We’ve been faithfully delivering ultra-premium, kiln dried firewood to the Greater Atlanta Area for 5 years. Today, we’re known throughout the city and the surrounding suburbs as the best firewood source because of our speedy service, friendly delivery artisans and product quality. Atlanta will always be our home, but we’re ready to grow.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be selling luxury firewood to the Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland and D.C. Metro areas. Interested in firewood in Washington D.C.? Click the button below to see online purchasing options for your area. 

Firewood Washington, D.C. For Sale

There’s nowhere like Washington, D.C. It’s full of rich history that gives its residents a sense of pride. The pace of life is fast and the people are ambitious and competitive. Professionals in D.C. work hard and play hard, and we want to be there for you on every weeknight and weekend.

During the fall and winter months, we want to be your go-to service that makes sure your fireplace has a roaring flame to keep your home warm and inviting. When the weather heats up, we’re here to fuel your barbecues and cookouts with the best cooking firewood available in Washington, D.C. But you might be wondering what exactly sets luxury firewood apart from any other firewood. The secret is in the kiln.

Kiln Dried Firewood in Washington, D.C. & Northern Virginia

We kiln dry our firewood 12 times longer than the USDA standard, so when the wood arrives at your home via our artisan delivery service, it’s easy to light and free of bugs, fungus and other contaminants. This means less smoke filling your home and an overall better fire burning experience. But it doesn’t end there, our Delivery Artisans also hand deliver your firewood order (no matter how large) and neatly stack it wherever you need. You can also opt in to our Fire Butler service and have our staff personally light and maintain your fire for you, which is especially convenient if you’re entertaining in Washington, D.C.

The past 5 years have been incredible, and we can’t wait for the next 5 servicing the D.C. Metro, northern Virginia and southern Maryland areas. We’re here to be the spark to your family gatherings, house parties, cookouts, pool parties, weddings and banquets. Whether it’s a crackling fire in the hearth or a roaring fire in one of our steel oil drum, handmade fire pits, we’ll make sure you an unmatched, unparalleled experience.