Some of Our Go-To Grilling Gifts Are Currently on Sale Just in Time for Father’s Day

Here are 14 grilling gifts, from tools to grills to mail-order meat that our editors love, and that your dad will love too.

The Best Ways To Clean Your BBQ For The Summer (And Beyond)

You may be ready to barbecue this summer, but is your barbecue actually ready? It’s very likely coated in a thick layer of cooked-on food and grease that can make you sick or even start a fire. To help you figure out how to get your BBQ grill in proper working order, we’ve consulted a…

The Best Wood For Pizza Ovens

We’ll talk through this in more detail in this post about the best wood for pizza ovens. We’ll give you some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your wood, and we’ll also tell you our favorite places to buy it online – places who deliver it to your door pre-prepped, cut to…

Southwest Gwinnett Magazine – May/April 2022

Southwest Gwinnett Magazine covers the Gwinnett County cities of Norcross, Peachtree Corners, Berkeley Lake and Duluth, Georgia. We aim to provide our...

How to Start a Fire in a Fire Pit

Learn these simple but effective steps for starting a fire in a fire pit, so you can enjoy the ambience and warmth in the outdoors.

75 Best Gift Ideas for Dad, Because He Really Doesn’t Need Another Tie

Another tie or pair of socks? Meh. Show dad how much you love and appreciate him (and see him!) on Father's Day with a truly thoughtful and unique gift this year. Even if he says he doesn’t need or want anything new, our list of the best gifts for dad has something just right for…

Challenger Marketing in Changing Times

As diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) becomes a top priority, businesses are having to find new and innovative ways to grow their brands, all while recovering from the effects of the pandemic. This was the focus of a recent Publisher’s Forum among Atlanta business leaders, moderated by David Rubinger, market president and publisher of the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Pig Beach BBQ will bring together pitmasters from across the country for special benefit event in Astoria

Dozens of nationally recognized pitmasters from as far away as Alabama and Tennessee will reunite in Astoria at Pig Beach BBQ’s new location for a full-day meat smokin’ extravaganza reunion for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Choosing Firewood for Pizza Oven: What to Look for and What to Avoid according to

There are few things more delicious than a piping hot pizza that’s fresh out of the oven. Baking over a wood fire adds a unique flavor that can’t be found anywhere else. Here, home cooks and restaurateurs will learn how to choose the right firewood for a pizza oven.

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It's a new buzzworthy LMAD episode! Pippi Lockstocking, a flapper & a stick of butter play "Majority Rule" & Jonathan reads Cat Gray's mind. Plus, a nerd tries to "keep on rollin'" all the way to this Friday's Fabulous Car! Wayne Brady hosts. Wayne Brady hosts. Air Date: Feb 11, 2022

12 Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone in your life

Valentine’s Day is officially one week away, and we have a feeling the week will go by quickly. We know it’s the thought that counts, but if you want to one-up the flowers and chocolates you may have gifted last year, you might not want to wait any longer to do it.

From firewood to fashion, these subscription boxes from Chattanooga businesses basically guarantee a better year in 2021

Cutting Edge Firewood, a Norcross, Georgia, business founded by Chattanooga native Leroy Hite, has the luxury you never knew you needed: a firewood subscription. It's the easiest way to prepare for all those nights quarantining at home this winter, and you'll always be ready to light up that fire pit you got for Christmas on…

Cutting Edge Firewood Now Offered At Home Depot

"We are thrilled to partner with Home Depot to make Cutting Edge cooking wood available to more customers than ever before," said Leroy Hite, CEO and founder of Cutting Edge Firewood. "When it comes to BBQ, wood is equally important as a flavor and as a fuel. Whether you enjoy grilling in your own backyard or whether you compete in large-scale BBQ events, we have a cut and a species of cooking wood to infuse your meals with delicious smoky flavor."

Cutting Edge Firewood Now Offered At Home Depot

Cutting Edge Firewood, an Atlanta-based firewood company that features ultra-premium firewood and cooking wood, announces that its best-selling cooking wood products are now available through Home Depot online.

Can I Have Firewood Delivered?

Firewood delivery is a convenient service for homeowners looking for firewood. Here's what you need to know before you order. Do you love the convenience of having groceries, pet supplies and meals delivered straight to your door? Add firewood to the list of things you can have delivered.

Cutting Edge Firewood Now Offered At Home Depot

Cutting Edge Firewood, an Atlanta-based firewood company that features ultra-premium firewood and cooking wood, announces that its best-selling cooking wood products are now available through Home Depot online.   The products at Home Depot include four species of cooking wood: cherry wood for a wonderful sweet flavor and fragrant smoke;pecan wood for a nutty, smoky…

Watch Let’s Make A Deal Season 13 Episode 84

Yoho, Yo-ho, the LMAD life for us! A singing boxer, a spider & an African Queen play "Pass It On" for their shot at the best deal. Plus, an at-home couple plays "Gold Rush" & then Wayne and Jonathan audition for Annie. Wayne Brady hosts.

Outdoors: Pandemic makes firewood part of e-commerce boom

After working primarily for a niche clientele since it opened in 2013, one company based in northern Georgia found that it was much better prepared than most for a big spike in home deliveries, since its product is not one you usually put in the shopping cart and then load in the back of the…

Best Firewood Delivery Services

Founded by Leroy Hite to help consumers find consistently top-notch firewood with seamless deliveries, Cutting Edge handpicks every firewood piece individually. The wood undergoes an intense drying process, including 48-hour exposure to 250-degree temperatures, so buyers can be confident that their firewood is free of pests, fungus, and mold.

How to safely start a fire in a fireplace that lights easily every time

"High-quality wood is definitely the biggest trick" to starting a clean-burning fire with minimal difficulty, says Leroy Hite, founder and CEO of Cutting Edge Firewood. "It's just like cooking without high-quality ingredients. Your food's not going to taste as good."

The Best Smokeless Fire Pits

Few things are as pleasurable as a toasty fire in the backyard on a chilly evening. But if you find that the accompanying smoke dampens the pleasure, or if your neighbors live close by and prefer to keep their bedroom windows open to catch the cool air, you might consider using a so-called smokeless fire… Promotes Firewood for Sale: What Buyers Need to Know

Winter has arrived, and people need to keep warm when the temperature drops. Many homes today have gas furnaces, heat pumps, or other heating devices, but countless individuals turn to firewood to keep their residence at a comfortable temperature. How can firewood be of benefit to a person today?