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Firewood Delivery: Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky, is known as the “horse capital of the world.” As you drive through the area, seeing horse paddocks surrounded by white fences is commonplace, and many horse owners are extensive.

The area is also a cultural and historical hub, offering an immersive experience for those living in or visiting the city.

The days are warm and humid in the summer, with the nights often dipping into the upper 60s. While the winters are short, the temperatures can easily drop into single digits at night, leaving some chilled to the bone.

One of the best ways to combat cold winter days and nights is with the warmth and comfort of a traditional, wood-burning fire.

Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean that you need to get out and find and chop the wood yourself. Cutting Edge Firewood offers firewood delivery in Lexington, with high-quality, ready-to-burn options you will love.

Getting to Know Firewood: Burning Questions

When you order firewood from Lexington firewood delivery companies, you may have a few questions. This is only natural. After all, when you purchase something, you want to ensure it will last and be ready for use when you need it.

Will Your Firewood Expire or Go Bad?

Unfortunately, some factors may cause your firewood to lose its quality and effectiveness. Some of the factors that can cause issues include:

  • Firewood from a diseased tree
  • Firewood that isn’t seasoned, treated, or kiln-dried
  • Using firewood with pests
  • Not storing your firewood properly
  • Not moving diseased or rotting firewood away from other wood you have

One of the best ways to avoid these issues is by purchasing your firewood from Cutting Edge Firewood. Our Lexington firewood delivery service ensures you get the high-quality options you want and need and that they come to you without any of the issues mentioned above. We can also offer advice and guidance on the best storage methods to prevent any issues.

How Can You Check the Quality of Your Firewood?

When you order your firewood from Cutting Edge Firewood, you can feel confident it will be free of bugs, fungus, mold, disease and that it was completely kiln-dried to ensure maximum effectiveness.

While this is true, the way you store the firewood impacts its quality and any issues. A quality piece of firewood will be clean, have no missing bark or damage, and be sturdy. The wood we send to you is also firm when touched and doesn’t have any discoloration.

You can check other firewood for issues. Some of the things to look for include:

  • Falling or peeling bark
  • Insects in the wood, pest residue, or markings
  • Soft feeling wood
  • Signs of mildew or fungus growth

How Do You Ensure a Quality Burn from Your Firewood?

High-quality firewood from Cutting Edge Firewood provides you with clean, safe, and long-lasting burning properties. With this wood, you can feel confident that your fire will burn well and continue to burn until you are ready to put it out.

To pick the right type of wood, you have to consider your wood-burning goals. For example, cherry products have minimal burn and heat, but the smell of cherry is unlike any other. For a longer-lasting burn and more traditional fire experience, consider the oak or hickory options.

It’s up to you what you want to use, and you may want to try all three to see what you like best. We can deliver these to you and allow you to see what works best for you.

Enjoying a Day or Night by the Fire

If you love the smell, sound, and sight of a traditional wood-burning fire, then investing in firewood delivery from Cutting Edge Firewood is a smart option. We offer a huge selection of quality wood to choose from, which means you can have the experience you want.

If you are ready to experience a high-quality burn and enjoy the benefits of a traditional wood-burning fire, contact us today. We offer a huge array of woods to choose from, and you can feel confident that each option will provide you with the experience you were hoping for. Being informed and using our quality delivery services will pay off in the long run and provide you with a fun, fire experience.

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Leroy Hite

Leroy Hite is the founder and CEO of Cutting Edge Firewood, an ultra-premium firewood and cooking wood company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Leroy's mission is to give people the experience of the perfect fire because some of life’s best memories are made in the warmth of a fire’s glow. He founded Cutting Edge Firewood in 2013 with a goal to provide unmatched quality wood and unparalleled customer service nationwide. The company offers premium kiln-dried firewood, cooking wood, and pizza wood in a wide variety of species and cuts to customers around the country.