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Why Summer Is a Great Time to Update and Upgrade Your Fire Pit

In an earlier post, we discussed some of the key reasons why it makes sense to kick off your summer by getting a fire pit for your backyard or patio. If you’re already a fire pit owner, the start of summer is also a great time to update and upgrade what you already have. There are a variety of ways in which you improving your fire pit can enhance your overall fireside experience. Not only can upgrades to your fire pit allay solve some of the problems you’ve faced in the past, but they can also meet some of the needs you didn’t even know you had. Here are a few of the problems that can be solved by upgrading your fire pit, along with the associated solutions:

PROBLEM: It’s hard to keep your fire going once you’ve gotten it started.

SOLUTION: Upgrade your fire pit with firewood tongs.

Fire starters in a reasonable amount of time can be a major challenge, so when you finally get the flame going, you might take the chance to pat yourself on the back and allow yourself a sigh of relief. However, that relief can be fleeting if you don’t do what’s necessary to maintain the fire. A fire can (and often does) go out just as quickly as it took you to get it started--or even faster. With a good pair of firewood tongs, you can effectively maintain your fire without having to worry that your fireside social gathering will be disrupted when your crackling blaze is reduced to a smoldering pile of half-burnt logs. Firewood tongs are also decorative, so the can help improve the visual appeal of your overall fire pit setup--just in time to impress your family and friends as the summer starts.

PROBLEM: The kids are getting too close to the fire when they’re trying to manage it, and you’re concerned about their safety.

SOLUTION: Upgrade your fire pit with a fire iron.

It’s always great to get the whole family together for a fireside get-together--including the kids, for whom a backyard fire pit can be a fun and even magical experience. Kids love to “help” tend the fire, but it can be worrisome when they start to get too close to the flames. A fire iron can keep your concerns at bay by ensuring the protection of anyone who is trying to manage the fire too closely. Plus, fire irons come in appealing designs that can improve the visual aesthetic of your backyard or patio this summer.

PROBLEM: It’s just too hard to find good marshmallow and hot dog roasting sticks in your neighborhood.

SOLUTION: Upgrade your fire pit by getting high-quality roasting forks.

Another one of the things that kids--and many adults--love about fireside gatherings is that they present the opportunity to roast marshmallows, hot dogs, and/or sausages. However, it can be challenging to find the right stick for the job, especially if you live in the Atlanta metropolitan area--not a major wooded area. You might end up with a stick of the wrong length, forcing marshmallow-roasters to get way too close to the fire or stand uncomfortably far away from the rest of the group. Alternatively, a curved stick could make it hard to cook the marshmallow or hot dog evenly, leaving one side blackened and the other side raw. High-quality roasting forks solve all of these problems, so they optimize your overall roasting experience. Plus, roasting forks allow you to roast up to four marshmallows or two hot dogs at a time, which makes it easy to feed a large crowd!

Kiln-Dried Firewood

PROBLEM: When it comes to fireside food, marshmallows and hot dogs are no longer cutting it for you.

SOLUTION: Upgrade your fire pit with a grill grate.

The truth is, marshmallows and hot dogs aren’t for everyone. This summer, you may be trying to stick to to a healthier diet--reducing your intake of high-sugar sweets, highly processed meats, and other less-than-wholesome options--or you may simply be a foodie, and you’re looking for more sophisticated fireside cuisine. If you upgrade your fire pit by getting a grill grate, you can greatly expand your cooking options. No longer are you limited to hand-spinning marshmallows and hot dogs on sticks or tongs; with a new grate, you can grill, cook, or even smoke foods over your very own fire pit. That’s especially good news in the summer, when you’re less inclined to spend hours cooking meals in your hot, stuffy kitchen. When you prepare your food outside firewood for cooking, it’s a much more pleasant experience.

PROBLEM: You haven’t been using your fire pit often enough.

SOLUTION: Any fire pit upgrade!

There’s nothing like novelty to get you excited about using your fire pit again. When you update and upgrade your fire pit for the summer, it will boost your motivation to get outside and make the most of your opportunities to light your fire pit regularly throughout the season!

To find the right upgrade for your fire pit this summer, check out all of the options Cutting Edge Firewood has to offer, and get yours delivered to your door by placing an order today! Once your upgrade is in place, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram to who us how much it is improving your fireside experience this summer!

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