There is nothing more relaxing and sweet than having a warm fire inside your house when it is freezing outside. Winters can be quite harsh, especially for people living in places where winter months consist of ice-covered roads, freezing winds, and mountains of snow. A strong winter storm can knock out all the power lines in your town and leave your homes with no heat and lights. Therefore, it is always important to store firewood in your home.

Other than keeping you warm during the cold season, a good fire creates a relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for spring and autumn days. And of course, the firewood itself can have several other functions, such as improving your interior decorations.

Using firewood for decoration purposes has become a very popular trend. In fact, most interior designers are coming up with new ways to improve the interior décor of houses using firewood. Wood brings warmth and a natural feel to a home that can be quite challenging to introduce with other materials. It adds an inviting natural aroma to your home. So, here are some factors to consider before decorating your house using firewood.

Factors to Consider Before Storing Firewood in Your Home

The Length of the Firewood

Logs can come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you consider the length and width of the wood you want. The most common length for firewood is about 16 inches, but if you want to display the firewood in a space that is 12 inches deep or 20 inches deep you will need to cut the wood yourself or work with your supplier. Make sure that all the decorative woods are cut evenly and cleanly. The decorative firewood must have the same length, but different widths and shapes will look great.

The Type of Decorative Hardwood to Use

Instead of using one type of wood, you can decorate your home using a wide variety of hardwoods. Mixed logs are ideal for display since an assortment of different firewood with varying color and thickness can add a different texture to your interior design.

Common hardwoods for decoration include hickory, cherry, oak, and beechwood. Each has a unique look, color, and grain.

How to Avoid Bugs and Musty Smells

Quality logs can add a beautiful aroma into your home. Fresh, clean wood awakens the senses as soon as you enter the room.

However, you will want to avoid green firewood and seasoned firewood because they can contain pests, fungus, and mold. Those will create a musty aroma that nobody wants, and bugs are always a bad idea!

So if you want to introduce fresh aroma in your house, make sure you use logs that have been dried in a kiln. At  Cutting Edge Firewood, all of our firewood has been placed in the kiln for over 48 hours at 250 Degrees. This rigorous process gets rid of all the fungus, mold, and bugs. Not only will this dry wood create a better decorations, it will also burn better when you decide to light the fire.

How to Decorate Your Home With Firewood

Decorating the living room with firewood has become quite trendy, and some designs are quite straightforward. Inspire, Design & Create states that you can improve your living room with any budget and still store firewood inside the house for the cold season. Plus, there are several beautiful designs that you can build yourself without the help of a professional. A stack of wood can be turned into a unique artful display that adds style and texture to your home. So here are some stylish and practical designs you can use to decorate your home using firewood.

Use the Vertical Columns in the Living Room

If you want to move all your firewood indoors, you can do it by turning all the elegant columns in the house into beautiful pieces of art. Storing firewood in the vertical columns has become a trend in many contemporary homes. While some of these columns can reach the roof, others are crafted to fit your room’s style and dimension. You can also turn the forgotten corners in your home into beautiful storage nooks.

Since these vertical columns are immovable, it is a good idea to build your ceiling-to-floor firewood storage near the fireplace. This way, you can easily access the logs during winter. Some vertical columns are quite long, and without a ladder you cannot reach the woods placed at the top. But they are worth the trouble since ceiling-to-floor storage can change the entire design of your home.

Photo by Rune Enstad on Unsplash

Store the Firewood in a Basket or Nook Near the Fireplace

Even though it’s quite common, storing the firewood next to the wood-burning stove is not safe. The Fire and Rescue Teams advise people against storing wood or anything combustible next to the fireplace. Storing it next to the hot surface of the wood burners is one of the main causes of fires.

Therefore, you can store them in baskets or alcoves near the fireplace instead. This is one of the simplest DIY methods of storing firewood. You can store them in beautiful vintage or bait buckets and place them near the fireplace. The vintage baskets should blend perfectly with the interior design of the firewood display.

Photo by Flawlessly Framed Real Estate Photography

Cabinet or Bookshelf Replacement

If you have a huge built-in unit in your living room, You can convert the lower cabinets of the built-in units in your home into beautiful firewood holders. You can remove the door of one of the cabinets and arrange the nicely cut logs in the cabinet to create an attractive style that will improve your interior décor. Just make sure the logs have the same length and can fit perfectly in the cabinet. You can also use a bookshelf in the same way!

Choose an Elegant Firewood Rack

There are several wood racks in the market that can fit with your interior décor. These wood racks have different sizes and designs, plus they can be used indoors and outdoors. A wood and metal combo can be an excellent addition to a house with a modern industrial design.

Oak Cooking Wood Rack Subscription - Once a Month

Cutting Edge Firewood delivers our standard cut 16” firewood to local customers inside a sleek, patent pending metal rack that fits nicely into interior spaces. The rack is 2’ wide and 4’ tall and extremely sturdy. It looks great inside or out, and when you take advantage of our complimentary delivery artisan service we can place the rack anywhere you choose.

How to Beautify the Decorative Logs

Decorative log displays can standout on their own; however, you can also add some final touches that will improve your entire fireplace:

  • You can install some fairy lights around the stack of logs to add a pretty twinkle.
  • You can also repaint the surrounding wall with a color that matches with your firewood display or build a stone fireplace that blends perfectly with the logs.
  • If you’re using bookshelves, then try alternating rows with firewood and then pictures or art.

What now?

If you are looking for a trusted provider of firewood that is safe for interior and exterior decorating, then look no further than Cutting Edge Firewood. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have, we love talking firewood! Visit our online store or shop popular options below: