Lighting Your Fire Pit on a Summer Morning

When you think about lighting your fire pit in the summer, you probably think about evening get-togethers with family and friends. However, you don’t have to limit your fireside fun to the evening hours. If you’re more of an early bird than a night owl, you may want to consider lighting your fire pit earlier in the day. On laid-back weekend mornings, a fire pit can be a great way to start your day. Not convinced? Read on for some of the benefits of lighting your fire pit in the morning instead of the evening.

Watching the Sunrise as You Light Your Fire Pit

Most people are awake to watch the sun set at night, but few rise early enough to watch it rise--especially in summer, when the daylight hours are so long. If you’re lighting a fire for your family on a weekend morning, you’ll want to have it going by the time they roll out of bed, which means you can watch the sunrise as you stack the firewood in your pit, gather the kindling, and get ready to light. Starting a fire can be challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, it can actually be a relaxing, even contemplative experience. In the early morning, you’ll have ample time to be alone with your thoughts. By the time the fire sparks, you’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to face the day.

Cooking a Standout Breakfast Over Your Fire Pit

It’s one thing to spend a morning cooking breakfast in the kitchen with your kids, but its entirely another when you do it over the fire pit. When you cook your breakfast sausage over the fire with your roasting forks, the smoke will impart a unique flavor that you just can’t get when you’re cooking over the stove. Whether you decide to add the sausage to a breakfast burrito, mix it into your biscuits and gravy, or eat it plain with a side of eggs, it will surely power your family up for a fun-filled summer day.


When it comes to breakfast foods, sausage is perhaps the most commonly associated with fire pit cooking, but if you have an iron grill for your fire pit, you can actually cook up anything that fits in a cast iron skillet. Scrambled eggs, omelettes, even pancakes--all are possible over a fire pit, and they’re even better when you use firewood for cooking. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even grill up steak or ham to mix into your eggs or breakfast burrito. No matter what suits your palate, cooking it over the fire will give it the unique flavor you’re looking for.

Plus, since mornings in the Atlanta area tend to heat up fast, it can be a relief to avoid cooking in the kitchen, where you’ll quickly work up a sweat. Cooking over the fire pit allows you to spend your morning in the cooler outdoor air--without having to settle for a bland breakfast of cold cereal. You can eat well and enjoy a fun, relaxing morning outside with your family and friends.

Impressing Your Friends Over Brunch

These days, there’s fierce competition to host the best, most memorable brunch. If you’re not up for hosting an outrageously themed brunch or going all-out with a crazy cake recipe you found online, your fire pit can be your secret weapon. Centering your brunch around your fire pit is a simple, savvy way to show your friends you know how to do brunch right. Not only can you tailor your menu around the foods that you cook over your fire pit, but the fire pit also gives your brunch a communal atmosphere that is uncommon at most get-togethers. In an age of iPhones and social media, your friends might usually only be half-paying attention to the conversation, but with the fire pit as the centerpiece of your brunch, cell phones tend to stay in pockets, and people end up more engaged in good conversation as the day gets underway.

Getting Ahead on Smoking Your Meats

If you’re planning to spend the summer smoking a stockpile of meat that will last you throughout the winter, the early morning can be a great time to get ahead on your goal. Later in the day, it’s easy to get distracted by friends and family, but in the early morning, you’ll have time to focus on the process and ultimately make the most of your time. High-quality firewood for cooking like cherry and pecan cooking wood are ideal for smoking, so if you spend the summer smoking up batches of meat, there’s no chance you will run short on flavorful cuts throughout the year.

No Worries About Smoky Smells

Of course, as the sun gets higher in the sky, you might have other obligations to attend to. Thus, you may be worried that the smoke from your fire pit will stick to your clothes and give you an odd campfire smell for the rest of the day. However, if you use firewood for cooking, there’s no need to fret! Unlike store bought or seasoned firewood, these firewoods don’t give off the kind of smoke that won’t rub off for days, no matter how hard you scrub. Even after a few hours around the fire in the morning, you can still run all your daily errands without feeling self-conscious about your potentially unpleasant aura of campfire aroma.

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