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Lighting Your Outdoor Firepit: How to Simplify the Process this Summer

June is finally here, which means that you can count on warm, pleasant evening in the Atlanta area for the next few months. As you’re dreaming about a relaxing evening around the firepit, you also have to think about what it takes to get the fire going. And no matter what your experience level, lighting your firepit can present a major challenge, especially early in the season.

If this is your first summer with an outdoor firepit, the thought of lighting your firepit can be intimidating. Even if you do have experience from previous summers, getting the hang of lighting your firepit after a long winter away can be a bit of a challenge. Especially if you don’t have an indoor fireplace, you may find that you are slightly out of practice when it comes to lighting your firepit. As a result, you could end up in a position where no firepit owner ever wants to be: crouched on the ground as the sky gets darker, desperately trying to get the flame to take on wood that simply refuses to ignite. Things could get even worse when your friends and family come out into the backyard, only to be disappointed to find nothing but a smoking pile of wood instead of a glowing blaze.

If you’re looking to avoid this worst-case scenario and optimize your firepit experience from day one this summer, there are several key steps you can take. Read on for some handy tips and tricks that simplify the process of lighting your firepit, regardless of your current ability level.

Starting at the Beginning: Choosing the Right Firewood

Before you even think about starting the process of putting fuel in your firepit, you need to find the right fuel to burn. If you want to ease the process of lighting your firepit, there are certain types of firewood that you’ll want to consider over the others. Most importantly, you’ll want to make sure that your firewood is kiln-dried, because both seasoned firewood and store-bought firewood are notoriously difficult to light. In particular, the moisture level in seasoned firewood is often higher than in firewood for sale, leaving you with a bad-smelling, smoldering log instead of a cheerful, crackling flame.

Of all the firewood types, kiln-dried hickory is the easiest to light, so it may be your best choice if you’re looking for a one-match fire. Kiln-dried oak is a close second; most people say that it’s only slightly harder to light than hickory. However, it is important to note that oversized oak and hickory, as well as uncunt rounds, tend to be harder to light. Therefore, if you’re looking for a longer-burning fire, you may want to set aside extra time to get the flame going.

Using a Fire Starter to Streamline the Fire-Starting Process

Another way you can ease the fire-starting process is by using a fire-starter. These products can make it easy for you to get a blaze going with a single match--without having to use chemical-based starters like lighter fluid, kerosene, propane, or natural gas. Not only can this make your fire more environmentally friendly, but it can also ensure that you and your family enjoy a high-quality aroma. After all, when you’re remembering your fireside experience, you want to associate it with the smell of a pine forest, not a gas station. Some of the best-smelling, all-natural fire-starters include all-natural heart pine and Excelsior Fire Starter. Of course, you’ll also need fast-lighting kindling to get the fire going. Once again, the best kindling types are oak and hickory, since they tend to light the most easily.

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Setting Up Your Firepit

Once you have all the wood you need, it’s time to set up the fire in your firepit. Here are the basic steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Place your easy-burning tinder in the center of your firepit.
  2. Stack your oak or wood kindling around your tinder in a cone structure, leaving an opening on one side (which is where you will light the fire).
  3. Light the tinder, and wait for the kindling to catch the flame. Once you have the fire going, you can start adding the larger logs. Again, a cone-shaped or “tee-pee” structure often burns the most easily.

Getting Help from a Fire-Starting Expert

Setting up and lighting your firepit may sound easy, especially if you’re using high-quality firewood, but you may still run into problems. One way to ensure that all of your fireside get-togethers this summer go well is to get help from a fire-starting expert, like the Delivery Artisans at Cutting Edge Firewood. When they deliver your firewood, they can walk you through the fire-starting process and answer any questions you may have. That way, when it comes to lighting a fire on you own, you will be well-practiced and ready to go!

Whether you’re looking for kiln-dried firewood, fire-starters, or other products for your firepit, Cutting Edge Firewood has what you need. Visit our order page to order now! And don’t forget to share all of your summer memories with us on Instagram!

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