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Kiln-Dried Firewood in Druid Hills, GA

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Enjoy warmer, longer-lasting fires at your Druid Hills home using our signature kiln-dried firewood. Cutting Edge Firewood is the Southeast’s leading vendor of kiln-dried firewood, serving residents through Druid Hills and the surrounding Greater Atlanta Area. Harvesting your own firewood is a chore to say to the least. Even if you have access to hardwood trees on your property, you’ll have to cut them down, split the wood into appropriately sized firewood logs, and then wait for it to dry. Assuming you use the traditional air-drying method, you may have to wait up to a year before you can use the firewood. Cutting Edge Firewood, however, will deliver dry, ready-to-burn firewood directly to your Druid Hills home.

About Druid Hills, GA

Druid Hills was a city development project led by American businessman Joel Hurt and designed by Fredrick Law Olmsted. Shortly before the turn of the 19th century, Hurt wanted to turn the area into a developed community, complete with public transportation, residential properties, businesses and utility companies. After securing funding from Coca-Cola founder Asa Candler, Hurt was able to move towards achieving this goal. The area gradually blossomed into one of Georgia’s finest communities. According to the official Druid Hills website, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) even stated that Druid Hills was a “fine example” of late 19th and early 20th century planning and development.

Druid Hills is home to several noteworthy landmarks, including the primary campus of Emory University as well as the headquarters for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The area also offers more than a half-dozen publicly accessible parks, including Baker Woodland, Burbank Park, Fernbank Forest, Hahn Woods, Medlock Park, Wesley Woods Forest and Princeton Way Park.

How to Prepare Your Druid Hills, GA Home for Winter

December 21 marks the beginning of the winter season. Like other cities in the Greater Atlanta Area, Druid Hills doesn’t get particularly cold during this time of year. Statistics show that the average high temperature in Druid Hills during January is 53 degrees, while the average low temperature is 34 degrees. That’s not as cold as many northern states, but it’s still chilly enough to require some form of indoor heating. If you have a fireplace in your Druid Hills home, you can build fires to stay warm this winter without jacking up your monthly utility bills.

Many Druid Hills homeowners pay the most for monthly utilities during the winter, simply because they run their central heating. Whether your home has a furnace or heat exchanger, you can still use central heating to warm your home, but you should consider using your fireplace as well. During the evenings, building a fire will provide a substantial amount of warmth while creating a relaxing, stress-relieving atmosphere in the process. Best of all, it will reduce the amount of energy (power or gas) your home uses, allowing you to save more money.

To take full advantage of your fireplace this winter, you should inspect your home to ensure that it’s properly insulated. Openings around doors and windows, as well as missing insulation in the attic or basement, will cause heated air to leak out of your home. Even with a roaring fire in the fireplace, some of that heated air will be lost if your home isn’t properly insulated. Check out this article by the Department of Energy (DOE) for advice on how to choose the right insulation for your Druid Hills home.

Kiln-Dried Firewood

Is Oak Firewood Better Than Hickory?

Oak and hickory are two of the most popular types of firewood. Both come from hardwood trees, so they are denser than most softwoods. Because of its widespread availability in Druid Hills and the Southeast, though, you might be wondering is oak firewood is better than hickory firewood. Oak firewood typically costs less than hickory firewood, mainly because it’s such a common tree species in the Southeast. In Georgia alone, there are approximately 20 species of native oak trees. With such a large population of oak trees, oak firewood is readily available and inexpensive to residents of Druid hills and the Southeast.

Hickory firewood, however, is a smart investment for several reasons. First, it’s the easiest type of firewood to light. Oak is also easy to light, but hickory — especially the kiln-dried hickory sold here at Cutting Edge Firewood — is incredibly easy to light. Just a single well-placed match with some tinder should ignite it. Hickory firewood also products more heat than oak firewood. If you’re burning a fire to stay warm, you can’t go wrong with hickory for this very reason.

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