Fire Pit Management Tools: The Dual Importance of Style and Safety

In earlier posts, we’ve talked about how hard it can sometimes be to get a fire going in your fire pit. Even if you are well-practiced and have key fire-starting tools like kindling and heart pine on hand, it can still sometimes still be tough to get the flame to take. What’s more, the challenge doesn’t end after you’ve gotten the fire started: the reality is, you still have to manage the fire properly throughout the night in order to keep it in good shape. While you might be tempted to just poke at the fire periodically with a long stick and hope for the best, this strategy tends to be highly ineffective, and it can even be unsafe. Plus, tending to your fire with a stick lacks the style you’re striving for when you choose to center your social gatherings around your fire pit. Therefore, it makes much more sense to opt for high-quality fire pit management tools. Read on to learn more about the tools you can use to maximize the effectiveness of your fire pit maintenance strategy, support the safety of you and your family, and contribute to the rustic aesthetic of your backyard or patio.

The Benefits of Using a Fire Iron

A fire iron is the ultimate tool for fire pit maintenance. Unlike the stick you might otherwise be using to poke at your fire pit, a fire iron is made of heavy-duty, repurposed steel. That means it is strong enough for any fire pit maintenance task you might be trying to undertake. For instance, if you’re trying to overturn a log or move a log to the other side of the fire pit, you won’t have any trouble--and the same can’t be said if you’re using a stick. Put simply, a fire iron is far more effective than a makeshift alternative, even when you’re using large pieces of firewood for sale like oversized oak, oversized hickory, or even uncut rounds.

Fire Irons and Fire Pit Safety

You’re probably well aware of the dangers of getting too close to the flames of your fire pit, but it can be all too easy to get frustrated and forget yourself when you’re trying to move wood around the pit with a short , flimsy stick. Because a fire iron can eliminate this possibility, it is much more conducive to safe fire pit management. A fire iron is 45 inches long--almost four feet--so you can easily manage your fire pit from a safe distance away. You can even trust an eager kid to help you use the fire iron for fire pit management, since a long fire iron can help ensure that they won’t get too close to the flames.

Personalizing Your Fire Iron

At its core, a fire iron is primarily functional tool--but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style when you choose to add one to your backyard or patio fire pit setup. There are lots of hand-crafted designer fire iron options available, so you’ll never have to worry that a fire iron will detract from the atmosphere you’re shooting for. In fact, by choosing a fire iron that matches some of the other aspects of your backyard or patio, you can actually augment the existing aesthetic. Here are a few of the fire iron designs that you might want to consider:

  • Basket weave design
  • Ball design
  • Curved design
  • Hole design
  • Smooth feather design
  • Textured feather design

Using Firewood Tongs for Fire Pit Maintenance

A fire iron isn’t the only tool that can help you with fire pit maintenance. Firewood tongs are also extremely helpful when it comes to firewood maintenance, since they make it even easier to grab on to pieces of firewood and move them around your fire pit. Plus, because they are 33 inches long and made from strong steel, they support safety in the same way that your fire iron does.

Firewood tongs can also be just as stylish as a fire iron. For instance, the tongs offered by Cutting Edge Firewood are handcrafted and have copper rivets on the hinges. These features contribute an air of sophistication to your backyard or patio fire pit setup.

Fire Pit Management for Big Events


This summer, you might be hosting a big event, such as a wedding or formal party, when you simply won’t have time to manage the fire pit on your own. For these types of situations, you can take advantage of the services of a fire pit butler. A fire pit butler will manage your fire from the start of your event to the end, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. The fire pit butler even dress stylishly for your formal event, so they won’t stand out while they do the necessary work to keep the fire perfect for all your guests to enjoy.

You can get all the fire pit management tools you need from Cutting Edge Firewood, so visit our order page now! And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram in all your fireside photos this summer!

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