How to Use Uncut Rounds

How to Use Uncut Rounds [Video]

One of our more unique products is the Uncut Rounds. These larger pieces of wood are 24" in length and have not been split like typical logs.

This means several things:

  • Uncut Rounds look really cool when on the rack or on display.
  • Uncut Rounds burn for a longer amount of time than any other piece of firewood we sell. Their large size and uncut dimensions means a single log can last anywhere from 3-7 hours!
  • Uncut rounds require the most heat to light on fire. When wood is split, it is simply easier to light.

In this post, we wanted to share a video with you that demonstrates how to properly use an Uncut Round. It takes a little more time, but the effort is worth it. Because our Uncut Rounds have gone through an extensive kiln dry process, these large logs are dry throughout. This allows them to have a nice, steady burn that lasts for hours.

Starting an Uncut Round: What you need to know

There is one primary thing you need to know about using an Uncut Round: The fire needs to be hot.

If you throw a couple pieces of kindling down, start a fire, and then expect the Uncut Round to light immediately, you will be disappointed. Instead, Build up the fire with standard cut pieces of firewood. Once you have a bit of coals and a nice hot fire, then you add the Uncut Round.

There is no special dance, no secret chant, and no lighter fluid necessary. You just need a hot fire. As you can see in the video, when you add the uncut round log to a hot fire, it will start burning very quickly.

Maintaining the Fire

Because the Uncut Round is such a large piece of firewood, you will likely need to add standard cut pieces around it as the fire burns. One uncut round cannot burn by itself, it needs at least 1 or 2 other pieces of firewood to keep the heat going.

If you're burning your log inside on top of a grate, then it's probably worth placing a small piece of wood under the grate every couple hours to keep the coal bed nice and hot.

fireplace firewood coal base

If you're outside, the same principles apply. The Uncut Round will provide an excellent base for your fire and burn for multiple hours. Adding a standard cut piece of wood every once in a while, however, will help keep the fire going long into the night.

Obviously, the hotter your fire, the quicker your Uncut Round will burn. But even when you have a large, hot fire these large logs can burn for a really long time!

When to use an Uncut Round?

There are several great opportunities for using an Uncut Round!

Uncut Rounds
  • Spending a long, cold day by the fire? Then let an Uncut Round carry the load.
  • Enjoy a Yule Log as part of your Christmas celebration.
  • Hosting a party that's going to last all night? Use an uncut round or two to ensure the fire goes all night too.
  • Tired of adding wood to the fire? Then add an uncut round and you won't have to add as much!
  • Want to make your fire get big? An uncut round can be a strong foundation for the flame.

How We Package Uncut Rounds

If you'd like to give our Uncut Rounds a try, there are several ways to receive them.

First, you can order a single uncut round log. It's great to have a couple available for special occasions.

Second, we sell uncut rounds by the order, half order, or quarter order. One order of uncut rounds gets delivered on 4 wooden racks. One order will completely fill a 4x4 rack. If you don't need that many Uncut Rounds, then you can always order half an order or a quarter order.

If you're in our local delivery area, then our delivery artisans will stack the uncut rounds into your existing rack - this service is complimentary!

Uncut Rounds

And of course, we can deliver and stack our standard cut firewood alongside the uncut rounds.

You can shop all of our kiln dried firewood on our online store, or order Uncut Rounds below:

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