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Kiln-Dried Firewood in Fairburn, GA

When using a fireplace, a wood-burning stove or a fire pit at your Fairburn home, you shouldn't overlook the importance of high-quality firewood. The right firewood will allow you to create hotter, longer-lasting fires that produce less smoke. And while hunting down high-quality firewood may sound like a chore, we've simplified the process by providing an on-demand delivery service to Fairburn and the surrounding Greater Atlanta Area. When you purchase firewood from Cutting Edge Firewood, one of our Delivery Artisans will hand-deliver premium firewood to your home, allowing you to kick back and relax in front of the perfect fire.

History of Fairburn, GA

Like many cities in the Greater Atlanta Area, Fairburn has origins dating back to the 1800s. In the mid-1800s, a railroad was constructed through the area, attracting businesses and residents alike. In 1871, Fairburn was selected as the county seat for Campbell County. However, Campbell County struggled financially in the years to follow, eventually forcing the County to declare bankruptcy. When this occurred, Fairburn became part of Fulton County -- a status it still retains today.

Keeping Your Fairburn, GA Home During Winter

Winter is the perfect time of year to build fires inside your Fairburn home. Statistics show that Fairburn's average high temperature in December is 55 degrees, and it's average low temperature is 37 degrees. In January, it gets a little cooler in Fairburn, with an average high of 53 degrees and an average low of 34 degrees. Of course, you may still experience some days when the temperature drops below freezing. During these brutally cold days, there's no better way to warm your home than by building a fire.

You can use either a fireplace or a wood-burning stove to warm your Fairburn home during winter. Both work in a similar manner by providing an enclosed space in which you can burn wood. Just toss three or four logs into your fireplace or wood-burning stove and ignite it with a match. Once lit, it will naturally radiate heat throughout your home. Many homeowners prefer using a wood-burning stove rather than a fireplace, however, because it's more efficient. A typical wood-burning stove is about 50% to 75% more efficient than a fireplace. This means that a wood-burning stove will convert more of your firewood into heat than a fireplace.

But even if you only have access to a fireplace, you can still keep your Fairburn home warm this winter. Here are some tips on how to get the most heat when building fires in your fireplace:

  • Ensure the damper is fully open before starting a fire. If it's partially closed, it will restrict the amount of air your fire receives, resulting in a smaller, less-powerful fire.
  • Choose a hardwood variety of firewood like oak, hickory, cherry or maple. Hardwoods such as these are denser, so they burn brighter and longer than softwoods.
  • Inspect your home for thermal leaks. Openings around doors, windows or baseboards can allow cool air enter your home and heated air to escape.
  • Continue adding new logs to your fireplace as the fire dies down.
  • Hire a chimney sweep to inspect your chimney at least once a year.
  • Keep the area in front of your fireplace open and free of obstruction so that heat can radiate out more effectively.
  • When you are finished using your fireplace, close the damper to prevent the heated air inside your home from escaping out the chimney.

Heating Your Outdoor Living Space With a Fire Pit

You can also build fires outside your Fairburn home using a fire pit. There are both portable and stationary fire pits, some of which are made of metal while others are made of stone or brick. Regardless, all fire pits are designed to safely contain a fire. You can use them to build fires just like a fireplace, with the key difference being that fire pits are designed exclusively for outdoor use.

There are other ways to heat an outdoor living space, such as using a patio heater. With a fire pit, though, you'll create a relaxing atmosphere that's perfect for outdoor parties and gatherings. The memorizing appearance of a wood-burning fire is something that's not found in patio heaters. As a result, many Fairburn homeowners choose to warm their outdoor living space with a fire pit instead of a patio heater.

If you're planning to warm your outdoor living space with a fire pit, you should stock up on high-quality kiln-dried firewood. Burning fresh or green firewood -- or softwood firewood -- will result in less heat. Kiln-dried firewood, on the other hand, contains very little moisture, offering the greatest amount of heat for your outdoor living space.

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