New York Firewood Regulations

A roaring fire brings warmth to people and places and adds an element of old-world charm and comfort to any setting. If you're bringing firewood on a weekend camping trip or stocking up for the winter and transporting a fresh load, use this post as a guide. There are rules and regulations you need to be aware of in the State of New York to protect local environments. Before you light a fire and relax in the glow of the glorious open flames, make sure you are up to date with the latest regulations on firewood in your area.

What You Need to Know About New York State Firewood Regulations

Since 2009, regulations have been in place in New York governing the transport of wood intended for use as fuel. These rules apply to all types and species of cut or uncut wood if you plan to use it as firewood. The primary directive of the regulation is to use local or heat-treated kiln dried firewood. Let's take a closer look at what you need to know about using and transporting firewood in New York.

Seasoned Firewood

Seasoned firewood cannot be brought into New York from outside of the state. Within New York, this wood can only be transported a maximum of 50 miles from its origin. If you are traveling with seasoned firewood, you are required to complete and sign a "Self-Issued Certificate of Origin" form. This document specifies details such as the original location and volume and the transporter's name, address, and destination. You will need to keep the purchase receipt or label of the source and produce it upon inspection.

Kiln Dried Firewood

When firewood in New York is heat-treated to 160°F for 75 minutes, you can travel with it freely throughout the state. However, there are still some regulations you must follow. If transporting heat-treated wood, keep a label or receipt with you that denotes it is Heat-Treated Firewood/Pest-Free. In addition to heat-treated, most kiln dried firewood can be moved without restriction within New York, as long as it meets the same process and labeling requirements.

Importance of Moisture Content for New York Residents

Kiln dried firewood goes through a heat-treating process that eliminates any mold or pests making the wood safe to store and burn in your New York home or apartment. While the heat treating process is important for eliminating mold and insects, it is also critical for determining the moisture content of the firewood. If you are purchasing wood, the seller should be able to tell you how much moisture content is in the wood. This is especially important for New York residents. New York regulations require that firewood has a moisture content of 20% or less. Typically fresh wood contains about 50% moisture. Seasoned wood can be anywhere from 20% to 40% depending on where and how long it has been seasoning for. Due to our extensive kiln drying process, Cutting Edge Firewood's wood has about 5% moisture content. This is far below the New York regulations and provides a clean conscious when burning firewood, even in the city.

Ramifications of Failing to Follow Firewood Regulations

The primary factor behind enacting strict firewood transportation regulations is to reduce the spread of invasive pests and diseases. Untreated wood can be a vehicle for a variety of invasive threats, ranging from larvae, eggs, and spores to insects and seeds that can upset the balance of the local ecosystem. Anyone caught in breach of these regulations is subject to a fine of $250 in addition to a $100 civil penalty, and can be jailed for as many as 15 days. Burning firewood with a higher moisture content can also lead to worse air quality. Burning moldy wood smells bad and the fumes can affect people living around you. In New York City, that means it can affect a lot of people! There are fines and penalties as well for burning firewood with too much moisture as well. Learn More About New York Kiln Dried Firewood Delivery Enjoy your fires with a clear conscience, knowing you are in accordance with the law and doing your part to protect the environment. Every piece of Cutting Edge Firewood has been kiln dried, and for a far longer time than New York state law requires. Instead of 160°F for 75 minutes, we kiln dry all of our firewood at 250°F for 24 hours! Not only does this make wood safer for transport and travel, it also means the firewood is easier to light, burns brighter and hotter, creates less smoke, and is an overall better experience. If you have any questions about firewood rules in your area or are looking for a reliable source for firewood delivery services, get in touch with Cutting Edge Firewood for further details.

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