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You don't have to spend countless hours driving around the Atlanta metropolitan area in search of firewood to heat your Austell home. Here at Cutting Edge Firewood, we can deliver premium kiln-dried firewood straight to the doorstep of your Austell home. Whether you want kiln-dried hickory, oak or cherry firewood, we have you covered. Just select your preferred firewood from our online store, and we'll bring it directly to you. It's a faster, easier and more convenient way to purchase kiln-dried firewood than simply driving around Austell looking for a roadside vendor.

Did You Know? The History Behind Austell, GA

While Austell is a well-known city that's technically part of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, many residents here are unfamiliar with its history and origins. Austell was incorporated in the mid-1880s, during which the city was named after Atlanta National Bank -- now known as Wachovia -- founder General Alfred Austell. Prior to its incorporation, however, Austell was a popular area for hunting and wild game trapping. As hunters and trappers frequented the area, they began to discover some surprising effects of Austell's waters: The salty river water was said to heal wounds and relieve muscle pain. This led to an increased interest in the new city, with hundreds of people settling here to build homes and create communities. According to the most recent census (2010), Austell now has a population of 6,581.

Austell, GA Climate and Weather

Austell has a humid subtropical climate, meaning the summers are typically hot and humid, and the winters are typically mild but sometimes cold. According to The Weather Channel, Austell's average high temperature in December 54 degrees, while the city's average low temperature in December is 31 degrees. In January, Austell has an average high temperature of 50 degrees, while its average low temperature is 30 degrees.

The Benefits of Using Kiln-Dried Firewood for Your Austell, GA Home

Assuming your Austell home has a fireplace, you burn any type of firewood to produce heat and beat the winter weather. However, kiln-dried firewood excels in its ability to produce clean, efficient heat. This is because kiln-dried firewood contains less moisture than both fresh and air-dried firewood. When firewood contains a significant amount of moisture, it's difficult to light. You can go through an entire matchbook without the wet wood catching fire. This isn't a problem with kiln-dried firewood, however. Kiln-dried firewood is exceptionally dry -- containing 8% or less moisture -- so it's easier to light and produces more heat than fresh and air-fried firewood.

Furthermore, the kiln-dried firewood sold here at Cutting Edge Firewood is dried 12 times longer than the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) requirement. We kiln-dry our firewood for a full two days (48 hours) to create firewood that's superior to our competitors. If you're planning to warm your Austell home using a fireplace, it's recommended that you invest in a rack of premium kiln-dried firewood offered by Cutting Edge Firewood.

Kiln-Dried Firewood

Simplify Your Life By Using Our Delivery Artisan Service

As an Austell homeowner, you probably don't have a lot of free time available to stack and clean your firewood -- and that's okay. Our complimentary Delivery Artisan Service will take this burden off your shoulders. When you order kiln-dried firewood from Cutting Edge Firewood, our Delivery Artisans will not only deliver premium firewood straight to the doorstep of your Austell home; they'll also arrange it in a perfect stack. And if you have debris leftover from a previous stack of firewood, our Delivery Artisans will clean it as well. There's no easier or better way to find high-quality kiln-dried firewood for your Austell home.

How to Light Kiln-Dried Firewood

One of the great things about using kiln-dried firewood in or outside your Austell home is the fact that it's easy to light. Conventional wisdom should lead you to believe that moist wood is difficult to light. With kiln-dried firewood having a moisture content of 8% or less, though, this isn't a problem. You can use a combination of tinder and kindling to light your kiln-dried firewood, or you can invest in one of our fire starters. With that said, you shouldn't use lighter fluid to light your kiln-dried firewood. Accelerants such as this are dangerous for several reasons. First, they can create a blazing fireball that burns your skin. Second, they produce toxic fumes that you'll inadvertently inhale. For these reasons, it's recommended that you use a natural method to start your fire.

Keep your fire burning long into the night by using premium kiln-dried firewood. Cutting Edge Firewood offers the finest quality kiln-dried firewood, which you can order by visiting our online store.

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