Are you struggling with finding top-notch firewood in New York? No matter where you look, you seem to struggle with identifying a quality kiln-dried firewood New York company. Considering that New York City has a total population of eight million people, you have many companies that you could choose from, but could you get the dried-kiln firewood quality? After you have cut the wood, many people don’t realize that you also have to let it dry out because the wood will have water in it. The general moisture content that you want in firewood is somewhere between 20 to 25 percent for the best burn.

New York City’s History

New York City has existed since the first colonization of the Americas. The first European explorer Giovanni da Verazzanno, an Italian, first looked upon New York in 1524. The European settlement of it first began with the Dutch in 1609. Over the centuries, New York City played an essential role in the American Revolution as the Stamp Act Congress first met in New York City to fight against the British. Throughout its history, New York City has served as an economic powerhouse, which is known for many things.

Getting a Fire Started

Normally, to start a fire, you will begin with kindling. Some people have used lighter fluid to start fires, but our firewood delivery New York company doesn’t recommend doing this. For one thing, if you happen to cook over wood, your food will have an unpleasant taste to it. The other danger is that the fire could leap out of the fireplace, woodstove or firepit.

You want to begin your fire using kindling to light it up. Kindling will normally be smaller pieces of wood, and people normally choose softer wood because this burns faster. The goal with kindling is to get the fire started. You will surround the kindling with larger sections of wood to catch fire. Here are the things that you will need to get the fire going:

  • Kindling
  • Matches
  • Logs
  • Water
  • Tinder

Building a fire is quite simple. When you buy premium firewood in New York NY, you can trust that the firewood will burn cleanly and safely. The biggest issue with burning wood that hasn’t fully dried is that it doesn’t heat as well because much of the fire’s energy gets expended on converting the water into steam. In addition, you also tend to get more creosote from your chimney with this type of firewood so that the buildup grows faster.

Why Softer Woods aren’t as Good

Some of the softer woods like pine, birch, poplar and spruce have less density, which means that they will burn much faster. This is one of the reasons that you might want to use softwoods to get the fire started, but if you buy softwoods from a kiln-dried firewood New York company, you will run out much faster, and these woods don’t produce long-lasting coals like what you get with the other choices. Most woodstoves and fireplaces will still function with almost any type of wood, but it’s not ideal to use one of these woods if you can get a better type.

What are Some Signs That You Have Dried Wood?

With a firewood delivery New York company, determining the signs that you have dried firewood can be somewhat tricky, but you do have a couple of signs that you can use:

  • Cracked and splitting ends on the wood.
  • The bark has begun to peel off.
  • Dried wood will normally look darker than freshly cut wood.
  • The sound it makes when striking wood together.

Consider the Size of the Pieces

You want the pieces to be the right size for your fireplace, woodstove or firepit. This is because you want to be able to stoke the fire when it starts to die down. Pieces that are too small or too big can make it next to impossible to stoke the fire. Quality firewood will have a consistent size, and the lengths shouldn’t vary more than two inches in size. Anything more than that could indicate that the firewood is of poor quality.

One of the things that you learn when you buy premium firewood in New York NY is that you have no standard in pricing. Softwoods will normally cost about half the price of harder woods, despite producing half the output. This is because of how softer woods will cost the same to store regardless of the species. If you’d like to learn more about firewood, why not check us out online to see what we have to offer. After you have bought, we will have the firewood shipped straight to you.