8 Ways to Stay Warm And Make Memories on a Cold Night

Cold nights can be tough sometimes, but they don't have to be. In fact, cold nights present a great opportunity to get loved ones together and connect.

If you're dreading the cold or looking for a way to make the most of a night stuck inside, then look no further. There are some very practical things you can do to stay warm (block drafts or turn up the thermostat), but in this blog we're going to focus on doing things that are actually fun and memorable as well.

Here are 8 great ways to stay warm and make memories on a cold night.

1) Make some Hot Drinks

Warm drinks are great for keeping you warm. They are fun to make, keep your hands warm, and they warm your whole body as you drink them. Most importantly, they can be delicious!

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If it's a really cold night, then we recommend going all out with your hot drink. Don't just make hot chocolate, add some whipped cream and chocolate syrup and marshmallows. If you want some inspiration, check out these 25 hot chocolate recipes from Country Living.

2) Get out the blankets for a movie night

Thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus, movie nights have never been easier. Grab a blanket or three, and snuggle up together on the couch. Put the phones away so that you can all enjoy the same story together, and stay warm under the blankets!

If it's really cold, you can always watch a movie that will help keep you warm. Depending on your preference, there are several genres that could work for this:

  • Live vicariously through some characters who go to the beach
  • Get your heart racing with a thriller or scary movie
  • Watch something sentimental and heart warming
  • If it's really cold, watch a movie about volcanos or journeys through the desert

3) Play Games together

We get a lot of screen time, so why not skip the movie night and play games together instead? Playing games near the fire is a great way to stay warm, or you could always play a more active game like Charades, Twister, or Cranium. Having fun and laughing together is a great way to forget about the cold and connect with others.

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And of course, any level of competition can get "heated." So grab a few of our favorite games and start playing something together!

4) Tell some stories

Snuggling together under the blankets isn't just for movies - it's also a great chance to share stories. Life is hectic and chaotic, but we desperately need moments together to share stories and connect. When it's cold outside everything freezes, put your worries on ice for a bit and spend time together talking with those nearest to you.

Doing this around the fire always seems to enhance the experience. Looking at a phone screen distracts you from conversation, but somehow looking at a fire always has the opposite effect. It's mesmerizing, but not distracting. You can even turn the lights down and tell some scary ones, or laugh together about funny memories. Check out our guide to great storytelling around the fire.

5) Bake something delicious

One of my favorite things to eat on the planet is Blackberry Cobbler. It's perfect on a cold night because it's so warm and delicious and I just want to eat 4 bowls of it. But there are many wonderful things to bake, and on a cold night you can bake all of them.


Photo by Taylor Grote on Unsplash

So don't limit the amount of time you spend baking - that oven will help warm the kitchen and area around it. This is a win win - not only do you get some warm food from baking, you get some warm air as well. Bake something for dinner, bake something for dessert, and just to be safe, bake something for a second dessert. Looking for ideas? Taste of Home has an epic list of 40 warm desserts on a cold night.

6) Make a Fort

I always loved making a fort as a kid. Now that I'm an adult, I still secretly love making forts. Hang the sheets and blankets around your couches and chairs and coffee table, it will give you a more intimate space to hang out together. It will even create a small layer of insulation, keeping you warm.

For the next level win, build the fort in such a way that you can still see the fire, watch a movie, or play games together. You can even go all out and gather extra blankets, pillows, and cushions and have an indoor campout by spending the whole night in the fort.

7) Gather around the fire

Building a nice fire is an awesome way to stay warm because it can make every other idea on this list more memorable. Enjoy a movie with the fire crackling below, tell stories around the fire, or enjoy hot chocolate while watching the fire dance.

When it's cold, you want to choose firewood that will light easily and quickly so that you don't have to wait too long for the heat. You also don't want to use wet wood - the heat energy gets consumed by the moisture and won't warm you up. Using properly kiln dried firewood from Cutting Edge will guarantee your fire is easy to light, burns bright and hot, and will help keep the chimney more clean and safe.

Learn how to start a fire the Cutting Edge way with this video:

8) Make s'mores inside

Making s'mores is an awesome tradition around campfires and bonfires, but you can also make s'mores on the indoor fire! Gather around the fireplace with some marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers and get to roasting those marshmallows. Making s'mores gets you close to the fire, which is going to warm you up. It also gives you a warm and delicious treat.

Once again, don't feel limited to the traditional s'more ingredients. Get creative and make it a more memorable experience. Check out our ultimate guide to making s'mores for more!

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