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Is Your Holly Springs, GA Home Ready for Winter?

Like other communities in the Greater Atlanta Area, Holly Springs has relatively mild winters. In December, the average high temperature in Holly Springs is 53 degrees, while the average low temperature is 31 degrees. In January, the city gets a little cooler, with an average high temperature of just 50 degrees and an average low temperature of 28 degrees. Regardless of which part of Holly Springs you live in, you'll need to prepare your home for the cold winter weather.

In addition to getting your home's central heating unit tuned up, you can prepare it for winter by stocking up on kiln-dried firewood. Statistics show that more than six in 10 newly constructed homes in the United States have a fireplace. It's an attractive feature that's becoming more and more popular each year. Aside from the positive impact it has a home's decor, though, a fireplace is the perfect source of supplemental heating for the winter. When a cold front passes through the Southeast, you can build fires in your fireplace to keep your home warm.

How to Create the Hottest Fires at Your Holly Springs, GA Home

To take advantage of your home's fireplace this winter, you should follow a few basic steps. First, use thicker firewood logs so that there's more organic matter to fuel the fire. Smaller logs are easier to light, but they produce less heat than larger, thicker logs.

You can also increase the heat output of your home's fireplace by arranging your firewood so that air can easily pass through it. Don't just stack the logs flush on top of each other. Instead, create a lean-to fire by arranging the logs vertically and tilting them inward. The top of the logs should come together to form a point, whereas the space below remains open. A lean-to is easy to create and provides a superior amount of air to the fire, allowing for a greater production of heat.

Kiln-Dried Firewood

3 Reasons Your Firewood Won't Light

Can't seem to start your firewood no matter how matches you toss into? Whether you're building a fire in a fireplace, stove or fire pit, you need to use the right type of firewood.

  1. It's Softwood: Pine, spruce, yew and other softwoods can be difficult to light due to their low density and high moisture content. Hardwoods like oak, hickory and cherry, on the other hand, are more dense, so they tend to light more easily.
  2. It Hasn't Been Seasoned or Dried: If your firewood hasn't been seasoned or dried, it probably won't light (not easily, at least). Even if it's hardwood, it must still be dried before it can be used as firewood. Simply cutting down a tree and tossing the pieces into a fire won't work. The wood must be dried -- either air-dried or kiln-dried -- to lower its moisture content.
  3. You're Lighting It Wrong: Assuming you are using high-quality firewood with a low moisture content, it should light. If it's not lighting, the problem could be attributed to the way in which you're attempting to light it. Don't just strike a match and toss it on top of your firewood. To get your fire going, place some tinder and kindling in the open center underneath your firewood. Next, place the lit match directly on this pile of tinder and kindling.

What Makes Good Cooking Wood?

Cooking wood differs from firewood in the sense that it's used specifically for cooking. You can cook delicious foods over just about type of firewood, but certain types perform better for cooking than others. Oak is an all-around great choice for cooking wood, as it offers a mild flavor with minimal emissions. However, cherry, pecan and hickory are all excellent choices as well. These three popular types of cooking wood offer even more flavor than oak, making them ideal for smoking meats.

Keep in mind that cooking wood should also be smaller than firewood. Most cooking wood is sold as chunks or chips rather than logs. The smaller size of cooking wood allows it to burn more efficiently and therefore create a richer flavor for your food.

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