Gozney Roccbox & Dome Pizza Cut Wood – Large Box
Gozney Roccbox & Dome Pizza Cut Wood – Large Box
Gozney Roccbox & Dome Pizza Cut Wood – Large Box

Gozney Roccbox & Dome Pizza Cut Wood – Large Box

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Recent innovations in cooking technology means you can make incredible pizza without having a large, brick pizza oven installed in your backyard.

If you’re looking for firewood for the Gozney Roccbox, Gozney Dome, and other similar pizza ovens then we have the perfect solution! Our miniature pizza cut firewood is 6″ long and fits nicely into these smaller, portable ovens. It’s cut from quality hardwoods and goes through the most rigorous kiln drying process in the industry. This means that, even though the wood cuts are small, it will still quickly create an incredibly hot fire that burns clean and provides amazing flavor to your pizza.

Large box is good for 100-110 pizzas and holds 180-200 pieces. 19″ x 13″ x 13″ and weighs about 45 pounds. It also include a box of excelsior fire starters. This product receives complimentary shipping throughout the United States.

The Story Behind our Miniature Pizza Cut

Wood fired pizza is the best way to eat pizza. Cooking it at high temperatures creates the perfectly textured crust and the wood adds incredible flavor.

For decades, the only way to cook a wood fired pizza was in a large oven made of brick and stone. For most people, these are impractical in their backyard. Restaurants seemed like the only real option for great wood fired pizza.

Recent cooking technology developments have changed that, however, with smaller, portable pizza ovens, like the Gozney Roccbox and Gozney Dome, provide great options for people who want wood fired pizza without the massive, permanent wood fired oven.

Many of these miniature ovens have propane options, but we all know that the best flavor comes form actual wood. The challenge with these miniature ovens, however, is finding wood that is small enough to fit into the oven, but still able to create the kind of heat required for a 900 degree oven!

Fortunately, Cutting Edge Firewood has the perfect solution when it comes to wood for your Roccbox and Dome pizza ovens. Our miniature pizza cut firewood is 6″ long and 1-2″ in diameter. They are made from oak hardwood that has been kiln dried for 48 hours at 250 degrees. This is a quality hardwood that is very dense and dry, it will light up quickly, stay lit for plenty of time, and create tons of heat.

This large box also includes our excelsior fire starters. These all-natural fire starters are perfect for lighting your pizza oven, they are made of wood shavings and won’t add any negative taste to your pizza. And of course, they work well too!

Don’t waste your time chopping up pieces of wood you find in your backyard – it won’t be dry enough and it won’t taste good. For the best possible heat and the best possible flavor, choose our miniature pizza cut firewood. We offer complimentary shipping throughout the United States and you will not be disappointed!

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Weight: 49 lbs

Dimensions: 16 in X 14 in X 17 in

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