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What is a Yule Log?

One of the oldest Christmas traditions is the Yule Log. There are even references to burning a yule log as far back as the 1200s!

What is the tradition? Well it depends on which country you ask:

  • Scandinavians used to burn an entire tree over several days, starting with the stump end.
  • In France, the whole family would cut a piece of the log each day of the 12 days of Christmas.
  • In other countries, you wouldn't light the yule log until Christmas Eve.
  • Some countries always saved some of the yule log at the end of Christmas, using the leftovers as the first piece to light next Christmas.
  • Others, of course, made sure that you burned the entire thing!
Uncut Rounds

Although there is a variety of traditions around the yule log, all of them have one thing in common: The yule log was meant to be a gathering place for friends and family to connect, stay warm, and enjoy the holidays.

If you would like to enjoy a yule log yourself, then look no further than our 24" long uncut rounds! They burn longer than any other piece of firewood we offer, and they are the perfect way to help keep a fire going throughout the holidays.

How to Burn a Yule Log from Cutting Edge Firewood

Our family burned an Uncut Round (aka Yule Log) on Christmas Eve and it lasted for 7 hours! Watch the following video for tips and tricks on getting the yule log to light and stay burning for hours on end:

The main principle to remember for lighting a yule log is this: make sure you add one to a fire that is already hot!

You need to start the fire with quality split firewood from one of our boxes or racks so you have a great experience. As you can see in the video above, if you add an uncut round to a hot fire then it will light with ease. Best of all, once they get going they don't stop for a long time!

Make Sure your Firewood has been Kiln Dried

If you want the best and the safest experience, you'll want to burn yule logs that have gone through a rigorous drying process. It may be tempting to use a log that's been seasoning in your backyard for a while, but that presents several risks.

Here is a list of reasons you should choose kiln dried firewood:

  • Kiln dried firewood has a lower moisture content, which makes it easier to light and produce less smoke
  • Creosote is a dangerous substance that attaches to the inside of your chimney when you burn wood with too much moisture. Prevent creosote build-up by only using kiln dried firewood.
  • Seasoned firewood is rotting and likely contains bugs, mold, and fungus. Our kiln dried firewood is delivered clean, and therefore is safe to store or burn inside.
  • The wood from your backyard will provide a musty smell - not ideal for yuletide joy! Our dry firewood has a fresh, clean aroma that really adds to the holiday cheer.
  • Kiln dried firewood produces brighter flames, giving you something more beautiful to watch.
  • Kiln dried firewood also creates more heat, giving your family a warm area to gather on cold winter days.

Some people believe that kiln dried firewood burns more quickly, because it is more dry. This, however, is not the case when it goes through the Cutting Edge drying process. Because our wood goes to the kiln fresh, it has not had any time to decompose. This means the wood we deliver is very dense, allowing for optimal burn times that can last far longer than wood you've experienced in the past.

Order a Yule Log Today

We ship and deliver our Uncut Rounds throughout the United States. If you're looking for one or two logs to enjoy a special occasion like Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can order single logs. If you want to have long fires throughout the year, then we recommend getting an order or half-order of Uncut Rounds.

These uncut rounds make for amazing gifts as well!

Remember, you don't want to only order the Yule Log! It's important to have quality, kiln dried firewood as base. Every piece of firewood we sell has spent 48 hours inside a 250 degree kiln - this means it is extremely dry and clean. It's easier to light, burns brighter and hotter, and provides a better experience. You can order our standard cut firewood by the box or by the rack.

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