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The Case for Choosing Wooden Fireside Seats

When you get your fire pit started on a warm summer night, you inevitably find yourself facing the challenge of seating all your friends and family around the fire. Usually, that means dragging deck chairs away from your patio table, scavenging in your shed for old folding chairs, or even dragging chairs directly out of your kitchen. If you’re looking to avoid this scenario this summer, you may want to consider choosing wooden fireside seats instead. Wooden fireside seats are always readily waiting for you and your guests around the fire pit. Here are a few of the top reasons why you might want to take the plunge and invest in wooden fireside seats for your fire pit this summer.

Reason #1: It saves time and hassle.

Obviously, it’s never fun to start your night around the fire pit by dragging chairs from all over your home and yard to the patio. If you’ve invited friends over for a night around the fire pit, it means that you have to build in time to get enough chairs around the fire pit before they arrive. Alternatively, when you’re hosting a dinner party that starts in the early afternoon, not having designated seating for your fire pit can interfere with the flow of the get-together. Instead of transitioning smoothly from the dinner table to the fireside, your guests will find themselves forced to help you deal with the hassle of finding chairs to place around the fire pit--quite possibly the ones they are already sitting on themselves. Then, after your fireside get-together is over, you have to deal with the trouble of returning all of the chairs to their original locations--certainly not an enviable task when you would rather be getting to bed.

Reason #2: For fire pits, fireside seats beat every kind of deck chair.

Most deck chairs on the market today just aren’t designed to be used around the fire pit. Consider the drawbacks of trying to use each of these types of deck chairs around your fire pit:

  • Plastic deck chairs.
    Plastic deck chairs are probably the easiest to drag around your fire pit, given their light weight, but they don’t actually make for ideal fireside seating. The seats of plastic chairs heat up extremely easily, so they quickly become uncomfortable to sit on, especially if you’re wearing shorts or a skirt--which most people are on warm summer evenings by the fireside. This can become a particular problem when you’re burning high-quality, firewood for sale, since it burns hotter than traditional store-bought or seasoned firewood. However, with wooden fireside seats, this discomfort isn’t a concern, because wooden seats just do’t get hot like plastic does.
  • Metal deck chairs.
    As with plastic deck chairs, metal deck chairs can become problematic because of their propensity to heat up. After all, metals are conductors, so they naturally grow gradually warmer in the presence of heat from the fire. Plus, metal chairs are heavy, so it can be a challenge to drag them to the fire pit, and they may scrape and scratch your patio in the process, causing permanent damage.
  • Stuffed deck chairs with cloth exteriors.
    Put simply, stuffed deck chairs with cloth exteriors just shouldn’t be set too close to sparks. Although it’s relatively unlikely that a stuffed deck chair with a cloth exterior will actually catch fire, a spark on a cloth exterior can certainly give your guests a scare. Even worse, hot embers have the potential to create a burn mark on your chair. Obviously, if you value the integrity of your deck chairs, it’s best to keep them away from your fire pit. In contrast, a wooden fireside seat will stand up to sparks, so you don’t have to worry about such damage.
  • Deck chairs with arm rests.
    Many deck chairs come with luxurious arm rests. That’s great if you’re sitting around your patio table, but large darm rests can get in the way when you’ve set the chair up next to your fire pit, since there may not be enough space to accommodate all of your friends and family. Wooden fireside seats are roomy and comfortable, but they don’t have arm rests, so you can fit more people around the fire.

Reason #3: Wooden fireside seats can contribute to the rustic aesthetic of your yard.

Kiln-Dried Firewood

If you’re looking to give your yard a rustic aesthetic this summer, there’s no better choice than wooden fireside seats. These all-natural wooden seats are 16 inches tall and 19 to 22 inches in diameter, so they closely resemble real stumps. Plus, they look good alongside steel fire pits, contributing to the integrated, well-put-together appearance of your patio.

Reason #4: You don’t have to worry about delivery or installation.

In the dog days of August, you may find yourself avoiding major summer yard projects. After all, Labor Day is only a few weeks away, so you’re probably trying to enjoy the last remaining days you have free from the obligations you face at other times of the year. However, when you order fireside seats from Cutting Edge Firewood, you don’t have to worry about the work of transporting them to your home, dragging them out to your backyard, and setting them up in time for your next fireside gathering. Even though they way several hundred pounds, our Delivery Artisans are ready to carry your new fireside seats to the side of your firepit--so all you have to do is direct their efforts. From there, you can just enjoy your new wood fireside seats with a late summer fireside gathering!

Cutting Edge Firewood offers high-quality fireside seats, along with a wide range of other great fireside accessories. Visit our order page now to get yours today!

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