, you won’t regret it!
Steve Terjung
Steve Terjung
18:31 01 Dec 19
I can't overstate how great the experience is buying from Cutting Edge Firewood. Great customer service, white glove delivery, and above all a superior product. This is our second season using their kiln dried hickory. It really does burn brighter, longer, and cleaner than any seasoned wood I've used before. Much less smoke. Worth every penny.
Russell Miller
Russell Miller
18:36 12 Oct 19
We've ordered kiln-dried firewood for years from companies around Atlanta. No one compares to Cutting Edge. First, the wood is perfectly cured & burns without popping. You can select the exact variety of wood you want, and the hickory smells incredible! They offer a monthly re-stock rack that simplifies having to haul wood yourself. But what sets CEF apart is their customer service. It's like you're dealing with family - REAL people who are thoughtful, caring & professional. I wish more vendors took notes on how Cutting Edge operates. They even send thank-you notes! Southern manners, top-notch product - no one compares!
Samantha Davenport
Samantha Davenport
14:15 19 Nov 18
I am passionate about good fires when relaxing around our fire pit with friends. I recently had a bad batch of hardwood and wanted to was smoking, wouldn't burn and made for a terrible evening. It was the first fire pit of the season and I feared we were doomed with terrible wood. I mentioned to my fiance that there had to be a solution for top quality firewood and he mentioned he had met the owner of Cutting Edge Firewood and that we should check it out. I drove as fast as I could the next day to their showroom in Norcross to see their wood and pick up a sample box of hickory. Wow! The wood burned fast, hot, bright with zero smoke. They provided fire starter, kindling etc. and we had the best fire pit night with 10 friends. I only wish I had bought more as it burned much faster than I expected. I highly recommend anyone who wants drama free firewood that burns consistently and evenly to give Cutting Edge a try. You WON'T be disappointed!
Lori Huster
Lori Huster
23:00 26 Oct 18
Awesome smoking wood. Love the hickory, pecan, and cherry.
19:58 22 Oct 18
Best firewood ever! Got the 24 inch hickory and pizza cut wood, along with 4x4 and 2x4 racks. Got home from work and everything had been delivered and set up perfectly! Fantastic product and service!
Kelly Miles
Kelly Miles
18:46 25 Aug 18
Who knew?! I stopped by for some wood for grilling beef as I find most commercially available lump has too much hickory and couldn't be more impressed, both with the operation and the product. These guys are redefining the quality of firewood. Fast lighting and very clean burning, with consistency you don't get from random craigslist deliveries. They also had some great starters, fire pits, and kamado style grills, but the focus and energy is definitely on the quality of their product.
David Stephens
David Stephens
13:09 19 Jul 18
What an incredible buying experience! Customer service to the next level! Ordering was super easy. Delivery was top notch and the wood is insane! So pumped to be burning the cherry and hickory in our ole hickory pit! Thanks again Leroy & crew!
Ryan Lane
Ryan Lane
12:55 15 Jul 18

The Story Behind our Hickory Firewood:

Hickory is a dense and heavy hardwood that is perfect for memorable fireside experiences.  The density means it will burn longer than other hardwoods, which means you’ll spend less time feeding the fire and more time enjoying it.

And there is a lot here to enjoy. Hickory’s classic crackle sound and hot burning properties make it perfect for cold nights with your friends and family gathered around the fire pit. If you’re looking for a great aroma, the smell of burning hickory is one of the best. Since our firewood undergoes such a rigorous drying process, you’ll never smell mold or must mixed in with your fire. You and your guests will simply enjoy the pure aroma of hickory.

Hickory is also a popular cooking wood. It provides a bold and distinct flavor to any of your favorite foods. Our cooking chunks are perfect for backyard smokers or grills, and our cooking wood is great for full sized smokers or cooking over an open fire. If you grill or smoke food over hickory for others, be prepared for them to ask, “why does your food tastes so good? What makes this different?”

There are over 12 different species of hickory firewood, and all of them are great for fires. We work with our suppliers to choose the best pieces and cuts of hickory. Our wood is sourced local to the the kiln, so that it undergoes our rigorous drying process while still fresh. This ensures that our wood has not started decomposing and is still hard hand dense.

The hickory firewood is delivered to our warehouse where our team hand selects each piece to ensure it meets our quality standards and is then placed on a rack or inside a box, ready to be delivered to our customers.

Depending on your location, we then deliver or ship the hickory firewood to your home. If you’re in a local delivery area, our delivery artisans can place the rack of firewood anywhere you choose. They’ll even stack it into an existing rack if you choose.

Hickory firewood from Cutting Edge is perfect for display as well. It has a clean appearance and provides a fresh aroma year round. Because it is pest, mold, and fungus free you can feel good about storing it inside. Keep it close to the fireplace so you’ll be ready to start a fire when cold weather hits or you simply want to enjoy the crackle and look of a premium fire.

What’s in the box?

This box hickory of firewood includes everything you need for 2-4 amazing fireside experiences. Specifications include

  • Our 16″ standard cut firewood
  • 4 excelsior fire starters and 4 pieces of heart pine
  • 8 pieces of hickory kindling
  • The hickory firewood box is 19″ x 13.5″ x 14.5″ and weighs about 50 pounds
  • Same day or next business day delivery available (in certain regions) when selected at check out
  • Subscriptions are available for added convenience.

Why choose a box?

Although smaller than a rack of hickory, boxes of hickory are a popular way to receive firewood. Here are a few reasons boxes might be right for you:

  • You love the convenience of having everything you need in one box.
  • You can easily take a box with you on a camping trip, to the beach, or to the lake.
  • Boxes make great gifts.
  • You want to try a variety of products before choosing an entire rack.
  • You have less storage space and don’t want an entire rack. Boxes are great for townhomes or condos with fireplaces!
  • You have multiple fire areas and want the convenience of a box to carry firewood to tonight’s fire area.
  • Boxes are easier to ship across the country.

Love Fires? Try our Exclusive Subscriptions

Did you know that subscriptions are available for our hickory firewood? It’s the most convenient way to keep your fire experiences going, and it offers substantial savings for local delivery customers. Subscriptions require a short, 3 month commitment and come with plenty of great fire experiences.

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