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Finding kiln dried firewood for your Canton home couldn't be easier thanks to Cutting Edge Firewood. For more than five years, we've been delivering premium kiln dried firewood and cooking wood to residents in Canton and the surrounding Greater Atlanta area. And while you can usually purchase firewood from a local roadside vendor in Canton, our firewood offers an unmatched level of quality and an unparalleled level of service that you won't find elsewhere.

A Little Bit About Canton, GA

Located in the center of Cherokee County, Canton is a fast-growing city spanning about 18.7 square miles. According to Wikipedia, 18.6 of those square miles consists of land, with the remaining 0.1 square mile being water. In 2000, Canton had a population of just 7,709. In 2010, the city's population skyrocketed to 22,958. Canton is home to several noteworthy attractions, including the National First Ladies' Library, the William Presidential Library, and the Stark Country Park.

Being close to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia, Canton has relatively cool winters. Canton's average high temperature in December is 56 degrees, while its average low temperature in December is 39 degrees. In January, Canton's average high temperature is 53 degrees, with its average low temperature being 39 degrees.

Heating Your Canton, GA Home With Firewood

You can heat your Canton home this winter using firewood. When used in a fireplace, a single cord will produce about 15.5 to 32 million BTUs of thermal energy. It's important to note, however, that not all of this energy is converted into radiant heat. The more moisture your firewood contains, the more energy it will consume during combustion. Therefore, you should only burn dry, well-seasoned firewood to heat your Canton home. You'll get more value out of dry firewood than moist firewood.

Kiln dried firewood is specifically beneficial when used as heating fuel because of its exceptionally low moisture content. Most firewood undergoes a drying process before it's sold. Air-drying, for example, involves leaving fresh firewood outdoors so that the moisture evaporators from its pores. After about six months, the firewood should have a moisture content of 20% or less. This means that no more than one-fifth of its total weight comes from moisture. But kiln-drying goes even further by reducing the moisture content of firewood down to 8% or less.

Kiln-Dried Firewood

7 Reasons to Use Kiln Dried Firewood for Your Canton, GA Home

Still on the fence about using kiln dried firewood for your home Canton home? Here are seven undeniable ways Cutting Edge Firewood provides superior ambiance:

  1. Livelier Flame: Cutting Edge Firewood offers larger prettier flames.
  2. Less Smoke: You'll also find that kiln dried firewood produces less smoke. Smoke is typically the result of an inefficient combustion process, which occurs when there's too much moisture in the firewood. This means that when you use it in a fire pit outside, you won't walk away smelling like a fire pit.
  3. Doesn't Rot: While fresh and air-dried firewood may rot and decay over time, this isn't a problem with Cutting Edge Firewood. Due to its low moisture content, kiln dried firewood is naturally protected from decomposition.
  4. Easy to Light: Lighting kiln dried firewood is a breeze. Just place some small tinder and kindling underneath, and use a grill lighter or match to ignite it. Once the tinder and kindling catch fire, the heat will ignite the kiln dried firewood.
  5. Pest-Free: Finally, you don't have to worry about pests infesting your kiln dried firewood. Pests are more common in moist firewood. Furthermore, our kiln dried firewood is guaranteed to be pest-free.
  6. Superior Aroma: Cutting Edge Firewood smells amazing. Both inside and outside.
  7. More Heat: This alone should be reason enough to use kiln dried firewood to heat your Canton home. With its exceptionally low moisture content, kiln dried firewood produces more heat than fresh and air-dried firewood alike.

What Type of Kiln Dried Firewood Should I Buy?

This is a question asked by many Canton homeowners. All kiln dried firewood has been processed to substantially lower its moisture content. However, there are different types of kiln dried firewood, depending on the tree species from which they came. Oak is one of the most common types of kiln dried firewood. It's easy to light, has a moderate burn time and products strong heat. Another popular choice of kiln dried firewood is cherry. Cherry firewood is often preferred when cooking and smoking foods because of its delightful aroma and flavor. When burned, cherry firewood releases flavorful smoke that's absorbed into foods, thereby creating a uniquely delicious flavor.

Perhaps the best type of kiln dried firewood, in terms of quality, is hickory. Like oak and cherry, hickory is a hardwood, so it's denser than softwoods like pine. However, hickory is the easiest type of firewood to light, produces the most heat, and offers the best aroma and flavor.

Choose Cutting Edge Firewood for Firewood in Canton, GA

Your search for firewood in Canton is over. Stock up on high-quality kiln dried firewood by visiting our order page now. After placing your order, we'll deliver the kiln dried firewood directly to your Canton home.

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