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Cherry gives off a smokey-sweet flavor that pairs well with just about anything you’re grilling or smoking - poultry, steaks, vegetables, seafood, turkey, pork, and more!

Who is cooking with Cutting Edge Firewood?

The most demanding chefs and grill masters choose Cutting Edge Firewood to fuel their grills, smokers, and wood-fired ovens. Cutting Edge offers unmatched quality and unparalleled convenience. Great food comes from great ingredients, and the wood you cook with is no exception.

Richard Blais

Terry Bradshaw

Kevin Gillespie

John Marcus


We are passionate about great fires, but we aren’t the only ones! Here is what other people have to say about our Cutting Edge Kiln Dried Firewood:
Love the boxes the chunks of wood comes in! Nice thick chunks that works for my vertical charcoal smoker.
Antonio J.
From ordering online to delivery. Cutting Edge has impeccable customer service and absolutely beautiful wood.
Craig B.
We’re in love with the cherry wood smell— but the thing that will bring us back to Cutting Edge was the *truly truly truly* exceptional customer service.
Eugene P.