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Kiln Dried Firewood in Buckhead, GA

Finding firewood can be a challenge, especially if you live in a metropolitan city like Buckhead. The densely populated, commercially bustling nature of metropolitan cities means there are fewer vendors selling firewood here. Considering that Buckhead is the third-largest commercial district in Atlanta, many of its residents don't have time to drive out into the country to get a load of firewood, much less have the ability to transport it home.

If you live in Buckhead, however, we have an amazing solution: you can have premium kiln dried firewood delivered to your home. Cutting Edge Firewood is the Southeast's premier vendor of high-quality firewood. We offer kiln dried firewood that's dried 12 times longer than the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) standard.

With that rigorous drying process, our kiln dried firewood outperforms our competitors in nearly every way. It's easier to light, burns hotter, stays lit longer, and is free of pests. That means you can feel safe storing the wood inside your home, making it easier to start a fire when the time is right.

Cutting Edge Firewood offers multiple hardwoods, including oak, hickory or cherry. Best of all, our delivery service is complimentary! Our delivery artisans bring racks of firewood to your home and will place it or stack it wherever you wish. We even offer complimentary same day delivery on box products, which means receiving firewood has never been easier.

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History of Buckhead, GA (and firewood)

The origins of Buckhead can be traced back to the late 1830s when Henry Irby purchased a 100+ acre lot of land in the present-day city. While 100 acres of land in Buckhead today would cost millions of dollars, Irby paid just $650 for it. After purchasing the land, Irby built a store and bar, which rightfully attracted other people to the area. Within 50 years, Buckhead became a popular vacation destination for residents living in Atlanta and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Today, Buckhead is a large, busy city with a combination of both residential homes as well as commercial businesses. Residents of Buckhead, however, haven't lost touch with the idea of Buckhead being a vacation destination. It is a place where people love to both work and play, and the scene of many of Atlanta's best parties, restaurants, and more.

If you're looking for a memorable experience inside Buckhead, then look no further than a fire from Cutting Edge Firewood.

What is the Best-Smelling firewood?Receiving Firewood in Buckhead

All customers in Buckhead are eligible for our complimentary delivery artisan service. Our delivery artisans offer a white glove service - no mess and no stress. You don't even have to be home!

We deliver firewood to Buckhead using either boxes or racks.

Boxes are a great option for people who love convenience or have limited storage space. You can even take advantage of our box subscription, where we bring a new box of firewood to your home every week, or every two weeks, or every month. This is the most convenient way to receive firewood, and you'll enjoy extensive savings!

For serious fire enthusiasts, you will be most interested in our firewood racks. Our patent pending racks are included with every rack order, and each rack is made of metal and very durable. We place a cover on top of the rack to protect it from the elements and provide a clean look.

There are a number of areas where you can store firewood at your Buckhead home. Contrary to what some people believe, you don't need an outdoor shed or storage facility, at least when you choose Cutting Edge Firewood. All of our wood gets delivered clean from any pests, mold, or fungus. It displays beautifully and it creates an amazing aroma. That means you can store it in your living room, bedroom, garage, basement, patio, or anywhere else you choose.

Enjoy a warm, radiant fire at your Buckhead, GA home all winter long using premium kiln dried firewood. We offer a wide variety of firewood and cooking wood for sale at our online store.

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Leroy Hite is the founder and CEO of Cutting Edge Firewood, an ultra-premium firewood and cooking wood company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Leroy's mission is to give people the experience of the perfect fire because some of life’s best memories are made in the warmth of a fire’s glow. He founded Cutting Edge Firewood in 2013 with a goal to provide unmatched quality wood and unparalleled customer service nationwide. The company offers premium kiln-dried firewood, cooking wood, and pizza wood in a wide variety of species and cuts to customers around the country.