Kiln Dried Firewood In New York, NY

New York - the city that never sleeps. No city in America invokes the imagination like New York. Endless sky scrapers, millions of diverse people, and yes, even a few fireplaces.

While many people may think that fireplaces don't exist in a city like New York, you're probably looking at this page because you know differently. There are countless wood burning fireplaces in and around New York. Despite being a busy place, many people love having the chance to come home and relax by a warm fire on a cold night.

Firewood Experience

There are barriers to burning fires in New York city, however. People worry about the work involved with finding quality wood in a major city. Not only that, but in 2015 Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a law, stating that wood burning logs cannot have a moisture content of more than 20 percent, to insure lower emissions.

Fortunately, Cutting Edge Firewood has you covered. We take the mess and stress out of obtaining firewood in New York City, and deliver wood with an insanely low moisture content.

Benefits of Cutting Edge Firewood for New York City Residents

There are several reasons why Cutting Edge Firewood is the ideal solution for the people living in and around New York City:

  • Convenient to obtain: We take the mess and stress out of obtaining firewood. We ship our boxes of firewood directly to your home. You don't have to explore the surrounding suburbs or look for bundles of wood at the corner deli for firewood. It arrives at your home.
  • Easy to Use: Each box of firewood contains everything you need for 2-4 enjoyable fire experiences. We include 4 fire starters, 8 pieces of kindling, and about 50 pounds of top quality firewood.
  • Extremely dry firewood: Fresh wood contains about 50% moisture, and properly seasoned firewood contains about 20% moisture. The problem is, seasoned firewood isn't always properly seasoned and may still have 30-40% moisture content. Our rigorous drying process, however, means that Cutting Edge Firewood has about 5% moisture. This is way below Blasio's legal requirements and will result in a far better fireside experience.
  • Less Emissions: Seasoned firewood will contain bugs, mold, and fungus. Our rigorous drying process, however, removes all impurities from the wood. It will burn cleaner, smell better, reduce creosote build-up, and create less emissions.
  • Safe to store inside: Most New York residents don't have a large outdoor storage area for firewood. Fortunately, Cutting Edge Firewood is perfectly safe to store inside. It contains no bugs or mold, and it will create a pleasant aroma. You can choose to use the firewood as a decorative piece, or you can keep it in our boxes inside your closet.

As you can see, Cutting Edge Firewood boxes really are the perfect fit for New York city residents. It has never been easier to receive firewood and enjoy a great fire. Learn more about our different boxes or order them now to experience the difference yourself.

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How to Get a Fire Started with a Single Match

Many people don't make wood fires because they think it is too much work. But once again, Cutting Edge Firewood makes it easy. You can view our step by step guide to starting fires, or check out the quick summary below.

In order to start a fire with a single match, you need the following:

  • 1 match
  • quality, dry firewood
  • all-natural fire starters
  • kindling

Fortunately, every single one of those things is inside our boxes of firewood! Simply light the fire starters, then place 2-4 pieces of kindling on top, and then start stacking your firewood logs on top of that. You will love starting a fire this way - it is quick and easy. Not to mention, your friends and family will be impressed that you only needed one match!

Firewood to Avoid in New York City

If you're shopping around for firewood, then there are a few things we recommend considering. You will want to avoid certain types of firewood, and we'll explain why.

Avoid softer woods: Firewood comes in both hardwood and softwood varieties. Some of the softer woods like pine, birch, poplar and spruce have less density, which means that they will burn much faster. Not only that, but softer woods can contain a tar-like substance that can contribute to creosote build-up. Even though softwoods might be cheaper, they are not worth it.

Avoid wet wood: Wood with high moisture content creates a terrible fireside experience. It creates more smoke, gives off less heat, smells musty, has higher emissions, and contributes to creosote build-up. Not only that, wood with moisture content above 20% is illegal to burn in New York.

Avoid seasoned wood: Although seasoned hardwoods are a better option than softwoods or wet wood, it still creates problems. First, seasoned wood is really the same thing as rotting wood. It won't be as dense as kiln dried wood and it won't last as long. Second, kiln dried firewood will have less moisture than seasoned wood. But most importantly, seasoned wood will almost always contain bugs, mildew, or fungus. You don't want to store that in your home in New York.

Instead, choose firewood for sale from Cutting Edge. You won't be disappointed!

Have more space?

If you really love fires and have extensive storage space, then go all out and choose one of our Ultimate Delivery Packages. Each of them offer great value and complimentary shipping. Firewood arrives on a pallet, so make sure you have room to receive it!

For most households, this package contains more than enough wood for an entire season. If you have questions about how much firewood you need, then feel free to contact us.

While we believe our box firewood products are the most ideal for New York city, you can see all the firewood products and accessories we have available for delivery on our shop page. We love serving our customers and look forward to giving you a memorable experience!

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