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While pellet grills, microwaves, electric ovens, and gas grills may be quicker and more convenient, they can’t compare to the incredible flavor that comes from cooking with wood.

If you’re looking to reconnect with countless generations of cooks, impress your friends and neighbors with your grilling skills, or just make delicious food for your own plate, then you’re in luck. We’ve brought together a number of resources that will help beginners and experts alike improve their skills and become backyard BBQ masters.

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Smoking Chunks

Experience unbelievable smoke flavor with our premium grilling and smoking chunks. Ideal for use with small grills and smokers, including ceramic and kettle-style grills


Cooking Wood Splits

Our 8” cooking wood splits are the perfect size for most popular smokers and grills. They light up fast and create that delicious flavor we are known for.

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Cooking Wood Logs

Our 16” cooking wood logs are bigger and burn longer with that same delicious flavor. They are the perfect ingredient for large smokers and grills or longer cooks.



Ready to Start Cooking with Wood?

If you truly want to be a backyard legend and cook the best food around, then you need to start with the best wood available. You wouldn’t settle for low quality ingredients, and your fuel source is just as important for cooking food to the perfect temperature, consistency, and flavor!

Fortunately, Cutting Edge Firewood has you covered. We deliver the best cooking wood available. Each piece is hand selected and our chunks and splits are hand cut to the perfect size.

We also make receiving the cooking wood easier than ever before – we ship nationwide! We offer complimentary delivery on most cooking wood products, so try some out today!