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Kiln-Dried Firewood in Fair Oaks, GA

Don't waste your hard-earned money on low-quality firewood that's difficult to light and produces minimal heat. Invest in premium kiln-dried firewood to achieve brighter, warmer and longer-lasting fires. If you live in Fair Oaks, we can deliver kiln-dried oak, hickory or cherry firewood -- as well as premium cooking wood -- to your home. Cutting Edge Firewood is the area's leading vendor of premium kiln-dried firewood, serving residents in Fair Oaks and the surrounding Atlanta communities.

About Fair Oaks, GA

Located in Cobb County, Fair Oaks is a community of about 8,225 residents. Fair Oaks is a relatively small city, with a total land area of just 2 square miles. It receives its namesake from its heavily forested landscape consisting primarily of oak trees. Surprisingly, it's not the first or only city to be named after this common hardwood tree. There's Fair Oak in Hampshire, United Kingdom that's also named after the oak tree.

In both the United States and the United Kingdom, oak is one of the most widespread varieties of trees. According to Sciencing, there are some 600 unique species of oak trees throughout the world -- a number that includes hybrid oaks. Oaks are prized for their high performance when used as firewood. They burn hotter and cleaner than many other types of wood, especially softwoods.

Kiln-Dried vs Air-Dried Firewood for Your Fair Oaks, GA Home

When searching for firewood to use at your Fair Oaks home, you may come across the terms "air-dried" and "kiln-dried." Unfortunately, most people don't know the difference between these two terms. As a result, they end up buying the wrong type of firewood for their Fair Oaks home. Both air-dried and kiln-dried firewood contain less moisture than fresh, green wood that was just recently harvested. Air-dried firewood is dried from long-term exposure to the air. It's left outside for up to a year so that the moisture in its pores slowly evaporates out. Kiln-dried firewood is dried in a pressurized vacuum chamber that's able to extract an even greater amount of moisture.

You can use either air-dried or kiln-dried firewood at your Fair Oaks home, but you'll get the best burning experience with the latter. Air-dried firewood can have up to twice the moisture content as kiln-dried firewood. It can still light, and it can still burn, but it won't produce the same amount of heat as kiln-dried firewood. For these reasons, you should stick with kiln-dried firewood for your Fair Oaks home.

Using Firewood to Warm Your Fair Oaks, GA Home: What You Should Know

Many Fair Oaks residents use a fireplace or wood-burning stove to warm their home. If you're planning to take this route to stay comfortable this winter, though, there are a few things you should know. First, make sure that your Fair Oaks home is properly insulated. Torn weatherstripping around doors or openings between glass windows and their frames will allow heated air to escape your home and cold outside air to enter your home.

Second, use a poker to shuffle the firewood at it burns. This is particularly important when burning large logs, as the top of a log may not be exposed directly to the hot coals. By carefully shuffling your firewood, you'll create a bigger, brighter fire that provides more heat for your Fair Oaks home.


Can I Harvest My Own Firewood?

If you live in a forested part of Fair Oaks with dozens of trees on your property, you may assume that it's okay to harvest your own firewood. But there are a few challenges you'll face when harvesting your own firewood. Unless you're familiar with the different tree species, you may inadvertently harvest firewood from a softwood, which doesn't burn as good as hardwoods. And even after you cut down the tree and slice the wood into logs, you'll still need to dry those logs before they can be used as firewood, which can take up to a year with air-drying. Thankfully, there's an easier way to find high-quality firewood for your Fair Oaks home: order from Cutting Edge Firewood.

3 Things to Consider When Storing Firewood at Your Fair Oaks, GA Home

You probably won't use all your firewood at once. Whether you purchase a full cord, face cord, half cord or rack, there's a good chance you'll have some firewood leftover after building your first fire. You shouldn't store your remaining firewood just area at your Fair Oaks home. Rather, consider the three following things when choosing the right storage area.

  1. Accessibility: Firewood should be stored in an area where you can easily and conveniently access it.
  2. Dryness: Avoid storing firewood in damp or wet areas. When stored in such areas, firewood will absorb moisture and become difficult to light.
  3. Elevation: Always store firewood so that's elevated off the ground.

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